Chapter: 78.


Eternity may have passed with both men locked together like that, breathing and coming down slowly from their highs.

"I love you too," Danny whispered, remembering he hadn't returned it when Louis said it before.

Louis smiled, "How are you feeling?" Danny shoved him away from on top of him and while Louis stumbled to the other side of the bed his cock painfully slipped out from Danny erupting moans and ripples after ripples of shivers from the friction.

"Sensitive and so fucking sore, you're a beast!" He whined when he had calmed down a little, Louis couldn't stop laughing.

"Next time, be careful what you wish for."

"If I didn't love you too much I swear I would be smacking that smirk out of your face."

"Thank you for loving me then, but hey, I wouldn't mind at all, I love your pain." Louis winked and Danny took back what he had just said as he smacked him hard on the chest but Louis moaned instead.

Danny stilled, his eyes locked onto his lover and he smacked
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