Second Chance

Second Chance

By:  Peyton Iuga  Ongoing
Language: English
138 ratings
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Here I am, sitting in my truck driving back home. I can't believe dad has finally decided to step down and he wants me to become the new Alpha. I can't believe that has been 10 years since I left. It's been 11 years since I lost my mate. 11 years since my younger siblings were born. 11 years since I became depressed and I was on a journey of self destruction. The loss of a mate is the worse thing we can ever go through. Follow Leon’s journey in becoming a powerful Alpha and getting a second chance in , but will he take it? Will his mate accept a broken ? A broken Alpha. Book Twoo of My LycanNow it's Leon’s turn.

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user avatar
I love this story!
2022-07-12 02:54:39
default avatar
Loved this book
2022-01-03 05:53:52
user avatar
Erik Stumne
the book is great, how is the next book triple threat coming can wait
2021-08-29 00:24:55
default avatar
Loved this book. Well written no confusion and could easily follow the story line not like some of the books I’ve read recently. Thoroughly enjoyed 🙌
2021-07-19 12:41:58
user avatar
Siri Mal
If I thought the 1st story was good the 2nd one was better read it in one night I can't wait for the 3rd story when will it be posted?
2021-06-19 22:13:14
user avatar
Joy Esau
Amazing read, i thoroughly enjoyed it 😀
2021-06-06 17:56:50
user avatar
Loved the bonus chapter. I can't wait for the next book!!
2021-06-05 06:34:19
user avatar
I can’t wait for the bonus chapters. It would be cool if James was somewhere watching and that’s the lead off for the third book 🤔🤔🤔😉😉
2021-06-02 18:13:10
default avatar
Tandy Holland
Good read but ended abruptly
2021-05-27 03:49:41
user avatar
Dayana Montanez
Loved this book
2021-05-19 20:35:25
user avatar
Jacqueline Vorster
nice story. enjoyed reading it.
2021-05-16 04:36:33
user avatar
Dottie Volpe
good read waiting for the next book
2021-05-14 10:07:50
user avatar
Jitendra Marndi
How it ends..where her wolf? where is James..will there be a book 2?????
2021-05-13 02:46:07
user avatar
Renee Barlow
I really really like this book..🥰🥰🥰
2021-05-10 23:29:19
user avatar
Chris W
Fantastic story in the series!
2021-05-08 11:54:07
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45 Chapters
Meet the main characters
Leon EvansAge: 26Race: werewolfRank: AlphaPhysical Description: Black short messy hair, hooded blueberry blue eyes, chiseled face with a stubble beard, full lips, roman nose, 6’5 ft tall, athletic body.Personality description: Ambitious, Determined, passionate, determined, decisive, courageous, fearless, reliable, loyal, generous, and kind. Charming PlayboyFamily: Dhario (father) James (half-brother and beta) Alice and Anthony (twins half-siblings) Olivia (step-mother) Danni (auntie) Ed (uncle) Friends: Alice Frome, James Evans (brother and beta), Charles James  Julia StuartAge: 22Race: werewolfRank: Omega (fighter)Physical Description: Long straight jet black hair, round grey eyes, pointy nose, plump pink lips, athletic body, fair skin 5’4 ft tall. Personality description: passionate, kind, caring, determined, reliable, helpful, generous, s
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Chapter 1 - Going back Home
Leon POV Here I am, sitting in my truck driving back home. The AC is giving me a headache so I open the window to let some fresh air in and I smell that familiar scent, the trees, and the river. I decide to make a stop and enjoy the view of the top of the mountain. I have a lot to think about, so much to deal with. I can't believe dad has finally decided to step down and he wants me to become the new Alpha. I can't believe that has been ten years since I left. It's been eleven years since I lost
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Chapter 2 - The Scent
Julia POV ”Have you heard the new Alpha is arriving today?” - Penelope says ”Yeah I heard ” - I reply to her getting myself a cup of coffee from the kitchen ”The girls were saying that he is
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Chapter 3 - The Dinner Party
Leon POV I walk into the bathroom ignoring the amazing scent coming from close by. I have a shower and I allow myself to relax with the hot water hitting my back. It’s been a stressful couple of weeks. The call from
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Chapter 4 - The party part 2
Julia POV Julia POV   I intend to
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Chapter 5 - The call
Leon POV Leon POV I'm here feeling bad about myself when James comes to knock at the door.
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Chapter 6 - Interrogation gone wrong
Julia POV I am sitting here in the interrogation room being treated like a criminal. For fuck sake I just found the body. I wasn't involved in it. I still feel the tingling on my arm from where Alpha Leon had grabbed me. ”Did I hurt you?” - I hear him ask and all I do is shake my head. 
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Chapter 7 - Interrogation gone wrong part 2
Leon POV Here I am, hugging my mate, she smells so incredible that I have a hard time processing what is happening, my wolf is purring at the scent and proximity of our mate.“She is perfect” - he says to me“She is
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Chapter 8 - The training
Julia POV I wake up from my nightmare. My breathing is irregular and sweat is dripping from my forehead. good thing that It’s 6 am and it is time for me to get up. My body is tired and refusing to move, this whole mate thing is taking a toll on me. I strip the bed from the sweaty sheets. I throw them on the side trying to remind myself to take them down to the laundry room
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Chapter 9 - The training part 2
Leon POV I can smell her scent, I couldn't sleep properly last night, all I could think was her. I get myself dressed in basketball shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. I put my shoes on and I walk out of the bedroom. I stand near her door. I support my body on the wall while I hear her moving around in her room. I can smell that she just had a shower, her scent is mixed with coconut body wash.
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