Chapter: 84.


"Hello, Louis." The young man turned to find JC with Arthur behind him.

"Well, I was starting to wonder when you two would show up."

"I'm sorry, I had a little delay at the court, but all is settled now."

"Grab a glass, DJ is about to make a toast, we have been waiting for you two."

"Excuse me," all three men turned to find DJ behind them. "I have something for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box, handing it over to Louis he hugged the boy. "I kept it nice and safe."

"Thank you, brother." He clasped his hand tightly around DJ and the man wasn't without a smile.

"Let's toast." Louis nodded and walked away to find his lover.

"Hey, baby." He kissed Danny once he found him amidst the small crowd and the other smiled.

"Hey yourself."

"Gather around… Gather around everyone!" DJ called, a silver fork clinking against the champagne flute he held in his right hand and they all moved closer forming a circle. "It's been a long awful year. A lot of t
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