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After two students at her college where killed by the Hook Man, sent white witch Lena McKenzie down the path of hunting the supernatural. It was going to be a very interesting ride with her close friend, Dawn Smith joining her and occasionally Dawn’s older half-brothers Jordan and Daniel Wesson.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-04-01 13:17:12
11 Chapters
Death. Not something one thinks about while taking their sleeping child up the cream carpeted stairs to their nursery. It certainly wasn’t on Margret’s mind as she walked into the room, placing Lena into the wooden crib. She draped the pink baby blanket over the infant and softly pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight my angel”, Margaret said quietly before reaching up to set the hanging mobile going. As the stars slowly turned, Brahms Lullaby played. The 35 year old brunette sighed as she gazed upon her daughter.“She’s going to be fine, Cassie”, Jonathan assured his wife as he came up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.“Margret”, the witch sternly corrected, moving away from her husband to check the wards around Lena’s room.“Sorry, force of habit”, the 38 year old man said, apologetically “but you do know she is going to be fine, right?”Margret turned to him, candle in hand “you don’t know that” she lit the candle with a snap of her fingers and set it down on the windo
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20 years later
Lena closed her eyes, head tilted towards the sun as she relaxed against the Rowan tree near the Chi Omega Sorority House which had been her home for the past 3 years. Some days she still couldn’t quite believe that she belonged to a Sorority but Shawna had been pretty damn persuasive. To be honest, she was rather glad that she was since she gained a small circle of friends from it. A shadow fell over her, making the brunette open her eyes.“Harrison…hi”, she said, a smile working its way onto her face as she looked at the guy she’d been crushing on, well…ever since they met in Ancient History class back in the first year.“Hey, Lena”, the black haired young man greeted back “I’m not disturbing you, am I?”“Definitely not”, Lena replied. She patted the grass next to her and he sat down.“It’s a nice spot”, Harrison remarked as he looked around. It was a little out of the way but you could still see one of the main paths, where students bustled back and forth. The two of them winced whe
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The Hook Man
Lena and Dawn’s reading time was interrupted by the former’s phone ringing. The brunette glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was Casey. It looked like she wanted to be picked up from her date. Lena barely got a chance to say anything when she answered the phone as Casey started babbling the moment she picked up. "Casey calm down", Lena said cutting off her friend who sounded rather hysterical "what's happened?"She heard Casey take a breath over the phone and listened as her friend told her everything again, at a much slower pace than before. Lena's eyes widened when Casey got to the part about Bryce being dead "Casey, call the police. I'll be there as soon as I can" and with that she hung up.“What’s happened?” Dawn asked, sitting up, looking at her concerned.“The guy Casey was on a date with, Bryce, was just killed out on Lovers Lane”, Lena explained quickly as she grabbed her keys and jacket “she wants me to come get her”.“Well, obviously I’m coming with you”, Dawn said hoppi
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Tyler's revenge continues
Dawn twisted a strand of hair around her finger as she tried to concentrate on the page she was reading. Unfortunately her thoughts kept going back to the conversation/argument she’d had with Jordan and Daniel. She growled in frustration, throwing her pencil down. Why did they have to come here of all places!The blackette slammed the book closed, whispering a ‘sorry’ to the nearby student who gave her a dirty look at making too much noise. She popped the book back on the shelf and left the library. “Coffee. I need Coffee”, she mumbled. While Dawn was trying to slog through her research on the Hook Man, Lena was busy towel drying her hair when Casey came into the room looking very upset. “You ok?" she asked the blonde."Not really", Casey replied, sitting down on Lena's bed."Let me guess... your dad doesn't think you're safe here", Lena said dumping her wet towel into the laundry basket before coming to sit beside Casey."You got it in one", Casey said "I just wish he'd stop treati
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Stopping the Hook Man
“You know, this is kinda thrilling”, the brunette admitted as they walked past the headstones carrying shovels, keeping their eyes out for one marked with MD. “Yeah it is”, Dawn agreed. This would be her first ever salt n burn. Her half-brothers and father never allowed her to tag along when they had to do stuff like this. She was able to do the research and of course cast spells if anything needed to be located or a creature needed to be found. Plus she had to put up wards in their motel rooms so that they were protected. So, yes, she was quite excited to be able to do this herself.“Maybe we should split up, cover more ground”, Lena suggested.“Good idea”, Dawn agreed “holler if you find it”.“Will do”, Lena promised and headed off in a different direction. She strolled through the graveyard, glancing from stone to stone, searching for MD. The young witch stopped when she saw a gravestone with a name of McKenzie. It wasn’t her parents one but it was enough to bring back painful mem
