Chapter: 82.


"How are you feeling, baby?"

How do you think I'm feeling, jerk?

He wanted to snap back at him but he paused his lips instead and nodded towards the man. His hand ceased the motion to grab another bottle as he got even closer.

Owen walked over to the younger man, his dark eyes glinting and a sly smile crossing his lips. "So, did you have fun this morning?"

"You're a jackass," Keller claimed and reached up to lift the collar of his turtleneck. "I'm going to have to wear ridiculous things while this heals."

Owen's eyes traced the marks and he flicked his tongue out over his lips. "Why hide them? It'll let everyone know you're off the market."

Keller shivered at the ravenous expression on the other's face. "Dylon knows I'm yours and I'm sure even Levon is aware from the way he looked at me this morning, he is your best friend, after all, give it today and everyone will know."

"As it should be from here on," Owen retorted possessively. He slipped his arm around the yo
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