Twisting Destiny

Twisting Destiny

By:  PickledPlums  Ongoing
Language: English
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After dying in a tragic accident, Rhianne found herself transmigrated in a novel world as a character. To her much disappointment, she became the character who has a tragic fate in the end just because she falls in love with the wrong person. To avoid her tragic fate in the novel, she decided not to do all the stupid things the original character did in the novel. Instead, Rhianne decided to fulfill the dreams she didn't accomplish in her past life. But the novel doesn't want to let her off easily. Instead, all the people she wanted to avoid were now approaching her one by one. Even if she decided to change her fate, how can Rhianne avoid her tragic ending?

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Redder Black
please update soon
2022-04-12 22:50:33
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Krystal Jung
i read all of it in one sitting! the mc is sometimes relatable. and i like the slow romance between the mc and the male lead. more chapters please!!
2022-04-12 22:46:10
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Mary Joy E. Guban
please I need an update ......
2021-08-18 13:58:10
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Claire Gu
I really love the story, please update more
2021-08-17 11:43:53
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badass luna
please update
2021-05-24 00:16:10
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Ting Trio Samillano
please update
2021-02-26 23:30:17
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Angela Pingkian
i like the story.
2021-02-15 00:12:10
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2020-11-24 13:02:34
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B'Kai Lang Gihapon
more chapter please
2020-11-19 17:18:02
74 Chapters
"I gave everything you asked of me! I gave you all my fortune, the prestige you dreamed to have, my love, and my whole life! I gave everything to you! How can you do this to me?!" Rhianne Cartel shouted at the man standing in front of her in despair. "I... I even sacrificed my relationship with my family just to make a stepping stone for you to succeed! Andrew, you're heartless!" Andrew, the man in a black suit standing in front of the weeping woman was looking at her with a cold look in his eyes. He's looking at Rhianne as if he was seeing a nasty pest lingering in his sight. This woman was once a beauty that every man loves to have by their side. Her long, silky hair was now too short and looked like a bunch of shaggy fur of a boar. Her fair jade-like skin was now full of ugly scars and bruises. Her caramel-colored eyes that can stir the hearts of every man had become like those of a rotten fish in the trash. Rhianne
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Rhianne slammed the book in her bag after reading the middle part of the story. She tried to calm herself down by grabbing her bottle jug and drank the content of it. She can't believe that the character with the same name as her met that tragic ending. After finishing her work as a saleslady in a department store, one of her workmates asked Rhianne to joined her in a bookstore to buy a romance novel to read. Since she does not have anything to do after her shift, Rhianne agreed to join her workmate. While waiting for her workmate, Rhianne randomly browsed the bookshelf in the bookstore to kill some time. A black, hardbound book caught Rhianne's attention so she reached for it. When she discovered that one of the characters in the story has the same name as her, Rhianne decided to buy it without looking at the book's title or synopsis. After buying their books, Rhianne and her workmate had separated at the bu
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"Rhianne, can you hear me? Rhianne!" Rhianne felt like there was a fire burning in her chest. She forced herself to take a deep breathe a few times that made her cough dry, which result in her feeling pain in her throat. Not to mention that her head was also hurting so much. When she heard that someone was calling her name in a panicky voice, she forced herself to open her eyes. But Rhianne's body was not cooperating with her so she closed her eyes again and motionlessly laid her body flat on the floor. Rhianne tried to recall the things that happened in the accident. When the bus suddenly crashed with the truck, her body was squeezed and her head hardly hit on the pole. At that moment, Rhianne knew that she will die. But maybe luck was on her side this time since she can still feel herself breathing even though it's kinda hard for now.   "Quick! F
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At her question, Francis stiffly stare at his sister. He was trying to find anything from Rhianne's expression. The two of them are very close so it was natural for Rhianne to prank her older brother sometimes. But seeing Rhianne's confused expression, he knew that she was being serious. Panicking, Francis ran outside to call her doctor again. When he came back, Rhianne saw the teenage boy has a nervous expression. The doctor he brought asked Rhianne some questions again. The doctor asked questions like if she knows her name, age, her relatives, and the details of her accident. This makes her really confused. 'Why has the doctor asked me this question? And why did the teenage boy looking at me with that anxious expression?' Rhianne tried to think if she met this teenage boy before. As far as she can remember, the first time she met him was when he saved her with the middle-aged woman from the accident. Because
