Shards of Time

Shards of Time

By:  Olivia Sera  Ongoing
Language: English
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As the daughter to a prestigious family, she was trained as the heir of her father’s legacy. Usually, this type of training was well-suited for the boys of the family but since she’s the only child and she is a girl, her father allowed her to train. Due to her training, she had no friends and she was casted as an outsider. At a young age, she was expected to train both physically and mentally. She was both good in archery and swordsmanship as well as in her studies as she had an affinity with Japanese history. Years passed and her training was paying off. She was prepared to inherit the company when her parents announced that they will be having another child. Much to her dismay, her baby brother was born. She was stripped of everything she had prepared her whole life for. After an unfortunate car accident, she found herself in a different timeline. Will she be able to return to her own time?

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interesting... will she be able to change the history
2021-02-26 05:21:45
117 Chapters
Shards of Time: Prologue
"Asami, keep practicing. You must be able to perform well in this year's showcase." My father said. I am Nishimoto Asami; the only child of the wealthy Nishimoto Kuroko, owner of Nishimoto Railway Corp. I was told that I would be inheriting my father's company. I've trained ever since I started walking. Inheriting something as big as Nishimoto Railway Corp isn't going to be easy that's why my father oversees my training personally. He wants me to be able to compete with other kids my age who are also going to inherit their fathers' businesses. Every year, the 7 companies under NRC come together to showcase their heirs; this year, I'll be the one to represent my father."Asami, focus!" My father scolded me. I took a deep breath and aimed my arrow. As I exhaled, I shot the arrow and got a bull's eye. I looked at my father and he smiled."Very good." T'was all he said. I've been training since I was 5; my skills are honed to perfection after 7 years o
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Shards of Time: Feudal Japan
I slowly opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar room."Where am I?" I slowly held myself up and scanned the room. This isn't my room. The décor was certainly of old Japanese period. It looked to be from the Sengoku period. I was about to stand up when the door flew open and a young girl came in carrying a tray. When she saw me, she quickly ran to my side."My lady, you are awake. How are you?" She said. Her tone held concern over me. Who is she?"Who are you?" I asked. Suddenly, my head started to hurt."I am Sato. Master has assigned me to you, my lady." The more she spoke, the more confused I get."Who's your master?" I asked once more."My master, Saitō Dōsan; he was the one who rescued you my lady." She said. Saitō Dōsan? Why does that name sound so familiar to me? Where have I heard his name before? Just then, the door flew open and two people came in. One looked to be a servant who was carrying my kimono and the other looked to be
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Shards of Time: The Political Marriage
When he said those words, I felt a chill run down my spine. His serious expression followed by a smirk kind of scared me. I pushed him away and I rode my horse. I didn't utter a single word. I rode back to Mino and into the Palace where my father and Nobuhide were waiting."Kicho, why did you run off like that?" My father said. I quickly knelt down and bowed before him."I'm sorry for what I've done. I have no excuse for trying to run away." I said. I felt my father's hand on my shoulder and I lift my head up. He took my hand and pulled me up to stand."Kicho, this is Oda Nobuhide, Oda Nobunaga's father." My father said while motioning to Nobuhide. I bowed to him and gave him my greetings. Nobunaga wasn't far behind me. He entered the Palace looking smug."Nobunaga, I see you've found the princess." Nobuhide said to his son. He just got lucky. I scoffed.  Nobunaga bowed in front of my father. I turned on my heel and walked inside."Kicho, wher
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Shards of Time: The Boy From Imagawa
"Who was that ninja? Do you know him?" He asked. I thought the doctor told you not to evoke my memories?"I don't know his name. All I know is that I've seen his face before. I don't know what he wants from me so stop asking." My head started to hurt again and the pain made me angry for some reason and I raised my voice at Nobunaga. I realized what I did and it was too late for me to bite my tongue. I stood up and tried to leave but he stopped me."Did he tell you anything?" He asked as he grabbed my arm to stop me from leaving. I was reluctant; I don't know if I should tell him or not. I decided to tell him the truth. I have no reason to hide it from him since that ninja must be a bad guy. I mean, he has to be, right? He tried to kill me."He told me that he'll be back to get me." I said. Nobunaga let go of my arm and looked at me. He had a smirk on his face."Right now, I don't have much power and I can't protect you outside this castle. You'd do well t
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Shards of Time: The Ambush
