Romantic CEO And His Crazy Secretary

Romantic CEO And His Crazy Secretary

By:  Suzy Kim  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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Olivia is a 23-year-old lady, she's extremely beautiful and crazy, she works as a cleaner at a famous hotel and ended up getting fired a day to her pay day. She felt depressed for being treated unfairly and drank alcohol like she'll never see the next day. What happens when she woke up to find herself on an unknown bed? How will she react if the unknown person turns out to be someone that was out of her league? This unknown man throws her a card, a card to work as his secretary. Will Olivia grab something that was out of her reach?

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Fizza Siddiqui
Nicee story but chapter 16 in book twice and u skip that chapter where they encounter in a Ryan boutique how would i know what happened there plz take care of it
2022-06-25 15:27:27
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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
so lovely and interesting story
2021-09-11 19:27:57
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Awen Huang
Recomanded !
2021-08-16 17:53:09
user avatar
Pelumi Bakare
nice story
2021-08-14 10:24:38
default avatar
Syukri Mat Ali
It’s worth read
2021-06-14 00:36:06
user avatar
It was great reading this
2021-05-09 11:07:59
45 Chapters
Episode 1
Olivia" Don't worry ma'am I'll pay up, I swear " I pleaded with the owner of the studio I stay at but she didn't release her stern face." Expect men to pack out your place by tomorrow !!" She yelled and tried walking away but I grab her hand." I'll pay up very soon, I'm getting my salary soon" I pleaded as tears build up in my eyes." I've heard you" She replied plainly."Thank you so much" I squeal happily and I bow my head." I don't know why that beautiful body shape of yours must be used for cleaning instead of riding" I hear her murmur when walking away.I own my body!I'm damn hungry right now, I slam the door and turn on the light.I feel like breaking and tearing up whenever I spot my graduation pictures but I always try my best to stop my tears from falling.Who would have thought someone like me would become a cleaner?But this i
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Episode 2
OliviaThis wasn't worth crying and I held in my tears, I knew I'm just an unlucky girl and luck has left my side a very long time ago.I'll just live life and care about nothing.Moments LaterThe hotel was opened and everywhere was full already but I had the chance to change into my working uniform." Are you just coming for work?" I turned at the person frighteningly."" I stutter whilst fidgeting my finger." You're joking with your work," He said angrily and dashes out of my sight.I released a sigh before heading to the lobby, people were having conversations and mostly filled with rich boys."Check out that ass"I heard a strange voice but shrug it off and continued cleaning the table, this uniform is just too revealing.I accepted to wear it because I know no one would dare tries nonsense with me though they've been trying it all was in vain." Talk to me sweetheart" The same voice I heard earlier called out to me
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Episode 3
OliviaI stopped and walked towards the door but the banging became so loud and unbearable." Whom could it be ?" I hummed, checking through the door holeOh my goodnessWhat's she doing here again?" Good evening ma'am" I greeted shyly as I opened the door." Don't greet me, when is your payday ?" She shunned and asks sternly." Tomorrow is my payday and you'll the first person to get it" I fiddled with my fingers nervously." I just came to warn you," She said plainly when she heard this." Thanks so much" I bowed and she sashayed away.I fall helplessly on the bed after the conversationTomorrow is another day, I drifted into a deep sleep.Ryan"Tell me Saiba" I urge with a wink." What?" She half yelled, as she moves her head unsteadily." Did you sl.…" I stopped noticing her glare." Continue" She ordered but I didn't say anything and ruffled my hands on her wa
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Episode 4
RyanAfter finding out that the man whom Saiba was kissing, I became drenched in pain as I never expected the man to be Henry of all people.I didn't care whatever she does as long as it doesn't get to me but this is unforgivable.My friend!I was walking back to my car after meeting the informant when I bumped into a woman.I tried shaking her off my body but she has passed out and is reeking of alcohol."Why would a lady reek of so much alcohol?" I fumed in anger as I tried getting her off me.The street light dimmed directly into her face as I pulled her apart gripping onto her tightly.She looks so stunning, Look at that plumpy lips. I gulped hard.I've never seen such beauty in my life, all-natural, no make-up, and her skin glows so much." Please take me home," She said in a tired
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Episode 5
