Remembering the forgotten

Remembering the forgotten

By:  Pearlyshellx  Ongoing
Language: English
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After Amber Louise Yzabelle ran away when she knew that she was pregnant and thought her man died in the accident, she started to live independently with her son, Ethan. Until she met Barack, a renowned businessman who was once her boss and she as the secretary became her fiance. As fate plays her so well, they have to deal with a business in the Philippines where Amber originally came from. What if the father of her son was actually alive but did not know that they had a child would cross on her path once again? Would she introduce her son to him or stand that it was hers and Barack's son? Would she forget and bury everything in the past or she will choose to Remember the forgotten? Remember Me, Aly Book 2

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I have been waiting for the update. Looks like it will not. Please author update it. Its very nice.
2023-01-19 18:46:04
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Judy Ann Yanez
Hopefully it will get updated soon. It's very good story. Salamat po
2021-01-13 11:05:36
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R.A Higheels
about to read but so far the Writer's nice so I'll give a five-star rating
2020-12-08 18:10:46
user avatar
M.Z. Mauve
well-written so far. interested to know what happens next. good job to the author
2020-10-30 05:47:03
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
I pushed the white window curtain in our room sidewards to check the weather outside. The environment was dark and shady as the sun was covered by full gray clouds. Dry orange leaves scattered along the way and the trees were lifeless, taken by the cold breeze of winter. It's the first week of December and everyone was preparing for the winter season. However, we are doing different. We are scheduled to go to the Philippines for one and a half weeks of Barack's business deal.  Not even a single plan of me to go back there as I have left a lot of miseries and memories. But, as Barack's former secretary and his fiancée, I have to go with him as a support and assistance to a place foreign to him. He has been so good to me and to my son, Ethan since I have met him. I think he deserves my full support even if it would cause me to reminisce my past.  I heaved a deep sigh, pulled back the curtain and fixed the collar of my white tu
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Chapter 2
 "Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen! This is captain speaking, my name is Jack. I would like to welcome you to NAIA International Airport, thank you for choosing to fly with us. I hope you will enjoy your trip…" My unconscious mind suddenly lit up when I heard the pilot's voice which made my heart race so fast, taking my breath away. I took a few breathing exercises to at least relax myself before deciding to open my eyes and welcome the land where I used to live.  I forcefully opened my eyes when someone's pulling my shirt and took a glance at him who was flashing a sweet smile. "Mom, we're here," Ethan whispered excitedly. I patted his head and gave a short smile.  "Welcome to the Philippines, Son," I replied.  He moved himself a little distant to me and stared at the black vast sky with twinkling little stars over the glass window. We really just arrived in the
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Chapter 3
 The van had stopped right in front of the hotel where we booked. It's a grand hotel, usually stayed by rich and prominent people with a high security level. Much safer for me than the other hotels we have checked in the web.  Barack, who was sitting next to me, pulled the door sideway causing the door to crack open. There was a man who was wearing a red upper suit mixed with black on shoulder and a woman in red coat
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Chapter 4
 Celestine, my half sister who was with me during the day when I recovered my memory. The same day when we got ambushed and Blake was shot and later on declared dead in the hospital. The same moment when we found out that I was pregnant. She was also the one who firstly thought of the miscarriage thing, however, helped me to keep my pregnancy as a secret from everyone as what I have asked her to.  With tears wel
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Chapter 5
Shaking hands, watering eyes, trembling lips, heavy breathing, squeezed heart and abnormal pulse rate. Everything was horrible while I'm walking out to nowhere. My mind was empty as I still tried to inject in my system what Celestine and Thunder have said. It was my first day going back in this country yet a lot of unbelievable things just happened.  I stopped right beside on a big Christmas tree and looked back, wondering why I left them. Then suddenly my heart jolted when a flashy man wearing his blue fitted polo tucked with his black jeans shaping his firm body and well defined muscles appeared in my sight. His sexy jaw clenched before he flashed his sweet smile which narrowed his fascinating blue eyes. I want to jump and ride on his back while screaming in gladness that he was really alive. But, there was still a part of me pushing that I was only dreaming for the abrupt change of information and part of me hated him for no exact reason. I moved closer
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Chapter 6
After the long discussion I had with Barack yesterday, he finally convinced me to talk with Celestine as he wants us to reconcile and invite them to our planned wedding. I did a self debate and weighed the situation but Elaine and Barack's idea prevailed. I missed Celestine so much. I miss them, I miss my family. Perhaps and hopefully, it's the right time to catch up with them.  
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Chapter 7
The sun was already shining so bright outside which made my son so excited. He slept very early last night so that he would wake up early also. I am now dressing up my black jeans and white fitted long sleeve shirt which I paired with my gladiator sandals. I nervously smiled in front of the full length mirror then swiftly tied my hair in a messy bun when someone knocked on the door.  I raced my foot on the doorway, twisted the steel knob and pulled the door open. Celestine's new figure with her floral dress welcomed me.  "Good morning, come in." I invited her.  She stepped her foot in while scanning our place. "Where's your fiancé?" she asked as soon as I pushed the door close.  "He was out. Business meeting," I replied while picking up the toys which Ethan scattered on the floor earlier.  "I thought I'm going to meet him now," she mumbled disappoi
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Chapter 8
There was a deafening silence that covered the corners of the house. Mom and Dad were still both speechless while watching Ethan on their front. I don't know what exactly they are feeling right now as I can't see any trace of emotion on their faces other than their widened eyes and parted lips. "Ma'am the—"  The seemingly frozen time suddenly took back on its track when Charie spoke and stopped awkwardly when she realised the situation. I shot Charie a face and she replied a sorry smile. When I looked back, all eyes are already directed to me.  "Hey?!" I greeted in a hoarse tone, fidgeting my hands in nervousness. My parents who still hadn't recovered under shock were surprised by my presence.  "Mom, are we lost? Seems like they don't recognise us," Ethan innocently said with a pout.  I extended my arm to invite my son who immediately hopped from my mom'
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Chapter 9
After our heart to heart talks, we ate our lunch together as a family with our little Ethan. Mom and Dad were having fun talking and playing with my bubbly son that they wanted him to stay at home for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, I can't agree with them since I'm not used of having Ethan nowhere to be seen before I close my eyes at night. While my parents attention are all directed to Ethan, Celestine and I had a story telling of what happened between her and Thunder which was so hilarious. To be fair on her side, I told her about how we met Barack, how I worked and eventually become his fiancée.  It was a light feeling that finally the burden inside my heart was now set free. I was so delighted that my mission has been unlocked already. But, as much as I wanted to stay for long, I can't. Barack called me earlier and invited for a family dinner date which I can't say no. Besides, I am also so excited to tell him the good news. &
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Chapter 10
"Oh, c'mon Barack, I'm sorry. Please forgive me now." I leaned my head on his shoulder and lifted a view at him with a pout.  It's already almost an hour but still we haven't settled this little argument of keeping him wait and rejected him on our date. After the incident on the park, we headed straight back in the hotel and talked to my son about what he had done that might lead him to danger. However, he defensed that the man who helped him was good and gave him a toy as a remembrance.  Barack meet my eyes sternly. "Why haven't you called me at least?" he asked again and again. The only thing I hated about him was that he can't understand and consider my explanations most of the time and got mad when his offer or meetings were declined without prior notice.  "I waited there with my business partner. You don't know how much time we wasted to him," he continued, nagging.  I stood
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