By:  Caelum Cayden  Completed
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******** This book is strictly for mature audience. ********* I wish I could name this. But I can't. He is cruelly handsome, amazingly rich and undoubtedly a drug. He came into my life uninvited,forced himself into me physically and mentally. He broke every wall I built around my bruised soul. He brought the light I never asked for. Now the walls are down and love took a stroll, he left me shattered, crumbled and broken beyond repair.

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victoria opene
love love love the story
2023-12-30 02:48:47
user avatar
Fair Afreen
Amazing author with Unique & Amazing storyline. you are the best
2023-11-17 20:36:34
user avatar
Lina Sandele
please write other books author
2023-10-24 06:07:30
user avatar
Slawa Perun
I don't know what happened but I read that book, and I wanted to go back to it and it's locked, why?? is that means that I need to pay again!
2023-10-21 18:37:21
default avatar
Slow phase at first. And catching up later. I love how it ends.
2023-10-20 00:10:24
user avatar
Sandra Gibson Gooderham
what an amazing read. Thank you writer
2023-10-19 17:51:58
user avatar
i read this one a year ago..but always come back to re read it again and of my favorite ever
2023-10-19 09:01:49
user avatar
Jo Anne Morgan
This was an awesome read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Superb!!!!
2023-09-14 12:17:48
user avatar
Riz Agabon
this story is amazing ...
2023-06-22 04:31:39
user avatar
Excellent read!
2023-06-20 15:46:15
user avatar
Faryal Hashmi
why don't you have other stories? wish to read more of your stuff
2023-03-05 19:45:40
user avatar
Nan kcl
I loved made me go through a rollercoaster of emotions! lol..looking forward to reading more of your books
2023-02-14 15:26:01
user avatar
Great love story!
2022-12-08 07:44:31
default avatar
Thanta Wan
Putting aside those very sexy parts, I simply love this story, This is beautifully written .....not dragged, loved the plots, just right amount of chapters, don’t like reading for ages. Lovely main characters, who’s perfect anyway, everyone has their own flaws and dark side.....️...️...️
2022-11-06 02:26:51
user avatar
Jyothi Chinnabathuni
dear author, are you planning to start faded? it was such a great book and stopped in middle
2022-08-31 18:31:57
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111 Chapters
Author's Note
Dear readers, whatever I do,I always keep in my mind, "please don't judge a book by it's cover." I request you to do the same. As much as it appears as a cruel romance,this book has the passionate love we all crave for at least once in our life.    This is my first book. I don't ask you to go easy on me. Let me know my flaws,so that I could learn from my mistakes. I'll put all the effort I am more than capable of to give you an amazing time while reading this. So let's help each other. Please leave your thoughts and views in the comment section.     I'll be updating one chapter in two days. If you like this story, please share with your friends.     Thank you, love you all. 
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I sensed something soft and cool beneath me, maybe a mattress. Between trying to open my eyes and slowly getting conscious about my surroundings, I recalled what happened to me when I was sober for the last time. I came from an operation theatre. I was informed that someone's expecting me. I prayed that the person should not be him. When I entered the waiting room, there was no one. I sensed a faint masculine smell and everything after that was completely blank. I could sense the same smell right now. It was him. Definitely him. My numb body got up abruptly in fear at that mere thought. The room I am in is so plain and empty. It is large, dainty and sealed so that no speck of dust could enter. The only furniture it is decorated with is the bed on which I am lying naked. It was not until I found myself naked, I came to my senses.      I covered my chest folding my arms against it. There is no piece of cloth here, not even the bed has bed sheets. Where are m
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Celia's POVIt is a pleasant day. The sun shone brightly on the yellow blossoms. The children ran in and out of my house. As I walked into the lane, grandpa called me with my name. "Come here." He shouted which was heard like an echo in my mind. His white mustache widened as he smiled. I looked at him in suspicion and moved further when I saw my mom in her pretty blue dress extended her hands to embrace me. Before I could run into her arms, someone holds my hand. He is just like me in the disguise of a boy, my twin. "Don't go." He shook his head. Soon it was smashed by something and all I could see is a body covered by a white cloth that has bloodstains. "Dr. Celia, do something." I heard the nurses around me say. "Dr. Edwards has summoned you." The compounder informed. "Celia, ... You are so beautiful." The filthy old dog moaned in my ears. I could hear them all shouting, laughing, and warning me at the same time. All the people's faces started to become red and there remaine
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Celia's POVThe clinking sound of plates pierced the silence we've had at the dining table. I peered at the steak on my plate and Shasha's. The quantity has been increasing slowly. She knew that I've stopped eating like a glutton a long time ago. I didn't protest. Doesn't matter. The process of eating, digesting have lost my concerns.      She picked a piece of steak with her fork, looked at me before chewing it.  "Mrs. Young thought that we are lovers."     I choked at her words, " what did you say?"     "That we are sisters."     "We are, " I placed my hand on her hand giving it a light squeeze." Sisters."     "Her grandson is a doctor it seems. He is here for a vacation. Have you seen him, tall with clean shave..?" She asked with a glitter in her eyes. I know what she is up to.     "I don't know." I said with a shru
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3.Has been watching me!!
