Rise of the gem possessors

Rise of the gem possessors

By:  Not_soPerfect  Completed
Language: English
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World Feinheim is the keeper of the five most powerful gems in the universe. The gem possessors are the keeper of balance in the Five Worlds (Feinheim, Alasda, Earth, Jotunine and Ice Nation).Everything was okay, until an invisible threat suddenly came up, forcing the people of Earth to be the only gem possessors. Read this book and find out how

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Excellent yet unique write up. Each character's story fits well into the whole plot. little blunders here and there but a good story nonetheless. the author has room for improvement ...
2022-07-06 19:56:57
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Julia Nora
wow this is great! if you have any social media to keep up with your reader, please let me know. thank you!
2021-07-16 20:16:01
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Physayor Daud
I'm tired of reading cliche stories but this one seems special. A must read if you like Fantasy/Urban style writeups. Mixing the city/school life with a magical mystery land while avoiding human attention altogether
2021-02-10 03:51:08
user avatar
it's so so so amazing....the fact that it's not cliche and it's like a whole new idea makes it special...so, thanks for the new idea.
2021-01-19 06:24:41
user avatar
Wow, thanks 💙
2021-01-19 06:23:02
default avatar
Been great reading this book
2021-01-12 11:51:44
35 Chapters
Chapter One
Feinheim is the keeper of the five most powerful gems in the Universe. That is why it has the authority to run the affairs of the other four worlds. On the day of solar eclipse, the leaders of the five worlds will gather along with the current gem Possessors and the gems will choose their keepers; someone who is worthy of the power of the gem.Decades ago, the red gem chose Nicole from World Feinheim, the yellow gem chose Nikki from World Jotunine and the White gem chose Nora from World Alasda.The other two gems were kept by the red gem possessors since she believed the Ice Nation has always been a threat and people of World Earth are too weak to possess the powerful gem.Together, the three of them ruled the Universe peacefully, keeping balance, winning every war, enslaving people who serves as threat to the Universe.But what they do not know is a greater threat is near.An invisible one bound to destroy Feinheim.WORLD FEINHEIMMaya, Nicole's sister entered the 'Hall of Authority'
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Chapter Two
WORLD EARTHANYA: Common Rosie, I promise we won't stay longROSE: You know how much I hate the wavesANYA: Water don't bite you know. God, how I wish Logan hasn't gone to Richie's. ROSE: Well, luck is on my side he's not at home. Else, he would have forced meANYA: You know, I really do not think you are scared of the waves.ROSE: So, what am I scared of?ANYA: The bikini (laughs)ROSE: Of course not. (hits her with a pillow)ANYA: Prove me wrong (stares at her) ROSE: Okay, okay, you got me. I just hate showing off my skin.ANYA: You are just too anti-social.ROSE: What do you mean?ANYA: You hate going to schoolROSE: The bulliesANYA: But you have me and LoganROSE: Are you with me in all my classes?ANYA: Alright, you don't like going to the club.ROSE: Well, lots of hormonal teenagers and the smell of alcohol makes me wanna throw up plus seeing couples making out makes me wanna wash my mouth a thousand times and throw out my intestine.ANYA: Was that why you took a novel to club
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Chapter Three
WORLD EARTHANYA: Hey look, I found something.ROSE: (rushed to her side) This isn't a rabbit bone Anya.ANYA: Well, it's a bone.ROSE: (smacks the bone off her hand) It's not what we are looking for. Let's continue and stop wasting time (walked off)ANYA: God I am so tired. (saw Rose at a distance already walking away) Rosie! wait up girlROSE: (from a distant) Rose not Rosie (groans in frustration)ICE NATIONZUBA: We just got news my Lord.MAKEITH: Tell me about it.ZUBA: To strike now.MAKEITH: So, is everything ready?ZUBA: Yes, my LordMAKEITH: Throw the snow comet first, after that, release the soldiers on the core city of Feinheim and the rest of the attack should go as we have planned.ZUBA: Yes, my Lord. (Bows and left)MAKEITH: Wait just a little more Lisa (smirks) I am coming for you.WORLD FEINHEIMNICOLE: (Woke up and sat up) No, this isn't happening (held her head as she rushed to the window and shift the curtain feeling the dark powers in the sky)NIKKI: (rushed in with
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Chapter Four
NIKKI: Maya is trying to free Lisa. (Sprinted but Maya caught her with her magical rope and flung her away making her hit her head on a pillar) MAYA: Woah...Look who decided to join the party.NIKKI: So you were the mole after all (groans from the pain of hitting her head when she was flung away)MAYA: Is it that obvious? (laughs evilly)NIKKI: So that was why you tricked us into believing the attack is on the transformation day, knowing fully well that it's tonight. And the maid, it was all your plan so we won't suspect you.MAYA: Smart girl (laughs)NIKKI: (felt a sharp pain in her stomach as her eyes became dizzy) uggh!MAYA: Feeling dizzy? (Laughs) My dear Nikki, you and others were drugged to weaken you. Of course the ice nation couldn't win a war with Feinheim but they have me.(laughs again)NIKKI: You traitor! I might not have strength, I may have been drugged but I will never go down without a fightMAYA: Oh careful (laughs) cos nothing can stop me now. The plan was perfected
