Chapter 43

« I heard from your brother Durian that you beat your father. Impressive. What a pity! I wasn’t here. I had to run an errand downtown, » said Davina.

« What a pity indeed! I didn’t beat him by the way. I thought that you are going to leave. Anyway, how come Durian told you about my duel with my brother? Strange indeed, is there some improvement? » I said, putting my fingers on my chin.

« I told him that I want to exchange letters with him and he accepted it, » she replied, proud of herself.

« I guess he is the type of person that waits for the girl to make a move. »

Davina looked up, opening her mouth to talk but finished by keeping silence. I peeked at where she was staring at; Durian was standing in front of my father’s office reading documents; the door of the office was opened. I looked b

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