Chapter 40

« My Lady, help me. I can’t die, my family counts on me. I did everything following your orders. You can’t abandon me, » the lackey cried.

Reina showed an annoyed face. I know this, she is probably thinking ‘is he serious? He was made to take the blame in the first place’. This show is entertaining, I wanted to investigate what happened today, but Edward beat me to it.

« Who sent you? Speak, who sent you to frame me? You are ungrateful, my family had taken you under her wings to make your life better, but you harmed us. How can you be this bad? I can’t believe that there is someone who wants to harm us, » then she showed fake tears.

I wonder what she thinks. She is probably wearing a necklace that makes her thoughts unreadable. I feel sleepy. Reina kneeled, holding her mouth crying. I must applaud her; she is too g

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