Sassy Gay (English Version)

Sassy Gay (English Version)

By:  Sugarmaui  Ongoing
Language: English
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Marko Peralta was only 20 years old when his mother died. After his father went missing, Marko felt angrier—until his uncle gave him his last mission. Curious to seek his new destiny, Marko try his best to act like an innocent man. And does indeed meet a man with his own hidden past. And as he pieces together the information about his past, shocking surprises about his mother case come to light.

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17 Chapters
My happy dream was shattered by the incessant sound of the alarm clock. Headaches that hurt a lot. I moaned and covered my ears with the blanket that lay upon my body. I just got home yesterday and I think I slept almost less than five hours. Annoying! What's the point of weekends if I can't even relax? Jusmiyo! It's Saturday! Can't he let me sleep well first? I sighed a relief when the annoying alarm went off. But after a while, there was a scream from the door. "Marko Jose Peralta!" I was upset about it. I drove my eyes towards the door. When I came to the door, I opened it right up. Immediately exposed before me was the man who had the nerve to stir up my morning. Like before, he always wears his sunglasses. He also wearing dark jeans, which he matched to his white buttoned shirt. Gross. I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. "Stop calling my full name, Cyril Lucio Peralta. I could kick you in the ass," I said, but he just
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After that scene, Cyril and I went straight to the Fourth floor. There are tools that can help me on my mission like mirrors, wigs and other make-up that will hide my ture identity.My new identity is on the last page. I haven't opened the last page of the folder yet so I haven't seen the ones I'm going to use. That’s where all the information I’m going to use. From fake names to what I will wear.We were about to leave the elevator when Cyril speak. "I think your mission is too early," he said while still looking at his cellphone. “It’s bothering me,” it added.I would have snatched the cellphone from him but he immediately put it in another direction.I raised an eyebrow at him. "What's on your cellphone and you can't take your eyes off it?""It's nothing," he said and immediately exited when the elevator suddenly opened.If he wasn't really my brother, he might not have been breathing right now. Very disrespe
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My motor went through smoke when I turned the brakes. After a two -hour drive, I arrived at my destination, the cemetery where my mother and my sister are buried.There are a lot of trees in this area so I can save my skin from the scorching sun. Add to that, the silence that brought pleasure to my feeling.I turned off the engine. I removed my helmet and placed it in front of me. I sat for a while and inhaled the nice breeze.When I was satisfied with what I was doing, I immediately stood up. Treading my foot on the grass is what I look around. As I expected, no one but me. It's very quiet. You can only hear the noise of dry leaves flying on the floor.I picked up the shades that hung on my shirt. It was only one o'clock in the afternoon so the sunlight was still in the sky trying to escape from the towering trees. I put the shades on my eyes and started walking.Even before I could get close to my mother's grave, astonishment flashed across my fa
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My eyebrows were almost raised when we reached the place where I would be staying for the mission. I thought I would live in a tall building but I didn't seem to read what was written in the folder because of the excitement.I saw small houses. They are made of cement and come in different colors. It's not small and there seems to be something to be proud of.There is also a store in the middle and there are two chairs placed there where people are sitting. Opposite was a park. And on the other side, there is a gate. You can see from here the towering houses.Ryan shook his head as he also looked outside. "Looks like you haven't read your mission well," he said.I shook my head too. "I'm sorry, Ryan. My hand is really itchy," After I said that I immediately picked up the folder in the back.I was almost depressed because of what I read.I have to pretend to be a normal citizen. So, I need to associate with them so I can accomplish the missio
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"Bitch, aren't you going to school tomorrow as a teacher?" Cyril greeted me when I answered the phone.Five days have passed. Tomorrow I will go to the school where the son of a demon is studying. It's not obvious at my age. I am 24 and almost three years ago when I finished my college."Yes," was my only answer.I arranged my meal. I pinned the cellphone to my shoulder and to my ear."Lucio, why didn't you call yesterday? Why didn't you updated me?"I heard on the other line the silence. "Hey, I'm asking you.""W-we have a meeting," he stammered.I raised an eyebrow. "Meeting your face!" I sighed."J-just, you have a lot of questions, just focus on your mission!""Will you tell me or I won't answer your calls?" I threatened him."Gosh," it's resentment.I couldn’t help but smile. "I'm waiting, Lucio. 3 minutes."He was out of breath. "I-I went somewhere," he replied. I could feel the nervousne
