Purple Haze

Aldo’s POV

   Throughout my set I couldn’t stop glancing at the violet haired beauty sitting next to my sister. I knew that it had to be her non-binary friend, Nova. I still have know idea what sex they are but I feel myself drawn to them like a moth drawn to a flame. It isn’t just their smooth, rich mocha skin,warm,  chocolate eyes, high cheekbones or violet ringlets…it is something in their whole being. I notice every curl of their lip and the delicate way they sip their beverage with their eyes locked on me. Oh, to be that cup…pressed up to those full lips sweetly. I feel like a magnet is drawing me to them and for the first time ever I am excited to finish my set and get off stage just so that I can be closer to them. Sidney told me that they were beautiful and I had expected someone pretty but nothing could prepare me for their sheer magnetism. 

     As soon as my set finished I made my way off stage and stowed my guitar in it’s case, leaving them in a secure backstage corner I quickly made my way towards the front of the house, aiming to get to the table my sister and her friends occupied, but before I was more than a step out of the backstage area a nightmare from my past walked up to me. Fuck! I heard she had started waiting tables here and I had hoped it was a lie! Cara was a blond wanna be barbie with an attitude of arrogance and entitlement. Her obsession with me started early. Maybe it started in grammar school. I’m not sure but it seemed that she was always bothering me. I made the mistake of finally caving to a single date with her in 10th grade. I would take her to the movies and try to leave it at that. First, we ran into my friend Gina outside the theater. Gina knew the deal. She knew that I had hoped that one date with Cara would get her to finally see how incompatible we were. Cara had to show her nasty attitude talking down to my friend and  calling her racist shit what really made my blood boil is when she called her a “nasty swayback slut” and told her to go back to mexico. Gina isn’t from Mexico and certainly doesn’t deserve being called a swayback slut, maybe nasty, but not in the way she used it. I know gina enough to know her mind is as nasty as any of the guys we know, but I also knew her enough to know she was a virgin and had never dated anyone because she was afraid to tell most people her truth. I got it out of her one day when she was feeling especially down and vowed to never tell anyone. To this day she hasn’t told anyone else that I know of and Sid’s friend Chantelle is her little cousin and I haven’t said anything to her, though I do inquire as to how Gina is really doing. She always tells me everything is fine on the phone, but it is in person that you can really tell what is going on. I thought she would have come back to Brooklyn after finishing college, but her internship at a big media company’s Boston office turned into a permanent position, and she hasn’t returned home. Anyway, that horrible date just kept on crashing. I picked a movie that I would love and that Barbie doll wanna be would possibly dislike. I was right, but not even 10 minutes into the film her hands were all up on my junk and she was shoving her tongue down my throat. She was so slobbery. If I wanted to be slobbered on I would make out with my dog, but this girl couldn’t take the hint even when I tried putting the brakes on. As soon as the movie was over I hightailed it home and stood myself under the shower until the water ran cold, trying to scrub off how filthy I felt. I have managed to go years without more than a word or two to Cara, but here she is standing here smiling. “That was a great performance, Aldo! Can I get something special for the hottest musician to grace this place?” Her attempt at flirting nauseates me.

     “Yeah, bring me a cold beer, whatever is on tap and bring it to my sister’s table, I’ll be joining her and her friends.” I answer coldly and with a nod towards the table where I again set my eyes on the beauty that I can't wait to get close to. Cara tries to rub herself on me seductively but  pull away quickly heading towards my destination. 

 Sid rushed to embrace me as I approach. “Thanks Sid, but aren’t you going to introduce me to your new friend? I Already know the rest of your crew, though your numbers are low tonight.” I say noncahnlantly despite myself. 

She then releases me and beams “Aldo, this is my gorgeous new friend, Nova. Nova, this is my talented older brother, Aldo!” 

   Nova and I reach out to shake hands

    “It’s a pleasure…”

    “Nice to…”

  We start at the same time, stopping and giggling lightly. “I can see that Nova is gorgeous! Now, I know what you mean ,Sid.” I try not to sound too breathless as I tenderly take their hand placing my lips to their soft hand to kiss their knuckles, while my eyes are locked on their chocolate pools. I can't help but notice how long and graceful their hands are, like a natural born musician. “And you have musician’s hands. Do you play?” 

    “No, I have never had the talent or the opportunity, but I do love listening and dancing.” their voice comes out softly and when they bite their lower lip and lock up at me through their long lashes I want to pull them into my arms and secure my lips over theirs, but I play it cool. I still can’t tell what sex they are even this close, but right now I don’t care. I am lost in their eyes.

    “If you ever want to learn I could teach you, I play a few instruments.” I notice the chair next to them, opposite, my sister is now unoccupied and slowly make my way there.Just then Cara approaches with my beer and attempts a more subtle yet feeble flirtation which i just shake my head and roll my eyes at, mumbling,” you would think she would know by now.”

     Of course this sparks a conversation I really don’t want to have so I try to subtly grab Nova’s attention without drawing everyone else’s and steer the conversation towards learning more about this enchanting beauty.  

    “There isn’t much to tell. I am a senior in High School, I love to dance and my parents are recently divorced.” they say softly, but I know there has to be a lot more to them than they are letting on and Sid comes in for the assist.

    “Quit being humble!”Sid laughs. “Nova is an artist and poet , though they are shy about sharing their talents, however I have seen some of Nova’s work while assisting Ms Delucca.”

    “It isn’t that I am shy about my art or poetry, it is that it is profoundly personal and intimate. I have only really shared any of it with one person and she is the person who knows me even better than my own family.” Nova softly states.I try to slowly and subtly entwine my fingers with Nova’s on the table, still hoping nobody calls out my move. I thinkNeville has noticed, but that boy is staying silent, however I have caught a small smirk on his face and now he is winking at me. He has noticed. He would be the one to notice, that one is always observant.

     “Oh, you mean Cassie?” Jace says, before blushing once he realizes that he spoke up. “Um, I mean, I have heard you mention her a few times and that is who I would assume you mean.” Why do I suddenly feel jealous over both Jace and the=is Cassie person? What the fuck, man!

    “Yeah, Cassie and I have been friends for over a decade. We met when we were just 7 years old and were inseparable in the last 3 years.” A soft smile graces Nova’s lips, but the realization that they are quite possibly underage hits me hard and I slowly remove my hand from theirs and take a long drink of my beer. FUck! My mind is a mess, my emotions are everywhere and I am in a purple Haze because all I can think about is how much I want this person who is quite possibly both too young for me and whose sex I am clueless about! This is divine torture, but I ama glutton for this punishment because I have never wanted to be with anyone the way I want this violet haired beauty!

     “Nova, When is your birthday?” Neville finally speaks up. I see what he’s doing, great assist bro, because that is what I was wondering, but I didn’ want to seem like a creeper by asking. I mean it’s bad enough I am sitting at a table full of people around 6 years my junior, at least I can use the excuse of hanging out with my little sister, not that I am really hoping to get with one of her friends, right?

    “What are you going to throw me a party? Well, you better start planning, you only have 5 weeks until I turn 18,”they chuckle and I swear my head swims with stars at the musical sound. There is amusement and mirth in their reaction and it warms me to the core.

     “Yo bro! Are you hanging at the kiddie table tonight or what?” Aiden walks up smacking me on the back.”I only caught the tail end but you were on fire, some real passion in those last couple of songs tonight. Did you get yourself a new girl?” I want to smack Aiden so bad, but my best friend knows me well and I guess he's kind of right, because for the whole set my mind was on Nova, whether they are a girl or not they have a piece of me already and I might just lose myself.

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