Second Chance

Second Chance

By:  Toluu356  Completed
Language: English
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Kiara, an 18 year old girl who everything was taken from fights back. Her parents, brother and mate are all killed in one way or another. Out of anger and pure hatred for the criminals who committed such actions, she swears revenge on them. But first, she must fight for her own life in a Decima. And why does the Alpha keep hiding Cal from the world? Will she be able to figure out all the uncovered secrets and get herself a second chance mate? Find out this and more in this mind blowing story: SECOND CHANCE

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beautiful story
2022-12-30 22:05:22
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Mary OConnor
A fun, easy read. Very enjoyable.
2021-05-02 03:41:13
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Steve Beckerman
awesome book from start to finish
2021-01-07 09:38:48
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loved the book
2021-01-05 03:58:34
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it's a very good werewolf book and I would recommend it to anyone 😊❤️
2021-01-03 08:56:22
33 Chapters
 This is my story and under no circumstances, I repeat, No circumstances is my work to be plagiarized in any way. I have complete rights over this book and nobody should try to steal it from me.I do not appreciate even the slightest bit of my storyline or writing style being copied on this app or any other app.  My work is not to be copied or even translated. If I want a translation, I'll do it myself or get someone to do it for me if I need to. And there should be no negative criticism in the comment section. Do not argue with or insult other commenters. It gets on my nerve and trust me when I say you don't want to witness my anger.  Without further ado, enjoy this beautiful story, Second Chance 🙂🦋♥️  
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*Kiara's POV*And so I stood, watching the cheering crowd.Watching the gladiators.Watching the referees.And finally, watching the monarchs at the high seats. The same monarchs who had my parents and siblings killed, murdered my mate and in short, took away everything I had ever known and loved.They sat there, laughing and mocking me, waiting for the battle to begin, so I could face my own terrible death like everyone else. But no, no! I wouldn't please them, they wanted me for a maid and personal slut, but I constantly refused and rebelled against their wishes. I wouldn't please them then, I wouldn't please them now, and I wouldn't please them ever. They would know and unfortunately for them, they would come to realize the hard way, that I am not for anyone's pleasure. They would pay for what they did. For each and every person I loved that they killed, I would get my revenge, I swore it.
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Chapter one - Decima
*Kiara's POV* The battle horn sounded and the first four prisoners were let loose. They circled each other until one of them with blonde hair and brown eyes who I knew as Marshal made the first move towards the thinnest one, I never knew his name so I called him skinny. Not to his face anyway, just, you know, in my mind when I thought about how I was gonna take him down. But unfortunately, I didn't get to be in his team."Whatcha thinking about?" Megan asked "Just feeling sorry for Skinny over there. He'll be dead in less than a minute" "He's already dead" Then I looked and saw that Skinny's head had been bitten off by Tara, one of the contestants. She'd shifted and then given Skinny the fatal blow. I looked at her and she stared at me straight in the eyes. "Sad stuff" I murmured  "Hehe, now she's gonna get it" Megan chuckled 
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Chapter two - Error
*Kiara's POV*I stood there, at the centre of the stadium, watching everything around me. I was in shock, just as much as everyone around me. I'd killed to survive. I'd won.Not that I didn't think I wasn't happy, don't get me wrong, I was and not that I wasn't grateful to the moon goddess. I was shock. I started getting a little confused. I was waiting for the moment when someone would shout "She's mad" or "She's gone insane" because here I was in the midst of all this rambling in my own head. I mean, who does that? After that, I started to feel agitated, waiting for someone to come out and announce that I'd won so I could start planning my revenge on those stupid royals. Thinking about them makes me angrier everytime.Then Charles came out, walking towards the stage. Every step he took was an increase in my excitement. But I couldn't start grinning like an idiot, so I decided to play it cool.He stopped and then s
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Chapter three - Abducted
*Kiara's POV*I heard loud gasps coming from the audience. They were in shock at my comment. I was confused on why they were shocked. He did give me a choice. And I picked my choice so I really didn't get what the problem was.Actually...I did know why they were so surprised. People would literally kill to live with the Alpha's family. Funny how I'd already done that. "Silence everyone!" Charles demanded.There was still a bit of chattering heard from the crowds. Then Kenneth cleared his throat."The girl has spoken and as always I will keep my word to let her go free. Hopefully, she won't commit any more crimes.""Thank you Great Alpha. I replied and then continued "I'll do my very best to keep myself out of trouble."Ha! Best my ass. This motherfucker doesn't know what's coming for him.I give him a smile along with my comment. Then he nods his head in approval.&
