Sunday Funday

I woke up Sunday morning. It was already nine. When we signed the contract, Owen told me I could leave at ten. I didn't want to go, but this was a business deal. I got out of bed, went to the spare room where my things were, and started packing up. When I finished packing, I brought my bag into the living room. It was almost ten. Should I wake Owen and tell him I'm about to leave? Maybe just a note?

I decided on the note.


I didn't want to wake you, but I know the contract said to leave at ten. I'll see you next Friday at 7.


With that done, I called a cab and left.

I should have known Rachel would be waiting for me. There were no pleasantries; instead, I was met with "He's got a nice dick, right?". All I could do was roll my eyes and turn red. "You look so relaxed. If I knew all you needed was a good dicking, I would have gotten you laid a long time ago," she gave me a sly smile.

"Do you have to be so crude, Rach?"

"Yes," she looked at me as if I was the idiot for even asking.
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Deniece Smith
girls will be girls
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Rose SB
I think it’s time…
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Bella Jersey
I can Owen offering her a solution of her moving in to save money. I can understand her with car. I was in a bad car accident no lost of life or anything. I did shake me up bad it took me a year to want to drive

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