Red Ink

Red Ink

By:  Eucharisthymn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Something happened to Sai's family... Dillion had been quiet with his plans and Sai thinks he is the Devil. Things took a quicker pace when Sai became pregnant for him. Why isn't her family looking for her?

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36 Chapters
The Beast within
Story Name: RED INKGenre: Romance and actionEpisode 1 (The beast within)The tall, dark and masculine man assessed the newly bought dagger in his hand, feeling the blunt edge with the tip of his index finger, his enigmatic eyes void of all emotions but one, 'Sai will love this. I have to give it to her. No one else's.' With that one thought in mind, he placed the dagger back in its belt, tucked it in his pocket and walked into the just drizzling rain. He walked, but walked without emotions. His face, carrying a blunt and aloof expression. Because then, everyone with an umbrella watched him as he strolled comfortably under the now heavy and cold downpour of rain, a blur as he walked down the road to the only place he wanted to be, at the Villa, Shafts Mansion--his mansion. He smirked. Sai looked out the window to the place beyond, a dark cloud forming at the horizon and the droplets of rain hitting the closed windows-- hoping for a day she would be able to step out ag
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RED INKEPISODE 2 (Untamed)She was crying; the type of tears that he couldn't help but feel regret for pulling her like that. Why was she so stubborn? All he needed was for her to show him a little spark of burning desire, but she always portrayed the opposite. Hate. Anger. Hurt...yes hurt and that stung him to the abyss.He looked away and sat down on his seat. "Sit down Sai" Sai looked at him, both hands laying weakly on the floor where she sat, the tears still flowing down her face. "I hate you Dillion! I hate you!!" She stood up and rushed at him, landing a slap on his face. And another. Then another. When she saw he wasn't retaliating, she wailed and started hitting him on his chest. "I hate you...I hate you ..." Clara heard the screaming from the room and prayed within her heart. "Oh God! When will all these stop? When?" She looked at the door and summoned all her courage not to go in and interfere. "God please, let young master take it easy on her. Please please please" Sh
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EPISODE 3 (SAI) It was that day in the Lounge, she was dressed so simply. Her thick black hair parked with a string to her neck, her edges so curled. She had a natural lip gloss on and her bright dark eyes could pierce into any soul, gouging out their emotions. She wore a silver wrist watch and her ears were decorated with tiny silver earrings. The ones that you could only tell they were there once they meet with the light---they sparkled so well. She was in a plain white gown and a simple strand of African coloured Chiffon scarf was tied round her neck in a very fashionable elegance and her little kitten heels made a domineering sound in the lounge as she picked up her tiny purse to meet with the person she had been expecting. It was then she passed Dillion and apart from her smile that captivated him, her faint bloomy perfume mixed with the faint scent of coconut oil from her hair threw him off guard as he turned to look at her. She could have known the face anywhere
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The Days Ahead
EPISODE 4: (THE DAYS AHEAD) Dillion had drunk down his last swallow and was now pouring another round for himself before thinking of Sai laying in bed. So he dropped the glass cup and left his bar to the room where the nurse and doctor were administering drip to her.The doctor sensed his presence and looked up at him. "How is she?" Dillion asked. The doctor shook his head "How do I say this to you?" He thought for sometime before picking out the right and shortest way to present the other message. "She is in a a deep sleep. Nothing to worry about for now." He watched Dillion's face for an emotion but none was evident. So he continued, "If she is able to wake up tonight, then she and the baby would be fine. But if she doesn't wake up tonight, she, and especially the baby would be at risk. But there are ways to make the baby survive, the baby is still very young". "How long does her case take?" The doctor looked at Sai on the bed and said, "Sh
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The Hunt Began
EPISODE 5: The hunt He stood up and started pacing round the room, ignoring the men. "But come to think of it, if I killed you all it would have been nice cause I haven't tasted blood in a while." He slowly turned to look at their terrified faces, taking in the pleasure and then returned to his leisure pacing. "However, if I killed you, I would be short of hands and men... and I need men. So see," he smiled at them. "you are lucky." He bursted out laughing. The room was a bit dark and the light from the table lamp that laid on the floor— when it caught his face in the broken mirror, it reflected a scarred man. A quarter half of his right face wrinkled down to a part of his lower lip. When he saw his face, he frowned but didn't look away like he usually did. Instead, he stared right into his eyes which dilated and said, " I want you all to get that bastard for me. I want him alive so I can give him a living hell. I want to know who he is and the hell he haile