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It only took a few seconds before someone got out of the same car.A woman in a red dress but lacking fabric. Her body is slim but her chest is really proud. Oh, yeah. Now I know why the demon Jacob stayed with him.Her height is also just right for a woman. He was up to Jacob's shoulder but because of the hees she was wearing she almost reached the devil's ear.I can’t deny that she's beautiful. But with the make-up on her face, she almost looks like a clown.I was worried with her look. God. She don't even know how to blend eye-shadow?"Bitch, just calm down," Cyril said calmly.I let out a deep breath. "Is there anything I can do?"Isn't this woman watching make-up tutorial? I asked in my mind.I eventually parked the e-bike on the side where there were parked motors.The sun was slowly rising. And little by little, more and more cars are coming.I heard Cyril's laughter suppress. "This school is so beaut
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"Good morning," I greeted the children.They stood up together but one of them remained seated. They all greeted but his mouth remained shut.Three days ago and in those three days he was always like this. Jacob's son is always quiet."Okay, kids!" My lively introduction. Because of that they were all staring at me. "Get your coloring book and coloring materials!"They made noise again. They decorated coloring books. Socializing perhaps."Teacher Mel! I have many many colors!" Itzy's mouth opened again.I smiled again, "Good! Lend your classmates when they borrow!" Then lend me your daddy too.Somehow my headache subsides when I talk to Itzy.I looked to the far end of the room. My two eyes saw a child who to this day was still staring into the window.I really wonder how it became Jacob's son. It looks like an angel. Far away from his demon father."Hey," I whispered.But it looks like he didn't hear my vo
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"Bitch, according to the memo, you need to get some files as soon as possible," Cyril opened up to me using the earpiece I was wearing in my ear. "Because of Jacob's company, some of the companies that our uncle holds are already losing money," he added.But I look like a robot walking into the house. I do not know what to do. I was so confused.I still can't get over what happened earlier. The concern on Jacob's face when he saw his son.I can't quite figure out why he should be sad about what he did.I am disgusted with myself. It's not me.I am not weak.I never felt sorry."Jose! Maybe you want to talk? You, monster!" Nicko shouted on the other line.It looks like the two of them are together. And it looks like the moron tandem will fight with me again."I'm not in the mood to wrestle," I replied before removing the earpiece from my ear.It was really good that Jacob and Kyro left immediately. That demon didn'
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"You eat a lot, ah." His nod made me smile.We are now in a restaurant near the house we went to. Fortunately, Kyro is good at eating.Ryan picked up his cellphone and motioned me that he will go to comfort room which I nodded."Wow, you and your father are cute," the saleswoman said to us. She landed the extra rice I ordered. "You're cute with your pajamas, hahahah," she added with a laugh.Kyro looked up. He smiled and I couldn't help but rejoice."Ma'am. We're not but thank you," I replied.Kyro's smile was gone. So I immediately looked at the saleswoman. "Just a joke, we're really a father and son tandem."I tap the shoulder of Kyro. "Are you still eating?" I asked.He nodded and pointed the glass on my side.I handed it to him. "Good, let's just rest for a while before we go home, ah."I could feel Ryan sitting next to me. "Come on, Attorney found out again that I ran away.""Kyro, is it ok for us to g
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"Looks like you really enjoying your mission today, ah?" Cyril opened up to me after I put on the earpiece.I just got home and Ryan just left a minute a go. It's eleven o'clock tonight so my eyelids are very heavy. We didn't go home right away because of Kyro. The boy was crying when I tried to leave."And he's really trying to invite you to their house?" He added.It is shocking to think that the demon Jacob will invite me into their house. I couldn’t help but be surprised. He was in too much of a hurry. Fortunately, I told him that my house was just across the street. When I said that, Kyro calmed down."How did you know, aber?" I asked completely confused."Bitch, you might have forgotten my name. . .Cyril." I heard his laughter on the other line. "I could do everything I wanted to do.""'Don't bother me anymore, Lucio. I might really slap you when I come back." I closed the door and went upstairs.I went straight to bed. I
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