Playing Games With The Billionaire

Playing Games With The Billionaire

By:  Addie Bell  Completed
Language: English
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Lynan finally decided to reveal that he’s gay to steer clear of his sister’s playing cupid schemes. He doesn’t want to get involved again with anyone at the moment and just plans to live happily and peacefully behind his precious camera. Unbeknownst to him, his sister signed him up in a show with a reclusive CEO as the man of the hour. Unfortunately, no amount of complaining and grumbling could get him out of the predicament. The man was a feast for the eyes though. In order to avoid all the possible drama and just have fun ogling the man, Lynan was determined to be a wallflower and stay in the shadows. Watching things unfold could be enough entertainment to leisurely pass the time, right?

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Cute story, Lynan is hilarious lol. Very enjoyable story. I really like this author’s work.
2024-02-20 21:01:11
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Abc Xyz
chapter 9 is published twice
2023-11-29 06:31:58
30 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Take One
Lynan could think of several places he would rather be right now than a limo filled with over dressed and over enthusiastic people.It’s not like he had even signed up for this.His sister was the one to blame for this entire affair.The country had been taken by storm by a reality TV show. It had been all over the media, newspapers, magazines and the internet.Why?Because it was the world’s first ever openly Bi Bachelor.The whole country was torn apart by the news. On one side, people were applauding equality and the production company for going ahead with it while on the other hand, people were claiming it was all just a disgusting publicity stunt.Lynan had been keen to keep out of the debate, to be honest.Something that had proven to be exceedingly difficult because every single person seemed to have an opinion on it.The models he took photos of for fashion shoots were the worst- they had been going on about it for months. It seemed like everyone he knew was putting forward a
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Chapter 2 - Sleeping Beauty
Lynan soon found himself back at the bubbly idol’s side and gratefully let her lead their conversation.He began to feel rather shabby the more he looked around; glittering evening dresses and flashy suits adorned everyone else.The only person who wasn’t dressed so was a good looking man who wore an awesome traditional outfit that Lynan couldn’t remember the name of, but wow.He was so screwed.He didn’t stand a chance.All conversations ceased abruptly, and he looked up to find Yael striding into the room behind another tall, light brown haired man. This one was dressed in a light blue fitting suit and walked with a calm, happy attitude very at odds with Yael’s sombre appearance.Lynan recognized him as being a very popular TV show host.“Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. You may remember me from our phone conversations but I am Kosh Solace. I am helping to run this show and will be providing commentary to yourselves and the viewers at home. As you may remember, there are no cell pho
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Chapter 3 - Odd One Out
It was day three and Lynan was already nearing the end of his tether.Yesterday had been exactly what Kosh had said, settling into the mansion and getting to know the people he would live with for the next few months.Lynan was getting more depressed by the hour.There was a creepy set of female twins that would just randomly finish each other’s sentences and tossed thinly veiled suggestions of a threesome with Yael around as though that might help convince him to pick them.The pony had been sent back home but the chicken, who he learned was called Sato, was still around and their owner was rarely seen without it in tow.It was surprisingly docile and a little bit cute… for a chicken.There was the club manager that Lynan had been forced to listen to for an hour, ranting about his soon to be requited love, the good looking elegant man, the bubbly idol, a mechanic, an artist. A woman claiming to be a professional housewife even.The list went on.Only Lynan seemed to care less about a
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Chapter 4 - Dinosaurs and Coffees
After listening to Taylor wail and screech about a damn peck on the hand all night, Lynan woke up far too early once again.Unfortunately, his nerves were no less frayed now than they were last night.Great.On the plus side, the petty man was thrilled with the chance of winning a solo date today but now, he had holed up in one of the few big bathrooms refusing to let anyone else in.Lynan decided to avoid the entire fiasco by trailing down to the kitchen in his pajamas and getting a coffee. He could just throw something on before they had to leave.By some act of God, no one else had the same idea, and the kitchen was mercifully quiet.He shuffled in still sleepy, rubbing his eyes and yawning before sluggishly moving to boil the jug and loading up a mug with copious amounts of coffee and sugar.He wondered if anyone would notice if he stole cream instead of milk. The extra sugar sounded amazing right now.He poured the water in, stirred in the milk, and then leaned back against the c
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Chapter 5 - Unavoidable