It was the night before the ambush. Nobuhide had thrown a party to boost the troops' morale. I stayed in the Tenshu trying to get some sleep. Ever since I moved here, I've forgotten what a good night's sleep is. I became paranoid that Nobunaga will have his way with me when I'm asleep. I don't trust him.After countless attempts, I couldn't sleep a wink. The soldiers downstairs were too loud. I went to the balcony. If I die here now, where would I go? I'm seriously considering jumping off this balcony."What are you doing?" I heard a voice behind me. When I looked, it was Nobunaga carrying a cup. He was leaning against the entrance to the balcony."Why aren't you downstairs?" I said while looking away. Can't I have a moment's peace around here? You already harass me enough during the day."I came to check on you. What if that ninja comes back for you and I'm not here. Will you be able to protect yourself?" He asked. I hate to admit it but he has a good po
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Shards of Time: The Feud Between Brothers
"It's fine." I said. I often wonder why it's so hard for me to get along with Nobunaga when I can get along pretty well with his father."Why did you do that?" He asked. I looked at him and raised my eyebrow."Do I need a reason to save someone's life?" I told him. He looked at me like I was crazy."You'd risk your life for a man who tried to conquer your father's land?" He asked."None of that matters now. This marriage is the symbol of the peace our fathers agreed on." I explained. He was about to explain when we heard an explosion. They've started the ambush. A few minutes passed and we heard the signal for us to come out. Nobuhide and the others came to us."We've captured the boy. Let us go back." Nobuhide said. Everyone agreed and we went on our way. Ieyasu was unconscious. He was on one of the soldiers' horse. He's so young. I think he's 10 or 11 years old now. But he'll be the one to lead the Tokugawa Shogunate in a few years. I didn't real
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Shards of Time: He Rises to the Throne
I've said too much. Nobunaga's look was fierce."What do you mean?" He asked. This isn't the right time for me to tell him. I need to keep his attention away from the topic. Out of impulse, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. He seemed surprised at first but he eventually responded to my advances. When I noticed that his grip was loose, I flipped us over. Now I was on top of him. We broke the kiss to take a breath."Why can't you tell me?" he asked. I looked at him with an apologetic expression."It's not the right time. But Nobunaga, don't doubt me. I am your wife and everything I do is for the good of you and your future." I said. He sat up and looked at me."I will believe you but you have to tell me one thing." He said. I held my breath."What is happening with my father?" He asked. I took a deep breath before speaking."He's ill." That was all I said. I looked at him without a hint of deceit."You've
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Shards of Time: The Fall of Mino
I went to the kitchen to cook something for Nobunaga. I somehow managed to convince him to eat. Sato accompanied me and helped me prepare."Milady, I didn't know you knew how to cook." She said. Ever since the wedding, I'd have small flashbacks of my past. I remember most of my life without having any headaches. I knew how to cook because it was a necessary trait for women to have in my time period."What are you going to make?" She asked. I was thinking of making omurice. It's something new in this time period and I would bet all my money that Nobunaga would enjoy it."It's something I think the lord would enjoy." I answered Sato. I have to make the ketchup first since it didn't exist in Japan until the 1900s. Sato brought me the ripe tomatoes I requested. I cut them up into tiny pieces and boiled them in a pot with most of the ingredients that I could find. After boiling, I mashed the tomatoes into a paste as smooth as I could. Afterwards, I asked Sato to tran
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Shards of Time: Nobunaga's Campaign
Somehow I'm still troubled. I know what I have to do but if I were to give myself to Nobunaga, I'd want him to feel the same way I feel. I'm guessing there won't be a chance for me to go back to my own time period so I have to live my life here. The thing is I'm here for a reason. And that's to help Nobunaga. AHH! My modern ideals don't fit well here.When I turned the corner, I bumped into someone causing me to fall over. I was so distracted that I didn't notice."I'm sorry." I said while rubbing my nose. I opened my eyes and saw Nobunaga towering over me. He held out his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and I stood there looking down."You've been troublesome today." He said. I didn't meet his gaze. His voice held no emotion. It was monotonous at best."I'm sorry. I'll go back to the Tenshu." I said. I walked away but he pulled me back."What?" I asked. He didn't answer. He held on to my arm and pulled me in to an empty room. He pinned me betw
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Shards of Time: The Man Who Would Be Hideyoshi
Nobunaga had his men build the Azuchi castle in Omi Province. Before we could settle there, Nobunaga requested for her sister Oichi to marry the daimyo of Omi, Azai Nagamasa as a sign of an alliance. It was purely political but surprisingly Oichi was okay with it.I was invited to the war council again. It seemed Nobunaga trusts my judgment and would frequently call me to attend to hear my opinion."Do we have word from our scouts about Yoshimoto?" Nobunaga asked."They have been silent for a while my lord." Masahide responded. They won't attack just yet; not until Ieyasu will come of age and take control of the Matsudaira clan. They will join forces for a while until Nobunaga is able to weaken the Imagawa clan then Ieyasu will know what to do."It'll take a few years before they will make their move." I blurted out. I immediately covered my mouth. All eyes were on me. Me and my big mouth."What do you mean milady?" Masamune asked. I should just gl
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