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Kian Park, a college student in a prestigious SN University, gets hired as a tutor of a bubbly and cute high school girl named Mina. Cold, smart, quiet and handsome, Mina falls for him every day. As she tries to befriend him, Kian Park keeps distance from her, trying to hide his real identity. Mina lives with his rich grandfather who resents her family for pursuing their love for music. Her dad, a band's vocalist; her mom, a music coach; her brother, a band member, all of them have left her, making Mina never want to play her guitar and sing again.She conceals scars from her past. But, Kian Park can see and feel Mina's unheard pain. For her, Kian's eyes have become her home where she no longer needs to hide her wounds and tears. Though Kian slowly becomes Mina's comfort, he always tries not to get close to her. Kian Park's identity, Mina's questions surrounding her tutor, those sudden events that involve both of them, Kian who always appears to help her, Mina's curiosity never stops.What lies behind Kian's beautiful eyes? What if behind his handsome face hides true evil?

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1
The bell rang.'Finally, class was over!'  Mina could breathe now.
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Chapter 2
'Did my wish just come true? That fast?' Mina could not believe her eyes."Mr. Park?" Ms. Kim suddenly showed up. 
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Chapter 3
Mina could not help but praise her instinct for making her follow and observe the guy.As the bus moved slowly, she kept looking at them until
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Chapter 4
'Am I dreaming?' Mina's eyes got locked at her tutor's."Make sure you bring an umbrella next time. They say it will often rain in spring this
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Chapter 5
TARGET #1Name: Mina YooAge: 15Home Address: #27 Road 2, Yilsan Residences School: HANN Exclusive Girls High School- She lives with her grandfather, Alex Yoo (Chairman of ALXY Group)- Her brother, JP, currently lives and studies in New York- Her class starts from 9 AM to 4 PM- She commutes every day- She seldom goes out on weekendsKian stopped reading Mina's personal information and threw the folder on the table. His anger and frustration instantly flared and built up in him.'This monster will destroy you.' Kian clenched his jaw. He got The Flowery Road and opened the book on page 67. A blueprint was inside it. He took it out and carefully laid it on the table.It was a blueprint of a mansion in the isolated town of Sunwan. A three-hour drive from Hannan.He seriously studied the blueprint, from the main entry points to the secret underground passage leading to
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Chapter 6
Kian parked the car and showed Pil his phone.Location tracked: Buzz Club, VIP Lounge 5"Nice!" Pil said, rolling up his sleeves.Kian got out of the car first and walked calmly to the club. As soon as he showed his VVIP card, the big men in suit bowed to him. "Welcome, sir." He entered Buzz Club. The blasting electronic dance music along with the colorful party lights filled the crowded club hall. There were so many people going crazy over the dance floor. The DJ, who was excitedly mixing EDM, was on the elevated stage. It was definitely a fire Friday. Kian went straight to the dim corner where an empty couch sat near the cocktail bar. He threw his coat to the table and sat down. His hand loosened his tie.Women's eyes could not resist throwing him flirtatious stare."A strong beer for a handsome teacher." A cold bottle of beer was served in front of him.Pil winked
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Chapter 7
"Oliver Sung?"A tall skinny man nodded. He stood up and signalled Pil to follow him. They entered an alley of different old shops.After a 2-minute walk, they reached a small house. As soon as they got inside, Oliver rushed to the kitchen. He took out something from the cupboard over the sink and handed it to Pil. A thick white envelope was given to Oliver. The door closed.In Pil's hand was a black suitcase full of personalized spy devices that Oliver had made for them.Pil rang Kian's number. His call was immediately received. "Everything's ready." Pil smirked. ----------'Oh no!' Mina regretted why she let herself get immersed looking around. She felt stupid. The guy disappeared!She did not know what to do. 'Should I go back now?'But she was eager to know who that guy was and why he met her tutor. She could not help but associate how they actually see
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Chapter 8
Kian carefully parked the car in front of the house. Mina looked at her watch. It's past 9 PM. She had been anxiously troubled. She did not know what to reason out why she came home late. Mr. Yoo must be home at this hour.Mina got out of the car first and then her tutor. Her heavy and slow steps could tell she didn't want to get inside. She was sure Mr. Yoo would scold her terribly.When Kian noticed she looked so worried, he walked past her and rang the doorbell for her. Mina felt more nervous.The gate opened automatically. No Ms. Kim showed up. Mina stepped inside but her tutor did not."We're not having class tonight.""W..Why teacher?" "I don't think you can focus studying after what happened to you. You better sleep early." 'But.. won't you help me explain to my grandfather?' Mina was almost in tears thinking she would face her grandfather alone.Kian left with
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Chapter 9
Mina's homeroom teacher suddenly appeared behind her tutor."Here, Mr. Park." He escorted Kian to the classroom.'Demo teaching? Here?  I mean in our class?' Mina tried to get back to her senses.She hurried inside. "He's handsome.""He has a face of an actor.""He's really tall!""Look at him, so charismatic."Compliments of her classmates filled the room. The homeroom teacher was busy directing him what to do. Kian was carefully listening to him.'I know, teacher. You look a lot more handsome and stunning in that formal attire.' Mina admitted.Kian was dressed in all black but his tie was grayish. His hair was neatly done, showing his forehead. Even that forehead looked perfect.It wasn't the first time Mina saw her tutor in that style, but she could not take her eyes off him.Mina's heart was still quivering. Was it because of what's written on that piece of pape
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Chapter 10
"No one knows me, I mean.. I don't think there are people who will take interest in me. I and my family have never been exposed to the public ever since. So, I don't worry at all." Mina said.There was no hint of fear and worry the way she spoke and looked. Kian thought."The world is full of people who don't have even the slightest conscience to harm others. Aren't you scared?" She avoided his sharp cold stare and looked away. "I think those people you mentioned only harm those who have hurt them." Kian hissed. "Did you hurt your classmates, Jay and his friends and those men at Liang St. that's why they harmed you?"Her tutor slapped her with harsh reality. Mina suddenly remembered the threatening note she had received in school. He was right, whoever wrote that to her was no different from those people Kian had talked about. The bus stopped.-----------Pil was done changing. He's in SkyV
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