Saved By The Rogue Lycan King

Saved By The Rogue Lycan King

Oleh:  Dark Ocean  On going
Bahasa: English
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Natalie was born with a special gift - the ability to wield magical power. At first, she felt grateful for her gift and used it to help her pack, but word soon got out about her unique ability. Packs from all over began hunting her, desperate to claim her power as their own. As her pack fell and her parents were killed, Natalie became a prisoner, passed from one pack to the next, her power used and abused. That is, until she met King Draven - the bastard Rogue King, feared by every pack and a nightmare to every Alpha. Under his protection, Natalie finally felt safe, free to live without any fear. But how long can the peace last? And how long is Draven going to hide the fact that he was the reason behind her hardship?

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April Samuel
Sorry I don't trust shapeshifter and her brother
2024-03-19 20:36:07
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Chapter 1
NAT’S POV"I am strong and resilient," I muttered under my breath as I sprinted through the dense forest, the sound of angry footsteps pounding behind me. I dared not look back, but I knew my pursuers were gaining on me. My heart was pounding, my lungs were burning, but I pushed on, determined to escape."I will find my own path and overcome any obstacle," I chanted, my legs beginning to wobble beneath me. I could feel my energy waning, but I refused to give up. I had to escape, to break free from the people who had used and abused me. I had to find my own path, one where I was in control of my own life."Today is not the day I die," I gasped, but before I could finish the sentence, I tripped over a thick branch and tumbled head over heels through the undergrowth. My body slammed into a large tree, and I cried out in pain as my head hit the trunk. I lay there, dazed and disoriented, wondering if today would be the day after all."Where did she go? I can't perceive her scent anymore,
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Chapter 2
NAT’S POV"No," I shook my head, horrified as I watched the two men charge toward King Draven. He stood tall, a menacing grin on his face as he sliced through their throats with his blade. They fell to the ground, dead at his feet. I felt the blood drain from my face, my heart pounding in my chest. "I should run," I said, panic rising in my voice. "I can't just wait here for death.""I won't die with them," I mumbled, my voice barely above a whisper. I turned and started to run, my heart pounding in my chest. "Not today," I said, my voice stronger this time. "Today is not the day I die."I was still running, my heart pounding in my chest. The sound of footsteps behind me made my pulse quicken, and my breath caught in my throat as I heard a man yell, "Get that bastard, he's not the rogue king!" I tried to turn, but my legs faltered beneath me and I landed hard on my backside. The rogue king was upon me in an instant, his breathing ragged as he leaned over me. "Get up," he gasped, "yo
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Chapter 3
NAT’S POVI slowly opened my eyes, blinking against the harsh white light of the ceiling. A ceiling fan whirred overhead, its blades moving slowly. I tried to move, but every muscle in my body ached. I was on a soft bed, the sheets silky against my skin. I tried to sit up, but my head was pounding, the pain like a hammer against my skull. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut against the agony.“When was the last time I slept on a bed in a bright room like this?” I mused, letting myself sink back into the softness of the bed. I took a deep breath, my nostrils flaring as I inhaled the scent of the room. It was clean and fresh, like the smell of a spring day after a rainstorm. I couldn't remember the last time I'd slept somewhere so peaceful. "Ugh," I moaned, rubbing my temples as I tried to remember how I'd gotten here. The last thing I remembered was the blow to my head, and then... nothing. I sat up, my fingers searching for a wound on my skull, but found nothing. Must have healed on
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Chapter 4
AZIEL’S POVI stood by the window, arms crossed, staring out into the distance. My shoulders quivered with anger as I gritted my teeth, barely containing the rage that was bubbling up inside me. I could feel my heart racing, and my breath coming in short, sharp gasps. I tried to take a deep breath, to calm myself down, but it was no use. The anger was too intense, too all-consuming.My ears perked up as I heard her footsteps approach, and I clenched my fists as the door creaked open. I turned to face her as she entered, her head bowed. I had to remain strong, I told myself, even though my heart was pounding and my stomach was twisting in knots."What the hell were you thinking, Rayna?" I shrieked, my anger erupting like a volcano. I watched her flinch at my outburst and immediately felt a pang of guilt. But I couldn't help it; I was furious. I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself, speaking in a low, measured tone. "Why did you do it?" I asked, trying to keep my voice level.
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