Run Away

Run Away

By:  sherineca  Ongoing
Language: English
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Young Autumn Wilde was a happy she-wolf along with her twin, Summer Wilde, and her big brother, Luke Wilde. It was all she ever wanted. To be close with her family and played with pack members since she is the daughter of the Alpha of Red Moon pack. But, when she's 17, she ran away from the pack's house. She ran from one pack to another pack just to search for the most precious matter for her. By that, she lives in the woods, sleeps on the ground covered with leaves. But that's not the worst thing yet. The worst thing happened after the best sleep she ever had since she ran away from home. Why? Maybe you want to find out yourself......

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The novel is about the story of a Werewolf drama written by Sherinica. A peaceful pack of werewolves is stirred as an unusual story surround within. Autumn Wilde runs away from home because she thinks that looking for her mate is the second most important thing to her family, and finding a mate would content her father as an alpha of the pack. But she encounters danger instead which led her to finally discover her mate who is just around her all along- Ethan. Moreover, Ethan has a story to tell but is a secret. What could it be?

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WEREWOLF   A werewolf or lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction. -Wikipedia Werewolf usually lives in packs. The pack will be organized by some wolves that are stronger or have more superior abilities than the others. There will be Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Hunter, Sentinel, Elder, Scout, Guardian, Omega, and Pup. But, in this story, not all of the wolf rank will be mentioned.   Alpha: Alphas are the leader of the pack. They usually have more superior abilities than the other wolves. They control the pack and they make rules for the pack members. One Alpha needs to know the other packs' Alpha to make several agreements with the other packs to avoid war or events that are not good for their pack. Their Mates are called the Female Alpha or the Luna. (modern stori
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Chapter One
Autumn’s Pov   It's another day I woke up in some comfy old leaves. They helped me to cover my body when I was asleep at night so no one can find me trespassing their territory. Even I know werewolves can scent in a very long distance, but my mom once told me, they will never find you when you covered your body with dirt or leaves. Since I just had the clothes that were on me right now, I wouldn’t let them dirty because of the dirt. And thank God it was Autumn so there were so many fallen leaves to cover my body. I quickly got up and brushed my hair with my hands. Packs' Sentinels were patrolling at night but in the morning they were gone somewhere else. Maybe sleeping or enjoying time with the pack's members. I usually used this opportunity to go to the human's city and search for something to eat. Since I had no money, I usually begged for some restaurants to give me food and I would help them with anythi
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Chapter Two
Autumn’s Pov   My body became stiff when the scent got stronger time by time. Then, I found out where the scent came from. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a guy with a gray t-shirt talked to the waiter while looking everywhere. I tried to calm my breath and smiled at the waiter he brought my pancakes. I should just go to my room and called for food service, so there's nothing like this happening! I'm so stupid!   'Yes, you are so stupid.' My wolf said to me. I know she didn't want to be caught, but this should be her fault too!   'Well, said the one who growled for foods like an idiot!' I snapped back to her.   'Now what?' She asked, changing the conversation.   'Just act normal. Act normal.' I said and pretend to eat my pancakes happily. I tried to think of something I can do to disguise my scent. But,
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Chapter Three
Autumn’s Pov   'Autumn?' I heard my wolf called me.   'What?!' I replied uneasily.   'Where's the guy?' She asked.   'Well, I thought he's right behind us
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Chapter Four
The Pack's wolf in the Hotel’s Pov   When Alpha Ethan told me he smell a wolf scent that doesn't belong to our pack in our territory, he growled with anger that controlled him. We never had any rogue or whoever escaped our watch. Our pack is the strongest in this country. Maybe there are 17 packs all around the country but, still, ours are the strongest. Our Alpha can smell rogues scent even it was 10 miles away from him. He's also so smart and strong. But besides that, he's also friendly. That's why I can be his friend even when I'm just the pack's new Sentinel.   Alpha aske
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Chapter Five
Ethan’s Pov   "I'm sorry, Alpha. I can't find the rogue. I lost it." Just after George told me that, I sniffed the air to make sure the rogue already left my territory. My wolf growled. I still can sniff the rogue. That wolf wasn't a rogue, actually, but still, it passed my territory without any permission. Let just say, that wolf is a rogue. "The rogue still in our land, idiot! Where did you last smell it?" I yelled at George and I can see his body stiffen by my shouts. "Calm down, baby." My girlfriend calmed me with her touch.
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Chapter Six
Summer’s Pov   I was cuddling with my mate, Brian right before I felt a sharp pain in my chest and it made me can't breathe.   "What's wrong?" Brian asked me with panic in his voice. He quickly loosens his grip and watched me confusedly.   "Shouldn't you be feeling it too? Our bond is connected." I asked him slowly. I tried to handle the pain.   "I should, but I didn't fe
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Chapter Seven
Lucy’s Pov   It's not good. I can't believe Alpha Ethan doing this. I mean, he was always the good guy. We've been friends since we were born. He's older than me for 3 months and Jarred followed him the next month. I know Ethan. I know how good and sweet he is. I really can't believe he's doing this to his mate. Mate is the most precious matter after your family. I mean, they're really going to be your family. He can't just shut them like that. At least he should try to do a relationship with her first, and if it doesn't work out, then, he can end it.   It wasn't fair for that rogue, I don't even know her name, but still, it wasn't fair. Ethan was her second mate, and if Ethan just rejects her like that, she'll be dead in 2 days caused by the pain. 2 days if she can handle the pain. Yet, no one actually stayed for 2 days because the pain is indescribable. An Alpha shouldn't do that to anyone! Even if i
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Chapter Eight
Lucy’s Pov   I didn't want to be here when he explains it to Diana and Alicia. I'm so done with Ethan. He's annoying and hard-headed! I asked Alicia to give me the pancakes so I can take them to Autumn, the girl in the dungeon. Alicia gave me the pancakes along with the syrup. I asked for dismissal and when Diana, Ethan's mom nodded, I left the kitchen and walked to the underground. I opened the door and walked down the stairs when I heard a growl that loud enough along with a sobbing voice from Autumn's cell. I walked closer to her when I smelled a fresh blood scent. I turned on the light and was shocked at what I was seeing. Blood everywhere!   I saw Autumn lay on the ground sobbing, and her hand clawed her own chest with a growl. She screamed in pain every time she clawed deeper into her chest. I put the pancakes somewhere and opened the cell door then rushed to hold her hand in claw
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Chapter Nine
Autumn’s Pov   I was awoken by a sudden light. I opened my eyes and found out that it was already night. How can there's light this bright in a night? I looked around and found out I wasn't at the dungeon anymore. Instead, I was at a wide grass field. I looked over the end of the horizon, there's nothing else except grasses. No city, no mountain, nothing!   I saw the grass dancing with the wind and shined by the moonlight. It was a bright night. I turned my face to the sky and the stars glowed like glitters. No clouds. I never saw this kind of night. It felt so warm and so nice. Is it paradise? Am I dead already? Of course, I'm dead, it's not earth. It felt different.   "Autumn. My strong and beautiful wolf." A sweet voice cracked the quiet night and I looked around. I can't find anyone. I'm alone. Who is that?   "Welcome to the Afterlife." Another voice said and I heard chuck
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