RyanWho would have thought something I have kept for Saiba would fit perfectly on her?Isn't that a silly attraction?Truly, I needed a secretary and she was right on point. No one would blame me for that.I smiled at how cute she was while thanking me, I was about to burst into laughter but quickly dash away and hid in the kitchen." Oh her dress" I remembered and quickly went to the laundry room to get it for her.Should I just take her home?I could use that chance to know where she stays." Here" I held it out to her as she was standing with no might in her." Oh, I was about asking" She hummed softly that I could barely hear." I'm going out," I said a bit loud hoping she would grab my way of talking.Wow, she quickly followed after me immediately I picked my car key.I smiled
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Episode 6
OliviaAfter sleeping for the whole day, I'm just waking up." Awww" I yawned and covered my mouth, standing up to go into the bathroom. I washed my face and got back.I've got to look for a good dress to wear for tomorrow, it doesn't matter if it's an office outfit or a casual one. I can't pretend to be okay when I'm not.I'll save the money at the bank tomorrow and I pray this company pays before I start working, that way I'll be able to pay up my debts.I brought out the over-knee skirt and a black shirt, placing it on the table to iron it when there's light supply." Who's calling me now ?" I u angrily whilst ruffling my hair.I stopped calling her and that was a deliberate act since I didn't have any spare money to send to her and I also don't want to worry her about my situation."Hello mom" I arched my brows.
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Episode 7
OliviaI was to indulge in snapping pictures up and down when I heard a knock on the door." Come in" I giggled at how bossy I sounded." Good morning Miss…"" Olivia " I helped her." I've brought the summary for the upcoming product" She stated and place the file on my table." Department ?" I ask when I already knew she was from the strategy department." Strategy department," She said plainly and I told her to leave for now.I scrolled through the file with a very serious face and what I read was pleasant but dull.The strategic plan would cause problems for the marketing to depart because it lacks things.I don't know how to meet up with them because I'm new and yet to be introduced.I walked into his office and show him what I have with me." Check this out"
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Episode 8
OliviaSeries of thoughts ran through my head as I walked along the way that leads to my small studio.Do I even have a presentable dress to wear tomorrow and I'll not wear a crop top or bum shot when I'm not crazy?" Hey stop there" I flinch at the husky and scary voice.Those hooligans." What do you want?" I snarled back at them with boldness whilst counting their legs.6 boys in total, Nice!" Your sexy curv.." he was bringing his hand to my ass when I grabbed it angrily." Don't dare touch me" I sniffled.One of them slapped me making me gaze deadly at him as they plan to come to me at once.I stepped back a bit like I wanted to fight, as they were already prepared too." 1.2.3!" I breathed out and run off steadily.They followed me through every nook and cranny not wanting to stop until they get a hold of me, then suddenly someone's flashlight dimmed towards them.Giving me chance to esc
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Episode 9
Olivia Whom should I call for help?Whom should I call for help?I was cracking my brain and at the same time packing my scattered stuff.I didn't have kitchen utensils which makes my luggage easier to carry.I packed my bag and boarded a taxi heading back to the company not even sure of what I was doing." Where are you going ?" The guard stopped me." I have to stay all night as I've gotten some work to do" I replied perfunctorily and he opened the gate for me.The elevator is down and I have to climb these long and everlasting stairs.This is just too much for me!I wobbled into my office and placed my luggage in a secret place as I fall to the hard couch.There's no way I can get a house or apartment that will take 15k as monthly rent.Till tomorrow then***I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing." Who is it ??" I mumbled angrily as I picked
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Episode 10
RyanShe had a rough nightSomething held her up and it would surely have been her lover.The thought of her being lovey-dovey with someone else made anger riled up in me and I've gotten a plan to make her stay late at work todayI sat down, sipping in the coffee Charlotte gave earlier as I scrolled through his schedule.Thank goodness I'm not in charge of the project anymore, I think I lost interest already." He has a lunch meeting with Alexis and Co" I whispered to myself.Since I'm idle I can just use that time to check through the housing website.I was too lost on the computer and didn't know someone was at my back. I gasp at the sudden appearance of Charlotte." I thought about what you could be doing that you're so lost into it, housing website?"She chuckled softly."Perhaps you need an apartment !?" She ask
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