Broken Mirrors of Truth

Broken Mirrors of Truth

By:  Star Anise  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ezra returns after three mysterious years, armed with a vengeance that unfolds like a carefully set trap. The shadows of her past conceal wounds inflicted by those she once trusted, and now, Ezra is here to settle the score. With a heart full of secrets, she navigates the tangled web of deceit, each revelation a shard of the broken mirrors that once reflected her truth. As the plot thickens, the sins of the past come to light, and Ezra's pursuit of justice leads to a gripping narrative where every secret exposed is a mirror shattered, revealing the distorted reflections of those who wronged her. Brace yourself for a suspenseful journey through revenge, redemption, and the shattered mirrors that hold the unspoken truths of Ezra's compelling tale.

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9 Chapters
The Arrival
The bustling sounds of heels echoed through the airport as Ezra confidently strolled towards the exit. Her gaze swept across the crowd in search of the chauffeur awaiting her arrival. The air around her buzzed with an undeniable power, drawing glances from passersby who couldn't help but steal glimpses of the intriguing woman in their midst.Draped in a comfortable yet stylish co-ord set, Ezra embodied the essence of a modern girl boss. The sunlight danced on her branded sunglasses, adding an air of mystery to her already captivating aura. A well-chosen ensemble complemented by an expansive bag completed her ensemble, leaving an indelible impression on those who crossed her path.Among the curious onlookers, Ezra's confident strides and undeniable presence turned heads. As she navigated through the airport's hustle and bustle, the world seemed to pause for a moment, captivated by the enigmatic woman who had returned after three years of mysterious absence.Finally, her keen eyes locat
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Expected Encounter
After a two-hour journey, the car came to a stop. The driver let Ezra know they had reached their destination. Startled from her thoughts by the driver's voice, she nodded in response.Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the car, exuding confidence. Her strides led her towards a luxurious farm resort, a place she knew all too well. Yet, as familiar as it was, a layer of fog settled over her heart at the thought of someone connected to this place—someone who held a significant presence in her past.Ezra entered the villa, greeted by the sight of maids bustling about, preparing snacks on the lounge table. Lost in their tasks, they seemed oblivious to the new arrival. Ezra cleared her throat, catching the attention of a maid refilling fresh flowers. With a warm smile, Ezra politely inquired, "Hello, I'm here for the high school reunion."The maid, momentarily surprised, replied with equal politeness, "Oh, everyone is in the backyard. The reunion started about an hour ago." Ezra's he
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Fires of Fate
Natalie approached Ezra with genuine happiness evident on her face."OMG, Ezra! Is that really you?" Natalie exclaimed, opening her arms for a hug. Ezra, equally pleased to see her old acquaintance, reciprocated the gesture."Hi, Natalie! Yes, it's me," Ezra replied, smiling warmly.Natalie pulled back from the hug but held onto Ezra's hand. "It's been a while, Ezra. It's so nice to meet you again!" she said, her eyes shining with enthusiasm.Ezra returned the sentiment, "It's nice to meet you too, Natalie."Natalie's tone shifted a bit as she continued, "Ezra, I can't believe my eyes. You look so beautiful and gentle, like you're not the classmate we used to know." Ezra sensed a subtle sarcasm but chose to brush it off gracefully, "Thank you, Natalie. People change over time."Undeterred, Natalie continued, "You know what, we're having a beach party this weekend. It would be amazing if you could come. I'd love to catch up on old times." She extended the invitation not only to Ezra bu
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Whispers Beneath the Stars
Natalie's fingers interlaced with Asher's, creating a subtle connection between them as they navigated through the crowd of old classmates. The reunion was in full swing, with laughter and nostalgia filling the air. However, the atmosphere around Asher carried an unspoken weight—the presence of Ezra. Lost in the memories and unspoken emotions, Asher struggled to concentrate on the present moment with Natalie. Unbeknownst to her, his thoughts wandered into the enigmatic realm of Ezra. As they mingled with old friends, Natalie turned to Asher with a question, breaking through the walls of his reverie. "What do you think about it, Asher?" she inquired, her eyes filled with curiosity. Only then did Asher's thoughts pause, and he blinked back into the current conversation. "Hm? I'm sorry, guys. I didn't hear what you said," he apologized politely. It was in that moment of Asher's distraction that Natalie, closely observing him, noticed the intensity of his gaze. Her eyes followed his, l
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Morning Shenanigans
