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NOT EDITED *•••••*Ara is an omega in her pack. When her future alpha jerk throws a ceremony and invites other alphas, her life changes. Now, in her new pack, she's finally met her mate. But things are a bit complicated when her mate has a specific time to go on shut down mode. Ara can't understand what's happening to her mate, and it's stressing her out.*•••••* Warning: 1)This isn't a cliche werewolf story. 2)It's my work. Don't steal it. I've got my eyes on y'all?? TO THE GOOD READER: THIS IS MY WORK...IF YOU SEE OR HAVE SEEN THIS STORY SOMEWHERE ELSE, PLEASE DO WELL TO INFORM ME? TO THE DING DONG WHO TRIES TO STEAL MY WORK:I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND RUIN YOU!

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Great work! Just needs editing :)
2022-05-03 02:26:52
default avatar
I love this book!
2022-05-03 02:22:08
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Age Orumaa
I really loved this book!
2022-03-24 00:00:51
user avatar
Thank y’all for reading...️
2022-02-21 21:47:09
user avatar
Amanda Noble
really loved this book is it going to carry on
2021-03-03 05:52:52
user avatar
Betty Scott
👏 😮 I love this novel. It's funny, yet serious. Ara is a HOOT and a very oral person, don't forget very brave.
2021-03-01 06:54:00
user avatar
Amanda Noble
can't wait to read more of this story
2021-02-27 15:55:54
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Great read so far! Sometimes the dialogue is a bit difficult to follow but Arabelle's voice is lively, I'm hooked. The pack structure and the Beta's dilemma are a refreshing element to the werewolf stories. Looking forward to reading more. Hopefully update soon? Great job Author!
2021-02-17 18:01:44
user avatar
Dawn Rush
I really liked the book.
2022-01-05 05:23:33
user avatar
Pamela Lane
Great read but a little confusing
2021-04-15 23:03:48
25 Chapters
               *•ARA's POV•* Hello, I'm batman's little sister Batgirl... Sigh.   Yeah, I wish...  
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                  *•ARA's POV•* It can't be! He really can't be here! And he is an alpha!      I watched as the tray was slipping from Cindy's hand. She was too engrossed in her mate to realize that she was about to drop the food and get me in trouble. I speedily reached her and took the tray from her before she could drop all my hard work. When I kept the food securely, I grabbed Cindy by her shoulders and led her away from the dining area—away from he
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   The A/N at the end is important so please read it😊          "Thank God you're okay." Immediately we emerged from the bathroom, Mr. Big Bad Alpha Mate scooped Cindy up
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               *•MYSTERY POV•*  Rodrick was returning today, and I'm supposed to be at his house now but I don't feel like going there. My wolf—Scar—has been giddy for some reason. It's irritating.      I just wish that I could make up an excuse so I could see him tomorrow. I'm not in the mood to go out now. 
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                 *•ARA's POV•* I don't know and don't care how long I slept. All I know is that it's been one of the longest rest of my life. As an omega, we had to wake up really early to work. We didn't have the time to sleep.      I woke up this morning in a different environment. For a moment, I was confused and alarmed but later I calmed down after I remembered where I was. 
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              *•CAINE's POV•* I know I said I was gonna talk to my mate but duty called. It was killing me slowly, knowing that I had to wait another hour or two before I'd get to see my mate again but I had Beta duties to attend to.      Today, we had training and I was leading half of it. Darwin was training the other half. Rodrick said today's his last day of vacation with his mate but I doubted it so I went to train the fighters myself. Sometime during the tr
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                 *•ARA's POV•* I made food for the both of us. Watching Caine eat my food made me happy. He claimed he's never tasted food as good as mine but I'm sure he's just sucking up to me and I told him so.    "You're just sucking up to me."     "There's only thing I wanna s
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               *•CAINE's POV•* I've never been more nervous in my life like this before. I can swear I saw the clock wink at me when it was eight minutes to five. I think maybe I'm loosing it. I switched of the tv and turned Ara to look at me.     "What happened?"     "In a few minutes, I wi
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                *•CAINE's POV•* I woke up when a hand came down on my face. Huh? I sleepily moved the hand but the hand just came back.  I moved it again but it came back, smacking me with full force. Shit!
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                  *•CAINE's POV•* I saw when the girls dragged Ara away. She looked to me for help but all I did was to wink at her and grin which made her shoot me a nasty look. If looks could kill...
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