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Chapter four - Prisoner
*Kiara's POV*I heard loud voices around me. So loud I thought my eardrums would burst. I could smell, hear, feel and to some extent see but I couldn't speak or feel my body. For some reason, I felt paralyzed. Then my brain started to reel and the events of the previous day started to come back to me. I remembered winning the Decima, going away, hunting and then it hit me. After hunting, I went to sleep in the cave I'd found. I also remembered having the weird feeling I was being watched and followed. Then I remembered being kidnapped and the sharp sting I felt. Shit!, It must have been wolfsbane but not so much to kill me. It was just enough to keep me in my present state of paralysis. But who could've done this to me? And why the hell would they kidnap me? Like, what the hell dude!?Ughhh...why do I keep getting myself into situations like this!?Okay...calm down...okay. First, I need to analyse my surrounding. Almost immediately, my nostri
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Chapter five - Master
*Kiara's POV*My daily dose of torture had just begun. Yesterday, I was injected with a lethal mixture of silver and wolfsbane. Just like always, not too much to kill me but just enough to "put me down" as they said. Today was a punishment for my "behaviour" yesterday. I might've killed a guy. Derek to be precise. He was my "personal torturer" as he called it and also the guard in charge of my cell. But not for no reason. I'm certainly not as bad as them. He made the mistake of his life. He literally tried to rape me. No one has ever touched me since Eric, my late mate died. And no one would for the rest of my life. That was the real reason they injected me with something so lethal. Today, my arms were being scrubbed with liquid silver."Do you feel the burn?" Dwayne asked me. He was the one scrubbing my arms. "This is a punishment for stupid prisoners like you. As these are the arms you used to kill that man, these are the arms that wil
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Chapter six - Infiltration
*Kiara's POV* Twelve days ago, I was being scrubbed with silver, eleven days ago, I was taken to the healer and then I called it quits on my rebellious behaviour and chose to submit to the Alpha.Yeah, right, like I'd ever submit😂😂.And now here I am today, enjoying my beautiful lunch that is much more than bread and water. I might've scrubbed the floor but eh, I've been through worse. I even managed to do a little snooping around today. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything. I am probably the weirdest weirdo in this huge earth. How can a person snoop around and find nothing? Well, actually, that isn't all that happened.For the first time in days, True actually spoke to me. I was soo happy. Then we started talking, I told her how I missed her and how I was still mad at her for logging out on me like that and I told her how I'd submitted to Alpha Kenneth and gotten into the house. The moment I mentioned submission, she was yel
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Chapter seven - Preparations
*Kiara's POV*It's been 15 days since I entered the Alpha's house. 15 days of stress. 15 days of hopeless snooping and 15 days of maddening boredom. I've been trying to keep calm and wait for the right time but True keeps howling inside me and I don't know why. I've been trying to find information or dirt or anything but it's been really hard these days. Especially with what happened last time. I was cleaning Diane's room and I grabbed a letter on her table. Her mother saw me but she didn't see me. That makes no sense... I know. Well as soon as I got to my room that day, I ran to the bathroom. Fortunately, I was the only one there. The letter was really starting to irritate my boobs. Yes, I hid the letter in my bra...but I did what I had to do. What's done is done. I've tried asking True what her problem is but she doesn't reply me anymore. Last time I asked she just grumbled but I could've sworn I heard her say "...bonded to a stupid human." I guess she just needs
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Chapter eight - Call me Diane
*Kiara's POV*She pulled me into her room and I could've sworn I heard a crack coming from my arm. I just wanted to lessen my duties. But I did that and managed to get pulled by this idiot.I wondered how she dressed before I came into this house. I'd only ever seen her in ceremonial dresses."Alrighty" she squealed. "What am I going to wear?""Ummm, have you picked out any options, my lady?""Well, no. You'll be doing that from now on because most times, my options are always trashy."I stood there patiently waiting for her to tell me to begin. She looked at me with surprise in her glowing eyes"Well, what are you waiting for?" She asked. "Let's get to it. Go, go, go." She laughed. Then she collaborated onto the bed.Honestly, her laugh made me want to laugh. She seemed pretty light today. Maybe she's not that evil. Nahh, she's just excited cause her boyfriend is coming
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