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Laying Shawna to rest
Dawn eyed her roommate she typed away on her laptop while she herself lounged on her bed “Are you ever going to take a break?” she asked the brunette.“I will once I get this assignment finished”, Lena replied.“You’ve been working on it solidly for the past two days”, Dawn reminded her “you can afford to take an hour to relax”.“Not when I’m on a roll Dawnie”, Lena countered.“Ok then”, Dawn said, getting up from the bed. She quietly crept over to her friend’s desk and grabbed Lena’s wheelie chair.“Hey!” the witch protested when the blackette pulled it away with her still on it. Lena tried to keep a hold of her desk but it only served to make her fall off the chair, she landed on the floor with a thump.“Are you ok?” Dawn asked, looking at the young adult laying on the floor worriedly. She’d only wanted to get Lena to take a break, not hurt her.“I’m good Dawnie”, the twenty two year old answered “and I get your not so subtle hint” she got up from the floor “I’ll take a break now”.“
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Unscheduled family reunion
That night Lena was curled up in bed, tear stains still visible on her cheeks as she recounted the day in her journal.Shawna is finally laid to rest. I pray to god that it the last funeral that I attend in a very, very long time. That one was hard enough. I honestly don’t think I could take going through another so soon. That’s the one thing I’m glad of when it comes to my parent’s deaths, I don’t really remember much of it and I cannot recall their own funeral. Some would say to take that as a blessing and I like to think that I do. The Hook Man was the first and only supernatural case that I will ever take. I would much rather learn about the ghoulies and ghosts from books than from real life cos in all honesty, Drummond’s spirit scared the hell out of me. Dawn may have said I was a bad ass for stopping him but I didn’t feel like one. And it was blind luck that when he pulled me over it had brought me closer to his grave otherwise I doubt that I would’ve been able to torch his rema
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Truths revealed
It wasn’t the first thing she wanted to say to the woman that had raised Lena from infancy but she couldn’t help it. This was the last thing that she was expecting.“How…how did you know?” Lena stuttered, utterly surprised. She never told her that. She only stuck to the story of her godmother was an occult professor to explain her knowledge of the supernatural. Lillian on the other hand, didn’t seem so surprised. She had sensed Dawn the moment that she’d stepped foot inside her house and what she was getting from the teen, she knew that she was one of the good ones. Not that she had any doubts as she knew that Lena would never interact with dark witches. Plus the wards around the house would’ve alerted her if her goddaughter’s friend was one.“I can sense it”, Dawn replied “But you’re not one”, she added to Lena. The two brunette’s exchanged looks before the younger of them spoke.“Actually I AM one”, Lena admitted, her mind still reeling from the revelation. What were the odds that he
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The Green Man of Edenvale
Lena’s eyes widened at Dawn’s answer “oh my…”, she whispered “you may not like your half-brothers right now but no one deserves to be a human sacrifice, least of all them”. There were several depictions of the Green Man, some of which were benign but there were a few that were…malevolent. This one was clearly a nasty one considering that Dawn’s half-brothers were going to be sacrificed. She did wonder which version of the Green Man it’ll be, pagan, Celtic or another variant? Either way it was dangerous and had to be stopped.Dawn sighed “you’re right”, she conceded “they don’t” she moved her hand away “alright Danny I’ll help”.“Dawnie, we owe you big time”, Daniel said, relieved.“Yes you do”, Dawn said “now, where is this taking place?”“A small town in Indiana called Edenvale”, the younger Wesson brother answered.“I’ll head off right away”, Dawn told him “just hang in there Daniel” and with that she hung up.“You’re obviously not going to Edenvale alone”, Lena said, finishing up he
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Temptation of darkness
Lena screamed as she fell through the red haze, flashes of her memories whizzing past her. The witch landed with a thump onto the carpet of her parents’ bedroom. She hauled herself to her feet, coming face to face with her infant-self laying on the bed, wrapped in her baby blanket. This is the night my parents died she thought how am I here? Suddenly she heard screams coming from downstairs. Lena whirled around, rushed out of the room and down the stairs. She didn’t even reach the bottom step before a scream escaped from her lips as she witnessed the brutal deaths of her parents by several shadowy figures. The twenty one year old stood there completely frozen to the spot, unable to move. “This is your mother’s fault”, came the voice that had lured her away “she could’ve saved herself and her husband with black magic
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