Celia "Zippo is an all-time American favorite brand. It is not only the 5th most expensive in the world but the most expensive one produced by zippo ever It came out in 2007 and was air and wind-resistant lighter. This model of Zippo lighter was sold for $37,000." My jaw dropped after reading this on the Internet. It is the same lighter he gracefully played with. And here I am saving every penny to buy a car of the same cost. Men like them are always injurious to mental health. I played with my crescent locket for some time and decided to do the thing I haven't done in 3 years. "It's good to see you holding a pencil." Sasha's words hit me like a sudden storm that almost startled me. Till now, my room was so silent and I was so indulged in drawing that I lost the track of time. She stood beside me and scanned the completed sketch." Hands of a man, indeed." "Yeah." I sighed. "Not definitely, Dr. Ralph's." She commented. "Yeah." I sighed again. "Who
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4.Race girl
Alexander    I slumped in my car seat exhausted from enough shed of blood.  Xavier has been calling continuously to check up on me. A bullet dodged and everyone started to pretend the most affectionate and caring person.  Seriously! What am I? A kid? The people who tried to kill me were caught, every war was subdued, then why the hell the world won't leave me alone? Shit, this wound. If it is a thing, I would've crushed it into tiny pieces. It needed to be dressed. And I was many miles away from anywhere this can be done.       I drove through roads with steep drop-offs, tight curves, and narrow stretches that can fit only one car at a time. On a road like this, a motorbike passed by my car much faster than any usual vehicle could go here. He was wearing a black jacket, black gloves, black helmet, and whatnot. Everything is black. He was on rage, might be a teenager.     I don't give a fuck that t
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CeliaIt is not until our little Cayden started to play with a lighter he managed to grab from an array in the mall, I feared Alexander the brute. He said he will get me no matter what. There's no way in the hell I'm gonna listen to my heart no matter how consuming and intoxicating his thoughts were. No, nothing happens to my family. Of course. What am I? He won't do anything like that for a girl like me. It doesn't mean I'll just fall into his laps.     You don't want to wonder, don't want to wait, don't want to expect, but your heart does all, or is it the mind playing games? Never did I imagined that I would be so affected by the ticking sound of a lighter. Even while picking the groceries, I was thinking about his rough hands and wicked smile. This is what happened with Garrett Green. He started to fill my head then my heart and I just opened him my body and soul just to find he has nothing to do with anything but my womanhood. Then why those swee
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Celia    Shoving my hands into the pockets of my white coat, I leaned to the glass looking at the peacefully sleeping babies in their small beds. The harsh truth, a truth that could slap us right across our face is that these beds could be their death beds too. Hundreds of children were born and died every day. The babies I am looking at are premature, born underweight, or with pulmonary or cardiac problems. They looked peaceful, sound asleep. But the fact they are struggling to breathe is not known. They are suffocating just like me. They have incubators, hospitals, and us to cure. Whom do I have? Soon after the question was popped into my head, I got a call from Sasha.   "Celia?"   "Hmm."   "Where are you?"    "Hmm."   I heard the breath she let out there," looking at the babies?"   "Hmm."   "Okay. I won't take much time. Can you reach ho
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7.Foolish Payback
Celia  "You don't know. She is a loner. No friends other than Lillian. Never goes for outing, clubbing and has not dated a guy in 3 years. I think she has some attitude problems. She won't even answer any queries. Always stares at those babies in incubators. She is odd. Garrett knows a little about her. He says that she lost her entire family because of which she is facing some mental illness and trauma too. At first, I used to think that she is mute. And she absolutely has zero sense of fashion and style. I mean, have you looked at the rags she wears? They are totally………."      I've been hearing these appreciations and praises thrown up on me like for ages. Either they would've thought I wasn't there or they won't care even if I listen. Either way, I don't give a shit. By the way, Lillian is fuming I guess I've to stop her from ripping someone's head.     "What the hell do they know about you?" She yelled when I grab
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Celia          Why did I do that? Why? How could I be so goosey? Did I forgot who is he? Did I take this as a child play? No. I know what it is. Then why? Why Celia? I think this is the first mindless act I did in three years. I stood not with a regret but a self imposed need to keep this job, this study. 'Cause without this,I don't know how I could earn my bread.        "Dr. Celia,You gave a wrong treatment for a patient which almost costed his life. "       "Who is that patient?"       "Alexander King." Dr. Wilson replied.         I am here before this old perv not for mistreating some mister asshole. But for throwing spirit on his very expensive shirt. "He is perfectly alright. He is cured a long time ago."       "And the reports are saying otherwise." He gave a sympathetic sigh. Celia,If you've listened
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