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Chapter Five
ANYA: (shocked) What the hell is this?ROSE: I have no idea. It's like it has a mind of its own. It's ...it's...protecting itself.ANYA: From what?ROSE: Well, I don't know.. from you?ANYA: Are you saying I'm evil? Cos the only reason it could be protecting itself is if it doesn't want to get into the wrong hand and wrong hand means evil.ROSE: We saw this together. I don't know what this means or what it thinks but I think you are right about what you said.ANYA: That I'm evil? (paces around) This is crazy..(with more emphasis) THIS IS CRAZY. Just tell me I'm dreaming. First my anti-social friend drags me into a forest at 10pm, then I got tangled in cob-web, bumped my head into a tree... as if it couldn't get any worse, this strange white thing protects itself from me cos it thinks I'm evil. It totally doesn't make any sense.ROSE: Well, I'm speechless. You have p
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Chapter Six
ANYA: (driving Rose in her blue Ferrari to school) Remember...ROSE: (cuts her off) don't tell anyone about it. You've said it for the gillionth time today.ANYA: Seriously? Gillionth? (Laughs) so much for being a nerd, you're actually dumb.ROSE: Not funny Anya.ANYA: Here we are (pulled up in the school parking lot) Don't Tell anyone about it.ROSE: Gillionth-one (they both laughs)ANYA: Whatever. (They both carried their bag from the backseat and alighted. Just then, a killer-bike stopped beside their car)RICHARD: Hi hottie (dropped his helmet and alighted from the bike)ANYA: Hey handsome (kissed Richard)ROSE: Remind me not to use all the cutlery in the house again. I'm definitely getting new ones.RICHARD: So funny, what's up Rosie?ROSE: Oh No, not you again. Having Anya calling me Rosie is
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Chapter Seven
Anya-Logan Mansion.ANYA: Detention went by really fastROSE: Don't tell me about itANYA: (smiles) I'm racing tonightROSE: I'd follow you but I have this assignment and it's really important for my grades.ANYA: When have you ever followed me to street races? (rolled her eyes)ROSE: I could count but I don't wanna stress my brain right now. But what if the police catch you guys? You would be in deep trouble....that's my main concern.ANYA: (Smiles and checked the time) Oops, 9:00, Logan would have been expecting me, race starts by 9:30.ROSE: You ignored my words. No problem just don't get on Logan's bad side.ANYA: (laughs) Never willAT THE RACING STREETLOGAN: You know how many secs I'm left with before freaking out?ANYA: You know I never apologize.LOGAN: Did
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Chapter Eight
ANYA: (entered the finish line) Woo-hoo...Yeah (came out of the car)KYLE: I must say I'm impressed, you just broke my record. no one has ever beaten me to the finish line (moves closer to her)ANYA: There's a first time for everything (now their faces are only inches apart as they stare into each other's eye)LOGAN: Oh My Goodness, Anya you won't ...(Anya and Kyle quickly separated). Am I interrupting something?ANYA: (clears her throat) No, no....he was just telling me how impressed he isLOGAN: Good... We're rich baby (carried her and Anya giggles)ANYA: Oh reallyLOGAN: Oh yeah, (placed her down and faced Kyle) You were really great out there man (shook hands with him)KYLE: But she's greater (smiles)RICHARD: (came to their midst and hug Anya) Congratulations Baby.ANYA: Yeah (smiles widely) Wait...how did you
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Chapter Nine
LOGAN: According to the book, this is the spot.ANYA: I can't see any sign of the outer world hereLOGAN: Me neither. (His handkerchief flew off his shoulder) Oh My...(the handkerchief disappeared) Anya, did you see that?ANYA: (moved forward) Yeah. This is the spot.LOGAN: (held her hand and they both entered the barrier and met themselves in a strange city) We did it.ANYA: What the hell?LOGAN: We did it but we don't know where we are now (saw two guards and dragged Anya to a hiding place)ANYA: Where we are? Isn't this Feinheim?LOGAN: (opened the book) We don't know the world we are now.ANYA: But we just passed through the barrier of the outer-world.LOGAN: That's the problem. There are dive worlds; Feinheim, Earth and three others.ANYA: You have to be kidding me. How do we know the one we ar
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Chapter Ten
ROSE: They're closing inLOGAN: Teleportia (nothing happened)ROSE: What are we going to do now.:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*ANYA: Rose, do the screaming stuff to buy Logan more time.ROSE: But I don't know how....ANYA: (pinched her hard and she screamed, the force pushing the warriors back) LOGAN: WoahANYA: Yeah, that's more like it ( looks at Rose who is breathing heavily) Logan, you got anything yet, we are surrounded by archers now.LOGAN: I don't know. You should try saying it too...it's not working COMMANDER ARCHER: Fire!!!ANYA: Teleportia (they disappeared and a portal pushed them out in front of the Anya-Logan Mansion in World Earth)ANYA & ROSE: (groans from the rough landing)LOGAN: (looked at the portal which is clo
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