Ruthlessly Dominated by Alpha Draco

Ruthlessly Dominated by Alpha Draco

By:  SweetAnneDee  Ongoing
Language: English
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“So, a little huntress infiltrates my den, huh?” Elara gulped as soon she met the eyes of the Alpha whom she must kill. She raised her dagger and pointed to his neck, “Don’t you dare move, or I’ll slit your throat.” She wanted to scold herself because she was trembling, not because she was scared but because of their positions where the Alpha was on top of her in the bed. “Hmm, can we continue that business tomorrow and proceed with what we must do, my mate?” Elara’s eyes widen as Draco attacks her with a hot kiss. Elara is a well-known huntress in the organization of her family. Crimson Blood is an organization that aims to clear out the race of werewolves. She has a traumatic childhood where she witnesses how werewolves ruin her life. She devoted herself to being a good fighter and even let the organization make her their experiment subject where developing systems to fool the said creatures. She must have a scent of werewolves to infiltrate a territory without suspicions. She was given her major mission: killing the Alpha of the Night Shadows Pack, Draco Jones. He is known for being ruthless Alpha who kills an enemy on site. He is also the youngest Alpha and has not yet found her Luna. What if destiny made fun of them? That turns out they are mated to each other. What if they found peace with each other but caused the lives of their loved ones? Will they separate and remain enemies or fight for their love? Well, a saying says, “Love can solve anything.”

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Chapter 1 – Born of a Huntress
13 years ago“Mom! Where are we going? Why we looked like we were in a rush?” Mom nervously smiled at me. She holds my shoulders, making me make eye contact with her.“Do you still remember what I have told you?” I nodded my head.She put a bracelet on my left wrist that blinked red. “For what is this, mom?”“Press that whenever you are in danger or need help, your father and I will rush to see you or some men from the organization.” I nodded happily and took a good look.“Are we visiting grandpa, mom? I am afraid of him,” I fidget as I watch mom pack our things.“Why would you get scared of your grandpa?”“Well, he looked like he was about to eat me alive every time I made a mistake,” my mother chuckled. I watch how she wipes a tear from her eyes from laughing.“He is a good man Elara, and he is a perfectionist. It is for your good. He is always like that, even when I was young. But I love him so much.” I smiled and earned the courage to make my grandfather proud of me.“Are you read
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Chapter 2 - Hot Encounter
“We got an intel that the alpha will go clubbing tonight, probably to get laid on a human.” I pursed my lips when I heard what my father said.It’s been a year since I successfully passed my long training. I just recently finished burning down a werewolf hideout a month ago without getting caught. It was my most significant achievement so far since it is not easy to infiltrate since those wolves are now syncing with human lives. They were also improving when it came to technology.“I got to go, Dad,”“What about the papers?” I sigh and look at it.“Draco Jones, the youngest alpha, and he is twenty-five-year-old. He was known for being ruthless and killing his enemies as soon as he saw one. He will not easily kill them by pulling out the trigger, but he will use a dagger to torture his enemies. I researched him well. Dad, you don’t need to worry about me.” He nodded. He didn’t utter another word and proceeded with what he was doing. I smiled bitterly.He never turned his attention to m
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Chapter 3 - Mouse in Trap
"You know me?" it was like cold water poured on me.Dang! How can I explain why I know his name?"I hear it from your driver," I sigh. But his actions literally make me crazy. "Then I want you to moan my name later," he whispered before licking my earlobe.We 'make out' in his car, he made me sit on his lap, and we continued kissing and touching each other's bodies. This is making me drunk. His movement, his lips, and his scent make me want him.We stopped when the driver notified us we had arrived at his mansion. My jaw dropped when I saw how big the gate was and the subdivision.He just brought me into his fucking territory. I smiled devilishly because heaven was smiling at me. It makes my work easier. He opens the door and makes me step outside first before him. He places his hand on my waist. I roamed around and saw his beta and gamma waiting for him at the door. They are looking towards us, or I say, towards me.I'll try my best to act as an innocent woman as I can. I can't fail
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Chapter 4 - Mate
"Alpha!"I breathed out as soon as someone knocked on the door.He hissed before getting out of me. "What!" he hollered. I stared blankly for a moment before averting my gaze at the door when it was opened again.He took a sit from the bed before looking at me. He held my hand and kissed it. "Something terrible happened. The hunters killed themselves by cutting off their tongues."I knew it! They were from our organization. If they leak any information, their family's life is at stake. Yes, that's how cruel the organization is. But I plan to kill them if they have not taken their own life."Is there something I can help with?" I ask out of nowhere."You stay here, and you don't need to help us. We can fix these problems." His eyes are telling me not to do anything."Why are you looking at me like that? Like, I mean a lot to you? I am just a woman. You will get laid for tonight?" "What are you talking about, missy?" I rolled my eyes at him. "I heard you are a playboy, but I didn't ex
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