Chapter 46

« Caroline, I’ll be going out today. Just cover for me, I don’t know the others to know about this, » I said.

« But my Lady, you are creating troubles for me. I won’t be able to get away if I am found out, » she replied.

« Don’t worry; my father knows that I am such a troublesome child. »

As I finished putting on my clothes, I jumped from the balcony, leaving Caroline dumb-founded. I heard that there is good competition at the GREAT WIZARD. It’s a place that I remember from my past life; I passed by it when I went strolling the capital with Edward. I still remember it; it was a raining day. I teleported myself to the capital. When you are sneaking away, you don’t need a carriage.

I wandered through the street and came across the market. It was placed in a series of rooftops co

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