My Sweet Poor Joel

My Sweet Poor Joel

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
6 ratings
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Joel was a young Billionaire; with wealth he couldn’t touch for a period. However, he was loved for his talents and abilities, even when known by the watchful eyes, to be Poor. Estelle, the girl from a wealthy home never cared. But what happens when her wealthy family disowns her because of him, and someone from the past comes in, coupled with Joel's secrets? Will their love stand the test of time? or will their enemies win for once...

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Arlene Helacio
2024-03-05 04:15:08
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Brenda De La Mater
Such a sweet story
2023-10-18 12:51:45
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Dorsee Butler
Glklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllłkkklllllllsvv as kllllllllllL,t?
2022-11-19 08:16:41
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Sirlord Addo
Nice one.....
2022-03-10 17:07:29
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Lucia Love
It will mean a lot to know your thoughts concerning this story....thanks for taking time to read...
2020-12-20 04:28:58
user avatar
Jhelsis Galang
I can't believe this book is written by Lucia Love
2023-02-06 16:18:42
41 Chapters
Joel walked out of his office with his heart in his pocket. The last person he wants to see is the one he has been informed wants to meet with him and he won't dare refuse to see him. It's been about a month since that incident and he was promoted because of what his boss did with his wife.A promotion he should have outrightly rejected but instead, decides to accept, to help him cascade with his plans. He needs a few more days to execute this plan and the last thing he wants is any complication.He pushes the door open without knocking and sitting on the dark brown leather swivel chair with a disgusting smile is Anthony. Joel doesn't understand why he didn't kill him the moment he found out. Perhaps a quick death is too good for someone like him. People like this do not deserve death. They deserve to suffer and die slowly.Anthony's mouth curved into an evil smile when Joel walks in but his attention was on his wife, Estelle. She was engrossed in whatever she was
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Chapter 1 - Campus Interview
Campus InterviewInterviewer; "Hello Lovely people, it's me again, your favorite presenter Anastasia, on our only campus magazine, 'College Quest'. Today, for the first time, we are thrilled to feature the best couple on campus. We are going to have their pictures on the cover page of our annual magazine, and they will tell us what has kept their relationship going.""We could learn a thing or two from their experience," Anastasia, the campus gossip says proudly over the code less microphone connected to her ear with a speaker around the corner of her mouth.She wore a short polka dot flare dress, with heels to match. Her black hair was held in a ponytail and she had heavy make-up on her face. It's her usual style of dressing and funny enough, her little show on campus pulls a lot of crowds since students are always eager to hear the latest news about the most popular girls and guys on campus."This time, it's' no other than Joel Mason and Estelle
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Chapter 2 - I will teach her a lesson
Brittany is one of the girls who has been overly obsessed with Joel for a long time. She has been asking him out ever since she laid eyes on him from high school, but Joel never looked her way because he was already attracted to Estelle and was finding ways of winning her heart. Well, it wasn't enough for Britanny to give up anyway. She strikes at the least chance she gets and intentionally does anything she can to anger Estelle. Estelle knows that Joel loves her but it doesn't in any way take away her discomfort anytime Brittany makes advances at Joel.Now, she is at it again and this time, in front of the whole student body. How far will she go for a guy who doesn't even think about her? Well, Estelle will not give her the chance. Before Joel knows, she walks up to Britanny, meeting her halfway, precisely center stage."His question was to me and not you", Estelle lashed out." Well, it seems to me, that you need time to make up your mind. In doin
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Chapter 3 - Mon Cherri
Estelle has cautioned this new girl, times without a number to stay away from Joel but the scene in front of her said something else. Ignoring Nina, She walks straight to her, grabbing her by her hair harshly, and pulls her away from Joel. She was approximately five inches away from Joel with all smiles. But Estelle thought she was too close to her man."Don't ever get that close to him again,' She warned sternly."I was only asking for his autograph." She said apologetically, which made Estelle regret her action but she didn't want to admit she was wrong."Whatever," she scoffed "Hey, why are you being all worked up again?" Joel laughed and pulled her into a hug. She knows he likes it when she acts all possessive. He feels bad to yell at girls or anything close to driving them away even when they behave flirtingly around him. He is too nice. So now, Estelle is the jealous and possessive girlfriend but don't be too quick to judge her. Joel is no ang
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Chapter 4 - Matchmaking
