Chapter: 80.


The alarm clock on the nightstand blinked, 2:15 am. It was a warm night, the blankets had been kicked away into a tangled mess sometime earlier and the young man that lay on the bed wore only a threadbare pair of sweatpants. He was on his side, asleep and facing the wall with a peaceful expression. He was exhausted, he didn't go to bed until late at night, filled with thoughts about Dalton and all they heard from that audio, it was a lot too much, and even as plain as it was that Dalton had betrayed both Levon and Dylon, it was just too much to settle in. He wanted to hate the boy for going to that extreme but just like Dylon, he couldn't hate him, not without an explanation of why he had done such a terrible thing to his friend.

They considered themselves brothers given they have been friends since childhood.

How can you hate someone like that?

They've been through so much together in the past, it seems whatever madness drove him intensified since Levon's return
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