Saving Ava

Saving Ava

By:  Eden Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Carver is captivated by Ava. So is Peyton, his bodyguard. As they both fall for her, they are forced to confront the desires they have long harbored for each other. But as they figure out how to make this unique situation work, Carver's insatiable needs and desires threaten their fragile unity. His dual existence in New York's elite circles and the BDSM underground may ruin it all.

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Broken willowtree
Just started reading this book and love it !!!!
2024-05-10 18:37:27
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Love this one too
2023-12-27 20:26:04
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Delinda Schumacher
28 chapters 8-24-23
2023-08-24 19:30:01
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Eden Moon
so hot. Soo dark. ...️...️...️
2023-08-24 13:01:30
default avatar
There’s no lav triangle here, it’s a 3some simple
2023-11-07 06:17:21
91 Chapters
1. Lost
Ava Sánchez, a mere eighteen years old, navigated the tangled web of New York City's streets, her lean body marked by weariness and a life of hardship. Her large, dark eyes were pools of fatigue, veiled with apprehension, and her once-lustrous brown hair, now dulled and streaked with the city's grime, framed a face pale with hunger and stress. The world's burdens bore heavily on her fragile shoulders. Each step an agonizing march against the desperation that seemed to gnaw at her very core. Dressed in tattered clothing that offered little protection against the city's biting chill, she moved through the night. Driven by the relentless ache of an empty stomach that resonated deep within her soul. Her heart ached with longing. Her body cried for nourishment, and the city, vast and indifferent, stretched out before her. The city's relentless noise was a jarring cacophony to her ears, and its dazzling bright lights seemed to dance and whirl before her eyes, an overwhelming contrast to t
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2. Oops
As the warm water washed away the grime, Ava's mind whirled. She had found a sanctuary, a place of warmth and acceptance. The elegant restaurant, Poncholes, was no longer just a hidden gem in the city; it was a lifeline, a new beginning. Her heart swelled with determination. She would prove herself worthy of this chance. This glimmer of hope in the vast, overwhelming city that had been so indifferent to her plight. After a grueling but fulfilling first night, Ava's weary limbs ached with the labor of washing dishes and cleaning floors. Jorge, the owner, approached her, his eyes soft with approval. "You did well tonight, young lady," he said, his voice rich with genuine warmth. From his pocket, he pulled out some bills and pressed them into her hand. "There's a hotel nearby, the Newyorker Inn. It's a decent place. You can get a room there for the night. This will cover it and whatever else you need." Ava's eyes widened, surprised by the unexpected kindness, but Jorge's gentle smile r
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3. Carver Troy
Ava's heart skipped a beat, a chill running down her spine. She shook her head, unable to speak, sensing the gravity in Jorge's tone. "He's a local real estate tycoon," Jorge explained, his brow furrowed. "He's been coming to this restaurant since he was a child. It's his favorite place in the entire city. He often stops by after hours to pick up his order, to avoid unwanted attention." Ava's heart sank, the weight of her mistake settling heavily in her chest. She could feel her face flush with embarrassment, her hands trembling with a mix of fear and regret. "I... I didn't know," she stammered, her voice barely above a whisper. "I'm so sorry, Jorge." Jorge's eyes were stern, but understanding. He reached out, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I know you didn't mean any harm," he said softly. "But this is serious, Ava. Mr. Troy values his privacy, and he trusts us to maintain it. There aren't many places he can go in the city that will show him that respect. He'll be back t
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4. Hotel
The owner reached out, placing a gentle hand on her hand. His eyes twinkled as he shook his head. "Don't worry, dear. I'm not kicking you out. You've been moved to the Presidential Suite." Ava's mind reeled, and she stared at the owner, unable to comprehend his words. The Presidential Suite? That was the most luxurious room in the hotel, a room reserved for celebrities and dignitaries. How could this be happening? "But... why?" she finally managed to whisper, her voice filled with disbelief. The owner shrugged, his smile widening. "Someone requested it for you. They've taken care of everything. Paid ahead six months." Ava's breath caught in her throat, and she could feel a warmth spreading through her chest. Could it be? Who did this? Could Carver have done this for her? He was the only person she knew with that kind of money. The thought was both exhilarating and terrifying. She made her way to the Presidential Suite, her legs feeling like jelly. When she opened the door, she wa
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5. New Confidence
Ava's awakening was gentle, the embrace of soft sheets a reminder of a reality she had yet to fully grasp. The memories of the previous day danced in her mind. a dreamlike mosaic, fluttering on the edge of fantasy, yet grounded in tangible luxury. Her heart swelled with a blend of anticipation and excitement. Emotions that felt foreign in their intensity, but welcome in their promise. As she rose from the bed, a slow smile spread across her lips. the reflection of her joy mirrored in the gleaming surfaces that surrounded her. She made her way to the bathroom, drawn to the treasures that awaited her, a collection of makeup and hairstyling tools that felt like an invitation to a world she had long admired but never dared enter. For the next hour, Ava found herself lost in a blissful exploration. Each brush stroke an expression of a newfound confidence. Each shade and contour a journey into a version of herself that had remained hidden. The act of experimentation was more than mere van