"Dad?" Estelle howled when she listened to the voice from the other side of the line. Joel gaped at her with unreadable emotions. Her Dad is the only one who calls her Mon Cherri. But what she couldn't understand was why he was phoning her with an unidentified number."Why are you squealing astounded? Couldn't you divulge from my voice"? He implored disgruntled and wondering why she hasn't been responding to his phone calls." I partly did but why did you call with an unidentified number?" She asked bewildered, knowing that her dad only called her with his private number, which she had saved on her phone."Oui, Mon Cherri, if you hadn't ignored my calls, I wouldn't be forced to use this one". She remembered when the phone rang in the lecture hall and she didn't answer. But a few days ago, she had deliberately avoided her father's calls, fearing the worst." Sorry dad, it's been hectic these days due to project work and I'm barely close to the phone.
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Chapter 5 - Birthday Plans
"Water?" Joel asked with concern, his head spinning with so many thoughts he couldn't voice out.  He tried his best to look neutral but internally, he wasn't satisfied with Estelle's behavior and the answers she gave him but he trusted her so much and wished and couldn't suspect anything. He felt she just needed time like be needed to tell her about himself too. She wasn't the only one with secrets after all.Estelle's nods in the affirmative, as she felt fire in her nose. She coughed involuntarily, making the food divert it's way from her esophagus to her conchae. It was a short burning pain, slowly eased by the warm water Joel held to her mouth which she gulped down impatiently, easing her discomfort."Thank you" she whispers with glassy eyes. Joel waited till she finished eating, not wanting to say anything to make her choke as before."Babe, you are getting me worried. Ever since the interview, you've been acting all weird. Am not complaining. Just honestl
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Chapter 6 - Thank you for everything
The next day, they didn't have much time to speak as they intended. Both of them were caught up in their preparation for the final match at noon. It was a competition between the two best universities in the world and other college students had begun making their way to their school. The cheerleaders were having a hard time choosing from the four new uniforms they ordered. They felt them all gorgeous but decided to vote and agreed on a blue and black turtle neck shell tank top with a mid-high pleated skirt won over spankies with matching white shoes. Black and blue were the school's official colors so it seemed like the best option from the rest.The football team waited in the lounges while their coach gave his final direction. It was a very competitive match with each team wanting to graduate as the winner, wanting to give the school it's glory. It was about five minutes to the end of the game before a ball entered the net in favor of Queens College. The roar from the crowd
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Chapter 7 - The birthday party
"Nina, I don't like this. It's too short," Estelle whined, looking at herself in the mirror."But it's perfect. You will be the hottest at the party", she winks. Estelle moves to sit in her bed, turning to face Nina who has been grinning since she tried on that dress."I know, but I don't want to make him lose control. He has promised to wait till marriage and I don't want to tempt him to go against his words," she explains, moving her gaze from Nina, to Amanda. She hoped Amanda will defend her. She needed their help because she wanted to look her best, and at the same time not looking seductive."Well if he has waited this long, he can still wait a few months. This dress is not coming off your body, whether you like it or not." Nina insisted, In a firm but friendly tone.Estelle shifts her gaze through her vast closet, landing her eyes on a black, shiny, knee-length dress. "Okay, that is is fine"."No. I mean it looks good but not as good as what you a
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Chapter 8 - Ferrari in flames
Estelle sends a cold gaze towards Joel's direction when she beholds the brand new yellow Ferrari in front of her. Joel was just numb and she couldn't figure out if he was angry, excited, or sad. It seems to her that Britanny has succeeded in ruining their perfect party.Joel turned and with his hand still wrapped around her waist, begins to walk back to the party, throwing the gift box containing the keys on the floor in front of Britanny. Britanny looks on as her face drops in disappointment, as she quickly picks up the car key, leaving the box on the floor.This is the first time anyone has rejected an expensive gift like this from her. She was even more determined to make him accept the gift and kept running after him like a fool."Joel!" Britanny howled behind them, making them turn involuntarily to face her. "Look, it's your birthday and you are accepting gifts from everyone so why do you have to reject mine?" She asked with an innocent expression on her face.
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Chapter 9 - I'll be watching you
Joel threw an angry look at Britanny, before following the direction Estelle exited but before he exited the door, he took another look at Britanny."What did I ever do to you? Just one memorable event of my life and you still had the brasses to ruin it. Are you even human?" He asked rhetorically, shaking his head in disappointment before following the and exit.From where Estelle had his new car parked, it took some time to get it out of the car park because she didn't want anyone to see it. As soon as he was out of the car park, he made his way to the police station and since it was about an hour to midnight, there was no traffic.Upon arrival at the police station, he realized he saw Estelle coming out, just as he was about to enter."Babe, did they hurt you?" He asked with concern, anger, and regret."No, they let me go," Estelle responds passively."Seriously? Just like that?""Hmmm," Estelle hummed, raising her brows.Whe
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