The limo ride back to the mansion proved to be a pleasant affair.It was just the three of them together and Yael’s limo was equipped with a mini drinks bar. So they sat and chatted and drank as the time and scenery flew by.Yael turned out to have a decent sense of humor and with both Stelle and Lynan there, the conversation never really lulled.Lynan felt a little bad about raining on Stelle’s parade and getting dragged along but at the same time, he was relieved that he got to avoid the cramp and drama on one of the other limos.Yael had come out by himself in his own limo so he could use the travel time to catch up on work and Lynan almost felt bad that they were impeding on that.Not bad enough to request a limo switch though.He felt a little less awkward in the man’s presence after that.He apologized to Stelle for stealing away her alone time with Yael but she waved him off with a grin.“It’s fine. It made it less awkward with you there actually. I didn’t know what to talk abo
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Chapter 6 - Cat Ones
Taylor won the next solo date and Lynan was about ready to punch the smugness and arrogance right off of his face.The white pony lady beat him to it and slugged Taylor in the stomach after a nasty comment to Eve.“Let’s be honest, who wants a fucking virgin,” Taylor had carelessly and rudely threw out in to the room towards Eve which earned him more than one glare and the said slug to the stomach.Lynan made the woman a cocktail and raised a toast in her honor that evening.This place was causing him to drink far too much. But it shut Taylor up to the point that he left to sulk with Liev and Caleb in the bedroom.Ah, the sweet sound of peace.He spent the entire next day having one massive cooking lesson with a few of the other contestants.Several others declined the lesson but were more than happy to sample and judge the dishes.It was going well until Yui set fire to a pot on the stove top and the head of the mansion security, now impromptu firefighter, had to come and scold them
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Chapter 7 -  Blasting Music And Lunch
Lynan didn’t redeem himself.The only good thing was that he didn’t look like even more of an idiot. The last group date was ‘fashion’ themed and it didn’t seem to suit Yael at all.Sure, he always looked good and presumably had a decent dress sense outside of the suits but Lynan was secretly of the opinion that it was chosen for the more fashion inclined of the group.Which was everyone barring about five people. The twins won that little competition and decided that they would share the date, rendering the term ‘solo date’ void.His sister had scolded him for not being more forward in his advances but if Yael didn’t like him for being himself, then quite frankly, the businessman can fuck off.Self respect had always been one of the important principles in life that he had made sure to abide.Still, they had been here three weeks and the toll was starting to show.Cat fights were becoming common place and Lynan’s quiet nap time was often interrupted just so someone could groan and ra
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Chapter 8 - Out In The Open
Yael had to go back to work after lunch so Lynan made use of his freedom to grab his camera and head off into the gardens that surrounded the mansion to snap off some photos.He even ventured off to the edge of the property and into the slightly forested area much to Jasper’s obvious annoyance.The man wasn’t allowed to speak while the cameras were rolling but the glares made his opinion known just as well.Still, it had been a refreshing little adventure and Lynan was feeling a lot more energetic than before.Almost enough to be able to deal with Taylor’s whining. Almost.He groaned aloud at the memory of earlier in the day and ran his hands over his face. Jasper gave him an odd look from behind the camera and he explained in despair.“If Taylor finds out about today, then I’ll never hear the end of it. I hope he’s too wrapped up in whatever he did today that he doesn’t check the day’s highlights.”Jasper’s smirk suggested that the cameraman actually wanted Taylor to find out. Of cou
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Chapter 9 - Challenge Accepted
 An obstacle course!It was made up of planks of wood and ropes, partially on the ground and partially suspended between trees.This one was wonderful. Finally a cardio challenge in this weeks of inactivity and stress!The only problem was waiting until the rest of the group to catch up. It wasn’t long before the front of the group caught up but they had to wait ages before those lagging behind appeared.There was more than one groan of apprehension at the challenge laid out before them as people arrived.“Physical fitness is an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle,” Kosh grinned at the gathered group. “And how you take on challenges out of your comfort zone is very telling of your character. Today’s challenge is the obstacle course behind me.”The light brown haired man gestured to the course with his typical grand flourish. “You will have thirty minute
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Chapter 10 - His Turn
Two full days he’d had to wait and now, tomorrow was his solo date with Yael.Lynan was lying on the roof, star gazing, having ditched both the other contestants and the cameras.He was nervous about tomorrow but perhaps, not for the reason most people thought.Sure, it was intimidating to have so much alone time with the man, especially after what he has heard from the others about their own dates, but that wasn’t all.Each time he thought about the next day, his mind brought up the almost kiss from the beginning of the week before skittering away in nervous embarrassment.He wasn’t very good at the whole ‘think before you act’ thing and really needed to think of other things.Like the other reason he was nervous.There had been some kind of big emergency thing for Yael at work and he had to leave the mansion for an entire day after their obstacle activity.The businessman spent the next day with everyone in apology but Lynan was concerned. Not about the man’s work, but about the dar
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