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The Hunt 2
EPISODE 6: The hunt 2 Aurora looked at Lorin who was in front of the mirror assessing the armless silk silver gown that was sent to her yesterday. She looked pleased and content with a plastered smile to her face, her cheek could burn. "You really–reeeally think that he likes you?" She asked her, bewilderment written on her face. "I don't think so. I can smell it!" Lorin dropped the gown on the bed and sat by it. "He could have asked anyone but he chose to ask me." "That doesn't mean anything." "It does to me." She replied her warily. She touched her chest for reassurance and said, "Don't kill my hope." She picked up the jewelry box that accompanied the dress and opened it. "And I am certain he is a bachelor. I haven't seen him with a woman. Ever. This could be my chance." "Your chance to woo your boss?" "Hm-hmmm. I like the way you said it. Woo...I could try my luck." "Isn't he the same boss you always come home cursing when he makes your days difficu
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The Hunt 3
RED INK EPISODE 7:The Hunt 3 ~~ "We are here at Ford mansion, boss." Fred said as he opened the door to the limousine. Dillion stretched his legs, almost meeting Lorin's and dropped his tablet in a corner. When he came out of the car, the evening's cool breeze danced around his face, carrying along the smell of dampness and... grilled chicken. Food. He looked around, seemed like the entrance was at the adjacent angle where people were taking pictures. He turned to the vehicle and helped Lorin to her feet, gently taking her hand. "Thank you." She said, standing beside him. He looked at her, her shoulders were bare. She didn't carry the coat. He stretched into the car and picked up the coat from the seat. He shook it out and wore it around her shoulders. He extended his arm to her, offering it up for appearance. She couldn't contain her smile as she slowly but purposefully wrapped her arm in his. "Shall we?" He asked. She nodded. He
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RED INK Ep 8: Triggers Everywhere was blurry. The lights looked distant to her. She perceived the fragrance in the air, it was different and... it was calming. She heard the door open and closed—two or more approaching her bed. A man and a woman. The man looked like he was in a white coat or so, and he had black hair. He was hovering over her, looked like he was looking at her face. "You are awake?" The man asked. She recognized that voice. It sounded familiar. "She's awake?" A female voice asked from across the room. She heard a chair screech as the person stood up. She blinked again. Where was she? She was determined to make her visions clearer. She blinked continuously and slowly succeeded. She noticed the ceiling was made of white POP and a bulb stood in the centre of it. She looked at the three people standing close to her bed. "You're finally awake?" Clara sniffed, wrapping her scarf around her neck. She looked at them as she tried to
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RED INKEP 9: Introductions "Wooooow!" Lorin whispered as they strolled into the interior of the party. The theme setting was a pale red and gold, mixed with some silver and glitters. The tables were all set in a fancy glimmer and the wine glasses were arranged so fancifully. She looked up at Dillion, he wasn't amused by the setting, his mind seemed to be somewhere else. From a table by her left hand side, she saw Larry Donas—he was making small talks with a beautiful blonde lady who sat beside him. There were about five people at his table; the table was large. In the ballroom, there stood nine to ten of that same table, all occupied by more people or less. "Where do we sit?" She looked around trying to find an available seat. Her hand was still on Dillion's arm, he didn't reply her. They watched a middle aged man walk up the podium with a smile on his face, dressed in fancy blue suit and a black shirt underneath. Black tie, black shoe, blue trouser. He s
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Introduction 2
RED INKEpisode 10: Introduction 2 • "So, does her husband and his wife know..." Lorin trailed off not wanting to complete the question. Dillion half smirked. He picked up the wine glass in front of him and got comfortable—his hand on the edge of Lorin's seat. "If you are asking if Madame Clara's husband knew, I would say yes. He was very well aware of the fact that she was stood up. Mr Ford and Mr McGiven never agreed till the day he died." Lorin was stunned. "Mr McGiven is dead?" Dillion sipped his wine and observed Hugo from the corner of his eye. He thought he felt him looking at him. "You know..." he started to say. "For someone like you who loves gossip, you surprise me that you know very little of the real gossip mangas." "You must have read me wrong then." Lorin told him. "I love entertainment. You are able to know this much info because you live in their world. I don't." "Of course. It was a lighthearted joke." Lorin looked at him, not amused for the f
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