Rejected By My Mate, Wanted By The Vampire

Rejected By My Mate, Wanted By The Vampire

By:  ANNIETROUP1  Completed
Language: English
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My alpha mate rejected me but my vampire mate wants me. Will I stay with one or try to have both. Damon or Dominic such a hard choice to make.

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Very nice story, short and sweet, with the perfect amount of pages per chapter. If this book was edited properly I would say it’s perfect, beware lots of grammatical errors. But all in all nice read I’m glad I gave it a chance, very different, good job Author.
2023-05-21 20:45:45
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Shawna Nagy
After reading the 1st chapter, I am curious to see where the story is going! While your writing appears novice, I look forward to seeing where you go with this!
2023-04-25 17:11:35
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Delinda Schumacher
34 chapters 1-19-23
2023-01-20 03:47:36
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Run Trout
I love it so far. please update more chapters everyday.
2023-01-04 12:58:09
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Read up to chapter 18 seems like a good story but the constant pet names irked me “daddy” “beauty” main character is too fragile it was almost annoying. Good story plot though
2023-10-03 15:36:25
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Linda Buchanan
I could only get to chapter 5 and then couldn't read any more. Extremely poor editing
2023-10-04 11:50:22
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Zeeh Zeeh Zayde
Wtf kind of story is this? ...‍♀️...‍♀️...‍♀️
2023-01-23 09:48:57
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Sara Whitaker
Terrible grammar, I just can’t read it. So far a good story line.
2023-01-17 10:04:51
62 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hannah povI wasn't wanted by anyone it seems. My parents, my mate and this pack. I was mistreated constantly. Hannah get your ass down and start food!!",my mother yelled up the stairs. Many times I thought if I just go to Alpha and Luna maybe this treatment would stop."coming mom",I called back as I sighed and got up. I was applying to colleges because I wanted out. I was a betas daughter but treated like constant shit by everyone. "she never listens",I could hear my mom fussing to my dad who rolled his eyes."sorry mom I was doing school stuff",she looked annoyed and pointed to the kitchen. "we got guest coming make lasagna, salad and garlic toast. Brownies for dessert",I nodded and headed in to get started. I hated how I was treated but I always remained silent. My parents treated my brother way better and he never let me forget it. He walked in as I was cooking. His evil smirk made me sigh. He sighed."hey fatass, I held in my annoyance, you know everyone hates you, don't you?"
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Chapter 2
Hannah povI felt his lips on my neck and I froze. I tensed up as he kissed my neck and that made him stop."I won't hurt you",Dominic kissed my neck and pulled me closer. He was all muscle which surprised me and I wanted him. Everything I ever heard about vampires was wrong. I thought they were skinny and ugly but he is gorgeous. "I'm just nervous ",I looked away ashamed I wasn't experienced at all. I never been kissed or touched."beauty look at me, he cupped my face and turned my head so I had no choice but to face him, I would never force you to mate. I love kissing you and touching you. Yes if your wondering I read your mind and looked at your memories ",my gasp made him hold on I tried to break away. He saw it all my wolf whimpered sadly."you saw it all",tears filled my eyes and trailed down my cheeks. He growled and pulled me tight to him rubbing my back and saying soothing words."beauty I don't care about any of that I just want you. Your my queen and what your pack thinks o
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Chapter 3
Tommy povWe been nothing but assholes to my sister all her life and I'm just now realizing it was wrong. She never fought back just took everything and did what we told her. Most nights I heard her crying and I felt like shit. I wanted to comfort her but feared my mom would snap at me as well. So I played the asshole brother part."Tommy call her down the dishes need done",my mother ordered and I sighed. I went up and knocked on Hannah's door. I heard nothing."hey sis mom wants the dishes done",I waited but no answer. Did she kill herself? Fuck what if she did?"did she answer?",my mom came up behind me."no...maybe she fell asleep ",I offered but deep down I knew she either killed herself or ran away. I'm hoping she ran away. We didn't deserve her. We deserve to rot."Hannah get you worthless ass out here now!!!",my mother yelled pounding on the door. Damn was our mom a mean bitch. So hateful to my baby sis.Nothing. "try the door",my mom hisses.I tried and it flew open and Hanna
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Chapter 4
Dominic povI waited hundreds of years for this beauty under me and as I gaze I see nervousness and fear. I'm not a virgin by any means but taking hers has me going slow as hell."are you ready Hannah?",I look into her eyes my cock right at her entrance. Her juices flowing and soaking it has me almost primal. "y-yes..w-will you be gentle?",her adorable brown eyes hold her fear."yes beauty I will but losing it hurts I can tell you that much. I'm entering now",I push forward one agonizing inch at a time and am truly amazed her pussy took all my cock. I am massive. She whimpers in pain as I hold still letting her adapt to me. She has tears falling and she is biting her lip so hard to keep from crying out."relax beauty the worst is over",I kiss her and trail my lips to her mark. Her moan tells me she liked that and her pussy floods my cock with more cream." thank you Dominic for being gentle",her soft voice makes my cock throb and her eyes wide at feeling it. Fuck." are you ready fo
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Chapter 5
