Revenge of the Heart: My Ex's Billionaire Uncle's New Bride

Revenge of the Heart: My Ex's Billionaire Uncle's New Bride

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When Megra is betrayed by the person she trusted most things have to change, but it seems everything is falling apart, will she have the strength to look back especially now that the mysterious Nathaniel coven has set his eyes on her.

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
I jump out of the taxi in a rush to get to my house. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I have never been so excited or happy. Today will be the beginning of my happily ever after, and I am ready.I had gotten a tip that Andrew would be proposing, and I want to make it special. It has been three years since he walked into my life. He was tall, with brown eyes, and accomplished. I could not believe it when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I run for the elevator as soon as I enter our building. I can't stop thinking about everything I need to get done.I could already picture him kneeling with a ring in his hands. It is going to be wonderful tonight.I hurriedly walk out of the elevator to our fifteenth-floor apartment. I open the door, and my heart drops. I can feel the blood draining from my face. My gaze is fixed on the clothes that are scattered all over the floor.This is not possible. Not on our anniversary. Today, Andrew was meant to pop the question and ask me to marry h
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Chapter 2
I run out of the building, tears still streaming down my face. I can still picture Andrew's cold reaction. I can still see him and Becca in my bed. I feel my heart pounding, fighting to escape my chest. I cannot think straight.I can feel a hand on my shoulder.“Miss megra?” “Are you okay?”I lift my face to see Matthew, the security guard, staring at me. Worry is written all over him.I look around, and people have surrounded me.The security guard stretches his hand to help me up. I must have been so distraught that I sat down on the curb."Can you call me a taxi, Matthew?" I ask, wiping away my tears. He shakes his head and brings me back to the lobby.The cab ride is silent, and I am left to my thoughts. How can I be so blind and naive? When Becca introduced me to Andrew, I wondered why the two had not gotten together. I always wondered why he chose me over her; she was undeniably gorgeous. I now have my answer. I was being played. I was the fool in this story. The amateur porn I
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Chapter 3
I wake up to the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee, accompanied by a throbbing headache. Slowly opening my eyes, I find myself in an unfamiliar space. It takes me a moment to remember Andrew, and my heart shatters all over again. It feels like someone is driving a hand through my chest and ripping my heart through it. With the wreckage of my life now in full view, tears start rushing down my face. I can feel the pain throughout my body. I see Becca and Andrew wrapped in their passion every time I close my eyes.I reach for my bag. I needed to find out if Andrew had bothered to reach out. I need to know if he was sorry. If he knew how much he hurt me, maybe he wanted me back home. Nothing. He had not called me. I fix my eyes on the yellow pill bottle. The pain is too much. I could just end it—end my misery. No, that will let them win.Sliding back into the king-sized bed, I attempt to look for comfort in the sheets that are wrapped around my body. I wonder what else transpired the n
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Chapter 4
I am startled when Nathaniel walks into the bathroom. I had not realized he was already back. I had made myself comfortable, finding ways to relax. His gaze is intense, and honestly, I enjoy it. I watch as he approaches me. I can feel him devouring me with each glance. I invite him with a coy smile, showing him my evident desire.As Nathaniel stands before me, his actions feel deliberate. My heart is racing. I watch him slowly undress, unsure of what to expect next but eager to find out. The water envelopes us in warmth, heightening our sensual tension.Without a word, he pulls me in for a kiss, and I welcome it. Slowly, he caresses me, his other hand entangled in my hair, massaging my neck. My body responds eagerly, aching for more. He treats my breasts with reverence, as if they were delicate treasures. I let out a soft moan and jerk towards him. I feel bold. I take his hand and guide him down my waist, parting my legs to grant him access to my most intimate place.Nathaniel underst
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Chapter 5
Cradled by the softness of the high-threaded sheets and the release of tension from my body, I drift into deep slumber. Did I just have the best night of my life? The morning light floods the room, and as I stretch, my mind replays the events of the previous night. "You're up!" His voice cuts through the air as he emerges from the bathroom. "We need to talk." His tone is direct and devoid of emotion, and those words strike a chord of unease in me. I know what is coming. No harm, no foul, I remind myself. After all, we are both adults, and I am newly single.I walk towards him, sinking into a chair next to him. I can feel Nathaniel’s observant eyes watching me, sensing a shift in my demeanor."Last night was unexpected, but I hope you don’t think I took advantage of you.”"No, you dint. I told you I am a big girl. I knew what I was doing." I clarify.Nathaniel hands me some papers before clearing his throat, preparing to divulge more information. "Before you read that, you should know
