Shameless CEO And The Cursed Cat

Shameless CEO And The Cursed Cat

By:  May1st  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What's your problem?" Morgana asked, frustrated. "You don't get it. You're like the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I seriously can't let you go. I mean it." Drake replied, his eyes scanning everything that would be his to explore after she says 'YES'. "You're being creepy, you know. Want us to get violent? Cuz I'm all for it." She wasn't loosing her cool now. Drake just chuckled at that. "You know there's a way to solve this." He said. She rolled her eyes, but he took it as a clue to move on. "Let me kiss you." "What!" "I'm serious. If you surrender yourself to me for five minutes and you don't feel like you want more of me, I will get off your back." He said, faking a serious expression. "You're crazy." "You're curious." "Shut up!" "Try it. The best way to get rid of me. Cool deal." He coarsed. After a few minutes of contemplating, she finally agreed, folding her arms across her chest and closing her eyes. How cute, he thought staring at her. "If you disturb me after this, then you're dead." She said, wondering why he hasn't gotten the clue that she's ready. ........... One minute..... Two...... Three....... Four..... five..... "Why did you stop?" Eyes misty and breath ragged, Morgana's gaze continued to hold his own. His smirk made her realized what had just transpired. Damn it! "Baby, five minutes are over. It's up to you now. Should I continue?" He asked, his hands still playing a few magic to keep her in mood. "There are so many stuff we would explore together. Believe me baby, you're gonna enjoy them." He added, seeing how she was about to get herself together. "You asshole!" She cursed. "What did I do?" "Go on." "Hmm?" "Kiss me." She glared at him, but reached for his lips this time. The damn CEO is a good kisser and this cat couldn't resist the temptation.