The clock struck 3 in the morning when Asher finally reached home, exhaustion weighing heavily on his shoulders. After dropping Natalie at her place, he quietly entered the house, careful not to disturb the tranquil silence that enveloped the night. Making his way to his mother's room, he checked on her. She was in a deep, peaceful sleep, the worries of the world momentarily lifted from her shoulders. Satisfied that she was well, Asher retreated to his own room. Once inside, he closed the door behind him and, with a sigh, began to loosen the buttons of his shirt. The day had taken its toll on his body, leaving him physically drained. However, as he crashed onto his bed, his mind refused to find rest. Thoughts of Ezra swirled relentlessly, occupying every corner of his consciousness since the moment his eyes had first landed on her. In the quietude of his room, with the soft hum of the night outside, Asher lay there, his tired body seeking reprieve, while his
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Office Shenanigans
The air in Asher's office crackled with tension as frustration and confusion danced around the room. Asher, his patience wearing thin, finally snapped, "Dylan, we are in the office, and I am not your friend right now."Dylan, the master of nonchalance, lazily retorted, "I don't think we have to act formal when we are alone, Asher boy." The nickname only fueled Asher's annoyance, leaving him rubbing his temples in exasperation. Dealing with Dylan was like navigating a maze of unpredictability.Collecting himself, Asher took a deep breath before attempting to reason with the unpredictable force that was Dylan. "Could you please enlighten me? Why did you cancel all my meetings without informing me?" Asher asked, desperately trying to grasp the logic behind Dylan's seemingly irrational actions.Dylan, ever the picture of casual indifference, released a lazy sigh. "Yeah, sure. Mrs. Gray called me and ordered me to cancel all the meetings you have today. So, as a good
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Unspoken words
  The evening sun cast a warm glow over the dining table as Ezra and Scarlet shared a meal. The atmosphere was filled with an unspoken tension, the weight of unaddressed questions lingering in the air. Scarlet, determined to bridge the gap of three years, began filling Ezra in on the events that unfolded in her absence. With each word, Scarlet painted a vivid picture of the family's journey in her absence. The news of their grandfather's demise struck Ezra's heart, the revelation of his last moments waiting for her leaving a heavy ache. Ezra, choosing silence over words, listened intently, realizing she had no answers to the myriad of questions Scarlet presented. A sudden pause hung in the air, and Scarlet's gaze shifted from the plate to Ezra. "I am getting old," she confessed, her eyes distant. "I want you to come back and live with us. I don't want to hurt you, but you can't leave us like that." Scarlet's plea hung in the air, the vulnerability in her
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Emotional Turmoil
Asher stood in front of Ezra's door, debating whether to knock or not. His internal turmoil manifested in sweaty palms, a physical manifestation of the emotional storm within him. Just as he was about to make a decision, Ezra's voice pierced through the silence, and his hand froze mid-air. She was on the phone, expressing affection to someone, referring to them as "my sweetheart."His initial urge to confront her transformed into a simmering anger. "I was wrong when I thought maybe she has changed, that's why she's back," Asher muttered to himself. The echoes of disappointment reverberated in his mind, plunging him back into the emotional turmoil of Ezra's departure years ago. The night stretched endlessly as his restless heart grappled with the pain and confusion.As the first light of dawn broke through, Asher made a decisive choice. Unable to face Ezra, he left the villa to escape the suffocating atmosphere. His destination: the refuge of his office. Immersed in the distraction of
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Shattered Reflections
The routine at the office had consumed Asher's day, with back-to-back meetings and a pile of pending documents demanding his attention. By the time he concluded his work and made his way home, the clock had already struck midnight. The villa, usually lively during the day, now stood silent and shrouded in darkness.Checking in on his mother, Asher found her peacefully asleep in her room, a photo frame clutched in her hand. The gentle touch of Asher lifted the frame from her grasp, revealing Ezra's photo within. As he observed the sleeping figure of his mother, a thought crossed his mind: 'Mom misses Ezra, yet she doesn't seem to care about us.' Placing the photo frame on the bedside table, Asher retreated to his own room, the weight of the night settling in.Exhaustion claimed him, and Asher succumbed to sleep as soon as he hit the bed. The night offered no reprieve from the lingering thoughts, and as he stirred awake early the next morning, the events of the previous night weighed he
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