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Chapter 6
I sit in the back seat, my hands gripping the door tightly. I am scared to face Andrew. I don’t know how our conversation will go, knowing I am still madly in love with him. I open my purse, staring at the two phones, the folded contract, and the key card to my unfortunate new home. The hotel room. I reached down and picked up my phone, and finally I text him, making inquiries about his whereabouts. Andrew does not bother to call me back or reply.As I lay in the hotel room bed, the events of the past few days replay in my mind. Nathaniel has made an impact on me. I smile simply thinking about his face. I should know better by now. Men will always break your heart and yet I like him. I grow curious about the contract again, reaching for the dresser and grabbing it. I also grabbed a notebook and a pen, determined to make sense of it. I traced the words "pros and cons" onto an empty page. I finally fall asleep, with my decision made.Going back to the house I once shared with Andrew fee
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Chapter 7
As I walk out of the building, my decision is clear. Nathaniel's response is a simple "done." I stand there, looking at my packed bags, ready to start my new life. There is no turning back now. I am going to meet him at the house to sign the new contract. My stomach is tied up in knots; I am not sure what I'm getting into. I'm signing over my life to a stranger.The house looks lively; I see a few people walking around, which is odd considering how quiet the place was before. Everyone looks busy, trimming and cleaning, clearly getting ready for something. Nathaniel towers over most of them as he walks towards the driveway. He looks majestic in the sunlight. Zeus has surely climbed down from Olympus to come and greet me. I smile awkwardly, my eyes fixed on him, watching him as he puts on a show. I watch Nathaniel's hands reach and open the door. This is new, and I do not know how I am supposed to act. Everybody's eyes are fixed on me as if to watch for the slightest misconduct from me.
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Chapter 8
As the evening settles in, everything undergoes a magical transformation. The lights dance as music fills the air. The guests begin to arrive, each looking like a work of art—beautiful but untouchable. I feel a surge of anxiety as I stroll through the party in Nathaniel's arms. The mere mention of being his girlfriend sends my heart into a joyful dance. Polite conversations and soft laughter mingle with the clinking of glasses as wine flows freely. Despite the jealous looks from certain ladies, perhaps Nathaniel's ex-girlfriends, I have no worries in the world tonight.The night feels like a fairy tale, with people trying to be polite but clearly intrigued by our relationship. Yet, in the middle of all the glamour, I cannot stop feeling like an imposter, on display for everyone to scrutinize. The endless questions become suffocating, prompting me to seek some peace. Sneaking away from the party, I find a quiet corner to observe the guests, watching their movements and interactions. Th
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Chapter 9
The night is not going as planned. Instead of me lying in the hands of this gorgeous man after a night of passionate sex, I will be lying on a tearful pillow. Good thing he cannot back out now. I wonder what Becca will tell Andrew. I wonder how he will react to the news of me, the woman he tossed aside, dating his uncle. Will he be sad? Will he be angry? Will he regret his decision to cheat on me?My thoughts are interrupted when Nathaniel calls me into the bathroom. I find a warm bath prepared. I cannot read him or his intentions. Why is he being so kind to me? He brings me a glass of wine and leaves me to enjoy my bath or to sob in peace. I sit in the warm water and calculate my next step. If he is playing games, I will be careful. I refuse to be caught off guard again.The night goes by fast, and so does the next week. Nathaniel has been busy most of the time. I have been trying to get more information while slowly getting accustomed to my new environment. I find myself amazed at h
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Chapter 10
I feel the hard, wet floor beneath me. Am I dead? I try to open my eyes, but all I see is red. I feel the painful jabs in my ribs. I cannot move. My throat is dry; I can't speak. I try to find something I can use to help me, but I pass out again.I wake up to faint lights and voices all around me. I can feel myself moving. The ground is not as hard as before. I stretch my hand, gripping someone beside me. Oh my God! What is happening? I feel something irritating in my nose. I reach for it and pull it out. I wish that I could see or hear. Someone puts what feels like a cup over my mouth. I am scared.I finally hear sirens followed by bright lights before I pass out again. Is this it?I wake up disoriented. I don’t feel as much pain any more. I can see a bit better. I can feel the bright lights stinging my eyes.“Hey, you are awake!” I know that voice. Its Nathaniel. Wait, was he the one who attacked me? The man in the house did not talk to me. I pull myself up, looking for some familiar
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