Chapter 3 Meeting the wolf

A friend?

Raven's POV

When I arrived at the packhouse it still wasn't even four in the morning. I entered through the servants entrance as I always do, walking through the kitchen on my way to my closet when I heard giggling coming from behind the doors. Stopping in my tracks hoping that whoever it was would leave so I could go through. I stood there silently when the door pushed open making me gasp when I came face to face with none other than Alpha Axel again, this time with Becca, the most popular girl in my school.

"Ew what is that thing doing in the packhouse?"

Her shrill voice squeaked as she looked at me as if I was a piece of chewed up gum she stepped on and was now trying to scrap it off the bottom of her shoe.

"I apologize, I came here to start my chores."

"At this hour?"

His voice was deep as I felt his eyes boring into the top of my head as I feared looking up.

"Yes, I start early so I can finish before school, I apologize for being in your way, again."

"Get away from us you trash heap, take your filth out of here, go clean your toilets."

Becca said to me with a tone full of disgust, I bowed my head before rushing off to collect my cart when I heard her speaking again.

"I don't know why she is allowed at the school, not as if she will ever become more than what she already is, a servant below the servants with no one that wants her."

I heard a deep growl after she spoke making me jump at the ferociousness of it before turning to see it was Alpha Axel that had done it, his eyes snapping back at me before I watched Becca reach up to cup his face forcing him to look back at her when he shoved her hand away from him before a lower rumble came from him, he was angry.

I don't know why but seeing her do that to him made a sharp pain push through my chest making me gasp for air before seeing him stop her from what she was doing.

Shaking it off I got to the door, opening it as I pushed my cart into the bathrooms to start cleaning since I wasted time stuck in the other room. I really needed to get this started or I would be late again today.

After finishing up with chores I rushed off to the closet where I put my cart back before changing as quickly as possible then making my way to the back door where I started running through the woods out back towards the school.

I got about half way there when I heard rustling that startled me. Stopping, I listened for a moment but then I heard nothing, just silence, not even a bird chirping which sent a shiver up my spine as I felt the little hairs on my neck standing up.

My heart was thumping hard in my chest, I could hear the blood rushing through my ears as I tried to catch my breath. Something definitely didn't feel right but I really needed to get to school, I was going to be so late now I'm not even sure I'll make it to my first class at all.

I started slowly walking again, listening as well as I could without a wolf when I saw eyes look out at me from my right side.

My breathing picked up when a solid black wolf appeared, his eyes so black that there was no other color to him, if it was dark out you would never see him coming.

"Please, I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

I raised my hands before taking a few steps further away from him when he began stalking towards me. As he got closer I continued attempting to step away when I found myself up against a tree.

The wolf made no sound as he got in front of me, his nose touching mine before it sunk into my hair as he sniffed me then began rubbing his body against mine.

I felt a sense of security under the feel of him, the fear that I initially had faded as he rubbed himself on me, I swear I even heard a purr.

With my heart still racing I ran my fingers through his fur as he rumbled under my touch, the vibration from it ran straight into my body making my skin pebble.

My mind was fogged over, I completely forgot about school as I sat down with back against the tree with him laying down next to me, his body laying pressed against mine while his head laid in my lap.

Sitting there I enjoyed the fact that for once in my life I wasn't rushing around, I wasn't being told what to do or being talked to like dirt, I was just enjoying the time I was having sitting here with this wolf that made me feel at peace.

After a while I just started speaking to him.

"So where are you from huh? You must be from the pack right, otherwise guards would have been alerted to someone within our territory.

Why are you sitting with me? You do know who I am don't you?"

His head lifted as he looked up at me, then he tilted it as his dark eyes were staring into mine, he pressed his nose to my cheek before he lowered his head back into my lap as a whimper came from him before he nuzzled into me so that I would pet him again.

Once I started running my fingers through his fur again he started breathing evenly when I noticed he was actually sleeping.

"I don't know who you are or why you are being kind to me, but thank you for making me feel like I am worthy of someone today."

I whispered as I continued petting him until I found myself drifting off to sleep with my head laid down on his soft fur.

I woke up so him moving under me, my eyes shot open as my heart began racing as I tried to remember where I was when I looked down to see the black wolf looking up at me, my body wrapped over his making me sit up before he stood up slowly then shook out his fur.

He nudged me so I stood up when he rubbed over me again before he started to walk back towards town, he made it a few steps away from me as I looked in the direction of the school then at the time realizing there was no point in heading there, but I should head to the pack house to finish up my other chores.

I noticed he stopped then turned back to look at me.

"You should go, if anyone knows your wolf and they see you with me you will never hear the end of it, I don't want to cause you any trouble, especially after you spending time with me instead of hurting me."

Our eyes locked, I felt a shiver run up my spine at the way his eyes looked into mine with such intensity. He stalked back to me before he pushed his nose back into my neck and hair as he sniffed me before pulling back when he licked my face before he took off in a dead run back in the same direction I needed to go now.

I slowly walked my way back to the packhouse, my stomach growling but I pushed it away as I made my way to the back door as I pushed it open walking into the kitchens.

I suddenly felt very exposed standing there as everyone in the kitchen turned to look at me, I instantly put my head down, my feet on the floor as I looked at shoes that were starting to fall apart.

I could feel eyes burning into my skin as I moved through everyone until Iade it to the door heading out into the hall where my closet was to get my cart while I change back into my uniform.

That's probably why I got the looks, I'm early plus I'm out of uniform. Hopefully I will not get into any trouble here or back at the house when I go back to go to bed.

As I finished changing I grabbed my cart then pulled it from the small space as I made my way upstairs to clean while dinner was being prepped to be served.

I cleaned in record time, probably because of the nap I managed to have today. Something I haven't had in, well I don't even know how long it's been since I took a nap.

Getting to the last room I knocked as I did with all the others, no answer so I slowly opened the door. Without peering my head in I asked if anyone was there but received no answer.

Poking my head inside I looked to the bathroom to see the door open with no light on, sighing in relief I made my way inside, leaving the door ajar as I stripped the bed before grabbing laundry then making my way to the bathroom again, cleaning it up before making my way out when I get to the door only to see that it was now closed.

Cocking my head to the side, I swear I left that open, when suddenly I felt a body pressed against my back making me scream when a hand covered my mouth muffeling the sound.

"Don't scream, I didn't mean to scare you, again."

He slowly let me go before I felt his body back away from mine as I turned to see Alpha Axel looking down at me again. The way he looked at me made my heart skip a beat before I bowed my head to him.

How didn't I see him or hear him when he came in the room, or when he managed to close the door, he had to know that I was in here because I had left the door open to his room as well as the bathroom. Maybe I didn't hear him over the water but how didn't I see him when I walked out?

"Sorry for being startled. I just finished, is there anything else you need?"

"Have you eaten today?"

I raised my eyes up to look at him with my head still bowed as I shook my head at him.

"I will eat when I finish up my chores. You are my last room before the first floor bathrooms. Is there anything else you are needing Alpha?"

I was very confused with the way he was acting towards me, or why he wanted to know if I had eaten, did he see how horribly skinny I was, did he think I was sickly?

"Nothing, you may go."

His tone was demanding yet soft at the same time. Bowing my head to him again I raced out of his room making my way down the to the bathrooms to clean.

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They are mates and he knows it
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she is his mate
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Marla Woodhouse
Love it so far, I’m getting in to the tension building with the characters

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