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Rhianne remained seated on her bed while Francis was silently watching her. He also put a considerable distance between them thinking that he might scare her. When the door opened again, two unfamiliar people entered her room. Rhianne's body flinched and unconsciously became alert again. The middle aged-woman suddenly burst into tears witnessing how the girl became alert the moment they saw them while the stern-looking man on her side tried to comfort her. The woman was calling her sweet endearments suited for little girls, but Rhianne intentionally ignored it. They also tried to explain to Rhianne that they were her parents, hoping to see any reactions from her. Rhianne remained silent, giving them a look full of wariness. This makes the woman, or rather her 'mother' cried. After that, Rhianne did not talk again. Even when her 'family' tried to talk to her, she did not give them a response. When Dr. Calvin asked her if remembered anythi
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The scene where Rhianne was crying while crouching on the floor was what Francis saw when he opened the door. He panicked a little while yelling loudly to call their parents into her room. Seeing her dear daughter in that state, Carmie quickly hugged Rhianne trying to calm her down. Rhianne did not know who held her body, but she wrapped her slender arms on that person as she cried louder than before. It took them a whole hour before they managed to calmed down the youngest member of their family. Her eyes were a bit red and swollen while some of her tears were still hanging on her eyelashes. Her cheeks were also swollen and her lips were slightly trembling. Francis intuitively brought a glass of water to his sister. Carmie reached for the glass and helped Rhianne to took small sips of water in the glass. After a few more minutes, Rhianne finally settled her emotions and stopped crying. Rhianne lowered her head, trying to hide her messy
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Carmie never left Rhianne's side as they started eating their breakfast that morning. She always asked Rhianne what food she wanted to eat and Carmie will personally put it on her plate. Even if she was not used to it, Rhianne just let her mother do whatever she pleased. Rhianne had already forgotten how it feels like to have a mother. To see her new mother being caring and attentive towards her feels weird. "Do you still want another pancake? You can also try this waffle. You like eating these waffles with chocolate cream and sliced strawberry-" Carmie stopped herself from speaking and quickly looked at Rhianne's expression. "Sorry. I just got carried away." "No. It is okay." Rhianne said. "Uhm...Can I say something?" "Of course, dear. What is it?" Carmie softly said. Rhianne took a deep breath first before looking at the three people sitting with her at the dining table. "As you all
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Months had passed after Rhianne's accident. During those days, Rhianne was trying to get to know her family more. Her attempts to get closer to them were never in vain because they welcome her antics with open arms. If Rhianne will give one step closer to them, then her family will give three steps to be closer to her.Every morning, Rhianne will help her mother to make their breakfast. Even though they have maids, the whole family was fond of Carmie's cooking, that is why they do not hire any chef to cook for them. As they cook in the kitchen, Carmie always shares a lot of funny stories which makes the mother and daughter pair laugh. This activity became a regular bonding time between Rhianne and Carmie.After eating their breakfast, Rhianne and Francis will go straight into the study room and help her brother to give some ideas about cars. Rhianne discovered that her brother is fond of cars. It is also one of their business for years. Si
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'The hell is going on here?!'The boy named Andrew looked at Rhianne with a small smile on his face. Andrew bowed his head a little to greet them, but Rhianne did not bother to think about his actions. Rhianne felt like she will think that Andrew is a sensible and a good boy if she did not know his real color.'You mean this is 'that' Andrew who will be the cause of Rhianne's misfortunes?!'Is this the scenario where Rhianne fell in love with Andrew at first sight?! The book mentioned that they were childhood friends, but the book did not give more details about it. It turns out they became childhood friends because he is the son of her mother's friend.Rhianne unconsciously hid her body behind his brother and clutched his shirt so tight. Francis and Carmie glanced at each other before Francis held Rhianne's hand to reassure her. They thought that Rhianne was acting like this because she
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"So you finally arrived." The siblings both turned their heads and saw a tall man standing near the gate.  "Dr. Calvin?"  "He is the friend I am telling you earlier." Francis explained. Rhianne alternately looked at her brother and Dr. Calvin. This made Calvin laughed. It was obvious on Rhianne's face what she was thinking right now. That girl is too expressive. Calvin did not know if it is a good thing or not. He took the initiative to explain the situation to Rhianne. "Francis and I came from the same school. I am his senior and we also joined the same club last year that is why we got acquainted." Calvin said. "And I am just turning twenty-three this year. I am not that old." "I did not..."  Rhianne unconsciously blushed when she heard what Calvin said in the end. It was not really her intention to think that Calvin is very old. She was just simply wondering how her brother and her personal doctor became frien
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