Raised by My Alpha

Raised by My Alpha

By:  Miracle Janile  Completed
Language: English
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THIS IS BOOK ONE!! Book two is titled Saved by My Alpha. Read this story before you read the sequel.Kennedi had no parents and so Elias raised her. Even though others in his pack could've raised her, he chose to. He was curious about her. Even when she was just a pup. She had a unique crescent birthmark on her stomach. When she grew up, she was also curious about him and also herself and so that's where it all started. Join these two in their supernatural world full of magic and wonder!

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1: Reminiscing
————*Elias’ POV*————   Oh, yes. Kennedi. She was a beautiful brown pup with green eyes & brown hair who’d lost her parents to a mysterious incident that no one could ever figure out. I took her in mostly out of curiousity, but also because I felt responsible since her parents were apart of my pack—the Creogan pack. I was devastated and heart-broken. I felt powerless after. How could I let that happen to them? How could I let this precious little girl’s parents get taken away from her? Everyone knew about the Creogans. No one messes with my pac
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Chapter 2: Back in Time
•5 years old• ——*Kennedi’s POV*——  It’s sunny outside. I love it when it’s sunny because that means I get to play and get as dirty as I want without getting in trouble. You’re prone to be dirty when it’s sunny because it’s dry. There’ll be dust and oh, I use
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Chapter 3: To the “Green” Apple
•still 5 years old•——*Kennedi’s POV*——
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Chapter 4: Reverse
——*Kennedi’s POV*——  Elias said he wished he’d left me at home. I knew I shouldn’t have come. I knew I shouldn’t have asked. Florence shouldn’t have told me that he would take me. I know I can’t blame Flo, but I do.  Now, here I was in this room, crying and sobbing. I’d never been on a jet before but I’d seen the maroon & golden decorated room
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Chapter 5: The Wolf who Cried
 ————*Elias’ POV*————  She didn’t talk on the way back, and when we landed back at the strip, she got off without a word. I know I was supposed to be angry, but I was actually very sad. She’d asked to come with me and now she was leaving and going back. I planned epic fun for us. I sadly asked, “Are you sure?”
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Chapter 6: Run Away
————*Elias’ POV*————  Someone called me in the middle of my meeting. I told my assistant to take a message but she came back and said it was urgent. I told her to hold. This was an important deal. I finally sealed the deal with benefits to both of us, but more benefits to me. I’d just bought the Loper’s Company; they sold clothes and other apparel.   I told the ass
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Chapter 7: Stubborn
————*Elias’ POV*————When we arrived home, I told Florence what happened and i didn’t forget to mention to her about that strange woman with Kennedi’s mother’s scent.  
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Chapter 8: Reparation
——*Kennedi’s POV*——  I awoke from my dream. The woman told me to go to him. Was she referring to Elias? Who was she? How did she know? I was thinking about this dream entirely too much. 
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Chapter 9: Forward
•Kennedi is 6 years old now• ——*Kennedi’s POV*—— A whole year had passed since Elias & I had our first fight, first trip & first reconciliation. We went on
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Chapter 10: Don’t be Suspicious
•5 months later•——*Kennedi's POV*——
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