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S.H. Waen
I miss my cats ...️
2021-07-30 00:51:27
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S.H. Waen
I wonder how it'll go at Drake's. I'll now be here waiting for your updates. 🐱
2021-06-25 20:24:28
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S.H. Waen
I've reached the chapter on Maya and I'm loving all the layers to the story. And Drake finding out he has been living a lie lol.
2021-06-17 12:39:42
user avatar
please don't forget to leave a review for this story to get it rated. Have fun reading 💕💕
2021-05-26 14:31:33
32 Chapters
Prologue (The Cursed Cat)
"Mother! Tell the priest to take it back!"An angry furry ball bare its fang at the thousands of furry beings present that were looking pleased with the banishment of his twin sister.They claimed she's cursed, because she was the first of their kind to be born with a snow white fur and eyes that changes colors.The exact qualities mentioned in the prophecy. But the enraged cat finds his sister one of a kind and of course, family. He didn't want her to get hurt.He felt like he must protect his sister no matter what, even though their parents just silently watched everything unfold.According to the prophecy, a cat born with a new unique fur and rainbow eyes would bring the destruction of their clan.She will be the reason their world would cease to exist.Ugh!And his sister happened to be the prophesied kitten.They are of royalty. She's the princess of the clan, and he's the prince.Their parents are the Godd
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He smells like fish
(Morgana's POV)"Your highness, I heard your madam is bringing a guest over. Don't force anything and let me help you, okay?" Ayana said to me and I just nodded my head.She's a stubborn one and never seems to treat me less than the royalty that I am.She was casual with me when other maids were around, but would go to the extent of bowing her head when speaking to me in private.She insisted that no matter how harsh the treatment of being a maid was, she won't let me forget who I am.The treatment wasn't harsh, really, but Ayana counted every chore I did as humiliation.She's a very rare being. Loyal to the core and at times, I felt bad for dragging her in this mess with me, but at the same time, I wondered what my world would have been without her by my side.Her human form was so pretty that male guests that visited the Villa often drool at the sight of her.She has big round eyes that looked so innocent like she had never experienc
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In love (lust) at first sight
(Drake's POV)Is it a crime to be good looking?Sorry sweetheart, but you're no way near my taste in women.Despite the rejection going on in my head, I was still being a gentleman and flowing along, as if I'm not getting the hint.I was sitting in the shotgun seat inside the car of my childhood friend, named Sarah.I've always known she was fond of me, since we are kids, but y'all, Arabian girls could be hard to play with, unless she's ready to be super secretive with it, but she couldn't even hide her feelings since she was young and manage to get her father weary of our playing together.Her father was very strict and due to that she managed to escape the naughty play we did when we are kids, where we pretend to be mommy and daddy, using a teddy bear as our child and stylishly trying naughty stuff.I always loved that play y'all, but well, at least she was never a victim, because the old Nanny her father informed to keep eyes on his kids
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My dream woman
My heart thud loudly against my chest as I stare at her captivating features.I've never seen anything or anyone this beautiful in my entire life. Her silver hair was tied up, with her angelic facial out for display.It seems an angel had descent to grace the earth with heavenly beauty.Her movement was slow and I could feel that she's affected by me.As expected.Her eyes were glued to my own with curiosity. Golden irises, and I could swore it felt like there's a black slit in between the orbs, or not?God! Who is this?My eyes traced down to her well chiseled nose. Her heart shaped lips look luscious and ready to be devoured.Oh fuck! My testicles!Am I seriously getting a hard on right now?But I cannot stop my evaluation, as she was now near and in just a few more steps, I could confirm what she smells like.My eyes darted to her breasts. It wasn't excess
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Sardine man
(Morgana's POV)My body started to feel restless from within.It was usually like this in my cat form, and seems to apply to this human body as well.I would feel very restless and would just complain repeatedly about feeling hungry like a brat till we got home from where we ventured to play for that day.Poor Ayana had to endure her own hunger and keep telling me to calm down and endure more, till we're home, but my human form had learned to be mature and not just act according to body want.I was able to push the hunger feeling to the back of my mind and walk forward, but curiosity still got the best of me and I couldn't break our eyes contact.The aroma got more intense as I am now closer to him.I could see everything he's doing, but was too drawn by curiosity as to why he smells this way to mind it.He checked out my breasts, curves and my lips weren't excluded.I could tell he wished he could turn me around and complete the
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Awkward reunion
Sarah, who was now in front of her brother's room, eagerly knocked on the door."What!"An irritated tone was heard from inside, but as soon as Sarah claimed it's her, the door soon opened."He's here, Ahmed." Sarah said excitedly."He, who?" Ahmed asked with a calm expression.His sister just disturbed his sleep."Drake. Don't tell me you don't remember him. I even mentioned to you 2 months ago that he's back in town and I would try to reach him." Sarah gave him a disappointed look.Well, they all have a lot on their mind to keep track of a childhood friend that most certainly doesn't care.Sarah is the obsessed one.Ahmed flows along anyway, opening his mouth in a O shape and that actually makes his sister excited.She hit his shoulder in a hurry, urging him to go dress up, as he was only putting on his short.Not being allowed to say anything, he was pushed inside, while Sarah waited outside the door."Drake,
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Ayana's Advice
Meanwhile.After Lola walked up on them, Ayana protectively snuggled Morgana's face to herself and prevent Lola from seeing the princess crying.Lola doesn't look too comfortable with their position, clearly because she was against same gender being lovers, but she wasn't bitching about it either.She just gave them a nervous smile and quickly wanted to leave, but that's when Ayana's name was called and Lola eagerly volunteer to cover for her, since Ayana didn't even flinch when her boss called.Obviously, she never planned to stand up.After Lola left, Ayana pulled back and looked into Morgana's eyes."Your highness, are you alright now? Did something happen? You were fine before you left, so could it be the visitor?Please tell me what happened and I will get revenge for you, as long as it's the visitor." Ayana said with worry in her eyes.Morgana was done though. She was already comforted by the warm embrace of Ayana and not
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His silly trick
"So, you two are this close. You even play games." Ahmed spoke up.He couldn't help but detect the main reason for Sarah being so eccentric over everything.Seems she likes Drake and based on how Drake wasn't even looking at her, Ahmed could tell the feeling isn't mutual.Now that he recalled Drake, he knew he was the lucky one, when it comes to girls.They always want to be friends with him. He's that pretty boy that even adults would even randomly give something to, claiming he's so adorable."Not really. Sarah has been in contact with me for a few years after I got overseas." Drake said.He didn't mention how his life was less lonely then, because of Sarah. Even though it was quite disturbing that the girl reached out to him all the time, he wouldn't deny that it helped.He had someone to play games with and talk to, before he adjusted to the new surroundings.He wouldn't have cut her off if she hadn't tried to give their relationsh
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Eat me
Morgana was as scared as she was pissed and hungry.Usually in her world, this favourite fish of hers was not in a can and didn't taste as heavenly, but she wasn't allowed to consume it everyday like her human body was able to do so.Her parents had said she would get sick and she had to mix her intake.But after arriving here, she could eat as much as she can and nothing happened. Perhaps her parents were wrong then, since she didn't actually go against them to test if she would get sick or not.Even if she does, she will be healed anyway, but still, her parents didn't want her to feel any sort of pain.Now back to the current situation, she had to walk fast because if felt so uncomfortable with this man behind her.Drake was again admiring the piece of art in front of him.The more she increases her pace to create distance, she must not notice, but her ass carelessly moves.Wow. Drake thought and at that moment, he doubt if t
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Her lie
So noisy! Morgana thought, her villainess side taking over her thinking.It was her curse and everything that tamed her spirit. She wouldn't be surprised if the entire clan didn't have a single doubt that she's dangerous, due to how vengeful she was.She lost it when angry and never backed down from a fight in which she would always win, since the opponent wouldn't want to hurt their princess and get into trouble with their ruler or her overprotective brother.She would agree she was a brat in a heartbeat and already knew how annoying it was to the receiver, since she raised her fated madam in the previous world before dying and the girl was the definition of brat.So many attitudes that one way or the other tally with her own, when she was still a pampered princess.Only Ayana was able to understand her and of course her friend who betrayed her.She was just a girl who wanted every
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