Dominic povI watch her lip quiver as she tries to stop her tears and I want to break shit. "how long did you date her?",came a sad voice. Hannah wouldn't look up at me she kept her head down."I've been around for hundreds of years Hannah and I thought I didn't have a mate",fuck this isn't a good answer."I asked how long you dated her Dom not how long you been around ",she looked up briefly."we were friends with benefits",I uttered and watched as Hannah shrank into herself. "oh",was all she got out."it lasted a long time till five years ago when my vampire side said to stop and I would find my mate so I stopped but i got drunk once and we fucked",this wasn't helping I could feel it I was just upsetting her more."so I saved myself for a mate that threw his away",I think she meant to think that instead of saying it."I think I need to leave Dominic ",she wouldn't look at me and my heart shattered. She can't leave me I need her."you can't beauty I need you here with me. Your my q
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Chapter 6
Hannah povI felt Dominic crawl in bed with me as I pretended to be asleep I even heard him tell me how sorry he was but I still hurt because he chose to be with her for years. It was awful hearing her say all those things but what hurt the most is how he promised her that she would be Queen. It seems like everything he told me was a lie I left my pack and got rejected and I still feel like I'm being rejected now even though he's holding me tight. I really want to run but I know since we marked each other he would be able to track me. I lay awake most of the night listening to him breathe and also being held tight to him. I know he's afraid I will run and he's right I would run. I want to run I want to just go far away and not worry about mates that fuck you over all the time. I keep my eyes closed even as he moves and I turn and have my back to him so that I can actually open them and look around. Dominic ordered a new bed set and mattress but it still didn't help he had her in this
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Chapter 7
Tommy povI've searched everywhere for Hannah but I can't find her and I'm starting to fear she died the night she ran off. It was her eighteenth birthday and all of us treated her like absolute shit."Hannah,I mind link, please answer me",but I get nothing and I shift into my wolf to hunt again. I sniff the ground following her scent till it disappears at a cliff. Did she jump? I ask my wolf sadly. Could of he sounded destroyed over it. We need to find her even if it's just her dead body.I keep looking going further till I'm ordered back by the alpha and he said it was to talk. I reluctantly headed back and watched my dad sit there sadly."thanks for coming back Tommy I got word from the trackers, he paused and I could tell by his face they got nothing, they found nothing yet. We won't stop",he looked at us. I just nodded and headed to bed tomorrow I would be at it again. I thought of heading into vampire territory to see if they caught her or found her."Tommy, I heard Damon knock
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Chapter 8
Hannah povI was still hurt and him not letting me have a room by myself made me withdraw more. I didn't want to eat or be near him. "Hannah,he called through the door, come eat beauty",I sighed and opened the bathroom door. He looked at me sadly as I stepped out and grabbed a cardigan to keep warm. I hated leaving the room because Bianca was always around and making comments."can I please have my own room?",I needed out of here he fucked his whore in here."beauty we have been over you can't be away from me your my mate. We have to stay together ",he tried to touch me but I side stepped him."so I have to stay in a room you fucked whores in. You can change the bedroom furniture but you can't change the room you had sex with a slut in and now I have an everyday reminder of it",he looked surprised as I went back into the bathroom disgusted and in tears."beauty..",he began. "please leave me alone for a few",I sobbed and he knocked on the door frantically trying to get in."open up b
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Chapter 9
Dominic povHannah is still trembling and I start to worry."you need food",a member says watching her. Hannah sighs as he puts a sandwich in front of her but she looks away. She looks ready to throw up."I'm sorry I just don't feel hungry",she looks sad he just made it."it's okay my queen. What can I get you?",he wants to please her."I just need a few minutes sitting here. I want to make the brownies and sauce",she looks ready to cry. "we can wait my queen",he sits watching her sip her juice and she looks away in guilt."I'm sorry guys",her voice cracks and my men look panicked. Crying females are new to us and Hannah is a mess. She sniffles a lot."no need to apologize queen. Just feel better...want to try the sandwich now?",she nods and pulls the plate close. She eats a few bites and he smiles widely at her. He is pleased she is eating. "thank you it's good. Can you call me Hannah instead of queen?",he links me asking to do this to please her and I nod. If she wants that I will
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Chapter 10
Tommy povWe seem to fight forever beside the vampires and when we are done I'm exhausted. Dad looks bad as he staggers to his clothes and tries to pull them on."dad, I'm worried, are you okay?",he really doesn't look good and I'm quick to dress and hurry to him. The vampire grabbed him when he staggered more."I'm good...thank you",he turned and my eyes widen in horror. Dad has huge gashes on his chest. He is so pale."dad",I panic as Damon joins me now dressed and worried. He linked his dad the whole fight."I'm not young anymore son. I'm sorry",he went down and the vampire picks him up and looks at me. My dad is bleeding bad. "follow us back to our coven we can fix him",he walks holding my dad and I feel tears fill my eyes. I could lose him too."he will be okay ",Damon mumbles beside me. All of us are cut open from the rogue fight. They fought dirty the whole time. I'm pretty sure their claws were dipped in poison because we weren't healing right."he has to, I almost cry,he real
Read more Protection Status