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6. Trust Your Gut
Ava looked up, her eyes wide. "Yes, Jorge?" "How would you feel about becoming a waitress? I think you have what it takes. Your grace, your attentiveness, your genuine care for others – all the qualities we need in a server." The room seemed to stop as Ava processed Jorge's words. A waitress? Her? The offer was both thrilling and terrifying, a step into unknown territory. But deep inside, she knew she was ready. "I would love to, Jorge!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with gratitude and excitement. "Thank you so much for this opportunity." Jorge's face broke into a warm smile, his eyes reflecting genuine happiness for Ava. "I knew you'd be up for it. Come, let's get you your employee meal and new server uniforms. We have a lot to discuss." As they moved toward the kitchen, Ava's heart was pounding in her chest, a mix of anticipation and joy swirling within her. Jorge led her to the employee lounge, where a delicious meal awaited her, along with neatly folded server uniforms tha
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7. Sharp Edges
Time seemed to stop as Ava's mind raced, panic and disbelief warring within her. This couldn't be happening. Not now, not when everything was finally falling into place. But the cold steel against her skin was all too real, and she knew that one wrong move could mean the end.Her hands trembled as she reached for her purse, her mind working frantically to find a way out of this nightmare. The robber's breath was hot against her neck, his body tense and ready to strike.She could feel his impatience growing, his grip tightening as he sensed her hesitation. Her thoughts were a whirlwind, images and memories flashing before her eyes.Her fingers brushed against her new bracelet, a symbol of hope and transformation that now seemed cruelly ironic. Tears welled in her eyes as she realized the fragility of life, the way dreams could be shattered in the blink of an eye.The robber's voice grew threatening as he barked, "Hand it over now!" His demands reverberated in her ears, the reality of h
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8. What Happened?
Carver's eyes were on her, studying her as if assessing damage to a delicate piece of art. The intensity of his gaze was unnerving, but there was also a tenderness in his eyes."Go take a bath, Ava," he said, his voice soft but insistent. "You need to calm down. I'll be right out here."She nodded, almost robotically, and made her way to the bathroom. The words were simple, a mere suggestion, but the authority in his voice made it a command she could not refuse. She glanced back at him as she closed the door, catching a glimpse of him pulling out his phone. His expression was immediately taut and serious.The sound of water filling the bathtub was a gentle melody. A soothing counterpoint to the chaos of emotions that whirled within her. She couldn't shake the image of Carver standing over the robber. The controlled violence in his movements, the power in his voice. The paradox was both compelling and confusing.As she slipped into the warm water, she could hear the murmur of Carver's
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9. One More Suggestion
Carver's piercing eyes scanned the room. His broad shoulders relaxed yet alert, as he and Ava made their way to the sitting room's plush couches. a thick air of curiosity, concern, and intrigue hung between them. With a graceful motion, Carver reached into the mini-fridge, retrieving two cold water bottles. His movements were deliberate and controlled. He handed her one, the cool bottle a stark contrast to the warmth of his hand. "So," he began, his voice as smooth, "How long have you lived here, Ava?" His question, though simple, held a weight that seemed to pull at the very core of Ava's soul. She looked into his eyes, those deep wells of wisdom, authority, and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on. Intrigue? Concern? Perhaps even a glimmer of vulnerability? "Less than six months," she replied, her voice steady. She could feel his gaze probing deeper, searching for something more. "And before that?" he asked, leaning back slightly, his eyes never leaving hers. A
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10. Decisions
Carver's eyes were dark, his jaw clenched. his body was taut, as though he was physically restraining himself. He continued to tap his fingers on the chair. Ava watched him with a mix of curiosity and concern. What could possibly be causing such a powerful man so much inner turmoil?Finally, Carver broke the silence, his voice low and measured. "Ava, I've been considering your safety," he began, his words carefully chosen. "I want to propose something, something that might sound somewhat unconventional."Ava leaned forward, her eyes wide, her mind alert. Unconventional? Her heart started to beat a little faster.Carver continued, his voice tinged with a note of uncertainty. "I would like you to move into my penthouse. With me. There's a guest wing that you would be welcome to. It's a secure location, and it would be closer to your new job."Ava's heart was caught in a tumultuous dance between shock and intrigue. The words Carver had just spoken hung in the air, ringing in her ears. Ec
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