Chapter: 85.


"I remember." He whispered.


"He is telling the truth. I remember his words. The water, everything. He was there to help." Pressing Louis's right hand to his forehead, he spoke calmly. "I can have you see it through me if you still doubt it. You probably didn't see it before because I didn't remember it."

Louis sighed. If Danny said it's the truth then the idiot was actually telling the truth. But, damn, he's gotta be like the dumbest person he's ever seen.

"Danny believes you and so do I," Louis said and saw Denis exhale. "Thanks for helping him." He clasped the boy softly on the shoulder. "And I'm sorry for nearly knocking you out."

"So, this means Dalton is behind this whole mess after all. He sold you into that bitch's trap. How low!" Keller seethed.

"Who would have thought…" Owen whispered. He's always considered the boy cute and harmless. "He was with us all that time and didn't say anything knowing damn well where you were!"

"God, I wanna hurt h
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