Moonlit Dominion: She-Wolf Ascendant

Moonlit Dominion: She-Wolf Ascendant

By:  Loveloss  Ongoing
Language: English
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I knew from the exact moment I had my eyes on her. That what we're going to have isn't something simple, monotonous relationship often the common werewolves have till they die. Her physical condition was tiring her out, the abuse, the humiliation cutting her deep down, but still her eyes sparkled as she was hoping for something. Not only hoping, I was certain that she'd make it to reality, that's how determined her pheromones felt. The curvy reddish black hair hanging from her shoulder, sharp doe eyes highlighting her symmetrical face, the new blossoming figure, the subtle submission yet the aggressive domination surrounded with mystical aura, natural since she's an Alphaess. Luck wasn't with her at that time, but I predicted precisely that she'd come out of it, everything and everyone would be under her control. Hell, since that moment I wanted to be with her, I didn't care if it was love, or I was just a way of getting her revenge, or I was a tool. I promised myself that I'd do everything which works in favor, as her sweet yet powerful voice was ringing in my head making me slightly shiver, I never felt anything like that before. "May I help you with anything, Alpha Lorenzo?"

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7 Chapters
As I came across her
The werewolves are having a festival downside the enormous hill. And here I sit alone, in front of a mythic cave above the hill top. And watch them happily dance surrounding the fire wearing their traditional wolf coats. Some of them are sitting, lying on the tables at the corner of the field, drinking and eating till their stomach is almost tearing apart. And some of them are having a mischievous fight beside the huge barbecue stake of different animals meat, maybe their fight is due to who would get the biggest chunk. And for some reason I'm not joining these seemingly contented people. I'm just trying to figure out all the different combination of emotions I'm feeling and having troubles deciding whether I should stick to my core or just let my emotions take me over. I know I have lots of responsibilities due to my status, I just don't have anyone who can guide me about that. Yesterday Alpha Vincent, the mighty Blood Moon pack leader, visited our pack and had a small talk with
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The Atrocious Legacy
I spent the next day hovering in the city library, gathering all the information I have access to. To be honest I still haven't fully processed what happened last night. No, it's not like I haven't had company of any woman in my entire life, but the number is very few. So for a that type of guy, getting a proposal from a girl out of blue surely would strike a nerve. Not just any girl of course, the daughter of the lead Alpha of Blood Moon pack. "I heard her mate rejected her, two years ago," said my friend Andy nonchalantly, he tagged along because he had nothing better to do. While I was crawling in the pile of books and parchments, he fed me up with all kinds of rumors, as he's quite the popular wolf, especially with she-wolves. "The reason was the common trope obviously, that dude had some other chick in love with. And he was very much the dominant, criminal type Alpha, so even his pack committee couldn't do anything about that. I heard Alpha Vincent wasn't around the pack that t
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Hall of Supper
"Now what do we do with her?" Albera looks at Nyx with worried eyes, I know what's going on in her mind. Currently she's lying on my bed, we helped her stitching the leg wound and bandaging it up, it's not that serious so it will heal soon. She's been sleeping for an hour, after being unconscious, I hope she won't misunderstand the situation when she wakes up. "The wolf she fought with is definitely stronger than her," Albera indicates at the wound. "Otherwise she wouldn't have been hurt.""Fought? She could have been attacked.""That maybe the case so, but there's blood stains in her nails and that wouldn't be hers. She injured the other wolf too, but that was stronger so it ran away." I sigh, "The other wolf couldn't be from our pack, could it?" "I don't know that. I don't detect any pheromones from her, must be because of our separate bloodlines."But I can sense her pheromones. Why's that? "Well, you gotta make sure no one comes in your den," Albera alerts me. "And when she w
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Trip under Moonlight
We are walking side by side quietly through the forest. I chose a route that won't have that much wolves hunting in the way, since that part is kind of abandoned. It's rough to walk through all this branches and bushes, but at least it's safer. Now these are the moments I never thought I'd experience in my life. I had friends, I do have, but I never had someone to feel at my soul, regardless of gender. I was always kind of quiet and calm, but now I feel like I'm enjoying the silence with someone. I look at Nyx, the hood over her head expressing a mysterious aura, expression weary and cold. Maybe I shouldn't find this that much enjoyable, because as much as I can gather, something bad is definitely gonna happen. "It's really quiet," Nyx utters softly, the moonlight shinning on her. We can only hear the breaking sound of dry leaves and brunches, along with night insects. "Yeah, this route is said to abandoned," I nod in affirmation. "Most of the wolves go hunting around the west side
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Hunting Ceremony
Kill.The competition ceremony is about how many you can kill. It doesn't have to be any creature other than wolves, you can even kill among within your pack, it doesn't really matter. You're free to have a feast on whatever creature you like, as long as those creatures are in the ceremony. Any time of weapons, any type of legal or illegal transformation is allowed. Team making is prohibited, only one person can win the contest and they will be rewarded by some great things, which is decided by the lead Alpha. It includes cannibalism. Growing up in a family of lead Alpha, hunting never really bothered me or made me sick or anything. I always thought it was normal, you gotta go by your instincts and nature, establish the habits that your species hold. But what I'm seeing right now is on a different level. "Are you alright?" Nyx looks at me with worried eyes, we're on disguise right now, wearing commoner's outfit. "Yeah, I'm fine," I nod, though it's kind of shocking, but it's not e
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As she watches him walk away through the valley, she unknowingly feels sad for some reason. He's not like some superstar of the town. His physiques, his facial structure, his walking style, they're nothing extraordinary. But still she feels something for him. She felt cherished when he came in front to help her knowing she's from an enemy pack. And when he and his sister healed her when they could get her in trouble by informing her presence to the lead Alpha. And she felt the moments when he was watching her secretly, it was a mixture of attraction and sincerity, along with a hint of lust. First time is always dangerous. She sighs again, turning around to head back to her pack, she has to pay a visit to her father. She was worried about nothing, no one cared about that she was missing except her servant Maria. But now they'll definitely care, because of all the things she's going to do now. ~ "It's a pretty moon, huh?" Nyx lets out a breath after hearing the familiar voice behi
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Lonely Alphaess on the Silverine Throne
She has been staring into distance for a while. The night sky is astonishingly dark, since it's a total moon eclipse. The moon was red even a while ago, like it was celebrating the ceremony of the new Blood Moon lead Alphaess. Nyx turns around hearing the sound of the door opening, only to see the advisor president wolf of the pack. Surprisingly she's annoying enough, even Nyx was losing her careful stored patience earlier in the ceremony. Advisor wolf kept nagging, saying how a she-wolf without her mate shouldn't sit on the Silverine throne, also kept blabbering about the rituals. Nyx just tried to be numb in those moment. Even she feels her desperate need for a mate in her heart, but she's forcing the brain to reject that feeling. She doesn't think that she's in a position to put her trust in someone that badly, yet. "Here you are, lead Alphaess," Advisor Jenna exclaims, clearly putting on a fake smile. "Since it's such a charming night, you shouldn't waste it sitting alone
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