She Got Me Going Crazy

She Got Me Going Crazy

By:  Natsume  Completed
Language: English
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All it took was one glance for billionaire Jackson to experience a burning love unlike anything he’d thought possible. The hunky fireman had no doubt the pretty bridesmaid was meant to be his, but Jackson had to wait eleven long months to claim Kate. Jackson kept close tabs on the young beauty, counting down the days until he could claim her. But when a natural disaster struck, and he was forced to miss her birthday, he returned more determined than ever.

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49 Chapters
My Girl
"Let’s go, boys!” I shouted to my team as I exited the church. Even though the fire alarm had been tripped intentionally, we still had to do a full sweep.The alarm had interrupted a wedding, so I approached the bride and groom, giving them a sympathetic smile. It was hot as fuck outside, and our gear wasn’t exactly breathable, so I pulled off my helmet and wiped my brow with my forearm. “It was a false alarm. You’re cleared to enter the building.”“Of course, there was a freaking false alarm right in the middle of the ceremony.” My eyes were immediately drawn to the person who’d made the comment.My body roared to life as I took in the sight of the petite woman with auburn hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. It had been a long damn time since I’d even bothered to look at a woman, much less be sexually attracted to one. I was as stunned by my response as her beauty.Her gaze met mine, and I felt as though my world turned right side up—as if it had always been upside d
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Count on it
Having been born with a trust fund worth over a billion dollars, I was used to women throwing themselves at me, but that didn’t mean I had to like it. My interest in entertaining shallow relationships and one-night stands had been a product of teenage hormones andlasted about as long as a breath mint.I knew what women saw when they looked at me…in addition to the dollar signs. My body was shredded because I liked being healthy, and it made me an effective firefighter. With my hazel eyes —framed with thick dark lashes—angular face, chiseled jaw, and straight nose, I wasn’t considered classically handsome, but I was attractive enough to end up on a list of the world’s sexiest bachelor philanthropists multiple times.Despite my desire to stay out of the limelight, the paparazzi still found interest in me from time to time. And that was usually when women like this one came out of the woodwork. They assumed that I was such a manwhore, I wouldn’t realize that we’d never met and armed the
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Not In The Car
“I love you, Jackson.”“Say it again, Kate,” tongue up her slit, circling her inside her tight channel.“Oh! Yes!”I demanded before I dragged my clit and going back down to plunge“Say. It.” I ground out, pinching her ass hard so she’d know I wasn’t playing around.“I love you!”“Damn fucking straight,” I growled.I pulled her puffy, wet folds apart and gently blew on her slick flesh. She shivered, and I inhaled deeply as I watched her sticky cream ooze from her center. “I can smell how fucking needy you are, blue eyes.” I lapped at the sweetness, groaning when the taste burst on my tongue, causing my own thick jizz to spurt from my cock.My eyes lifted as I ate her sweet pussy, staring at her swollen belly and feeling the total satisfaction of knowing I’d bred my woman. I’d marked her in every way possible, inside and out, so there was no doubt she belonged to me.I fucking loved seeing Kate pregnant, knowing she was holding a little piece of both of us inside her womb. The memory o
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“Hello, Jackson.” Kate’s warm voice washed over me, and I looked up to see her standing at my table, smiling sweetly. “Hey there, blue eyes,” I greeted her with a grin. “Fancy meeting you here.” It was probably a stupid move, but after nine months of waiting, I’d reached the point when I needed to talk to Kate at least once a day or I would lose my fucking mind. So I started frequenting the coffee shop she loved. She was there nearly every day. My only saving grace was that it was near the firehouse, so I had a plausible excuse. Kate giggled, and her deep blue orbs sparkled. I hoped our daughters had her eyes…then again, maybe not. If our girls looked half as beautiful as Kate, I’d have to lock them in a tower until their golden years. Her smile turned almost shy, and she blushed before saying, “I hoped…um, it’s always nice to see you.” Fucking hell. I wanted to yank her onto my lap and kiss the hell out of her. But I swallowed the desire and kept my expression pleasant. “I enjoy
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My number
Ismiled warmly at Kate as she pulled out a chair and sat at the table next to mine. “Good morning, blue eyes.” She blushed, like she always did when I called her by that nickname. “You realize that the fact that we bump into each other here so regularly probably means we have a caffeine problem, right?” she teased. Oh, I was there due to an addiction, but it wasn’t caffeine I craved. And I only had a month left before I would finally satisfy that craving. Or at least take the edge off. I would always hunger for Kate. I had no doubt of that. “Some obsessions are worth any price or repercussion,” I responded without a hint of amusement. She opened her mouth, then shut it, then sputtered, “I’m, um, meeting my sister, Grace, but thought I’d say a quick hello.” “I’m glad you did,” I responded happily. “How is the house coming along?” “Your suggestions have been invaluable. I think you’ll be very pleased with the way it’s shaping up.” Biting her lip, she glanced away for a second, an
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You're mine
The corners of my mouth tipped up at her quick backpedal. She hadn’t yet grasped that nothing about my life was a secret to her. But I didn’t have time to get into that. “There’s a problem with one of my foundations that I need to address myself. I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t showing up for coffee for any other reason than the truth. And to know that I will miss seeing you every day.” Her mouth formed an O, and her blue eyes lit with delight. “Me, too.” “I wish like fuck I could kiss you goodbye,” I told her after drawing in a ragged breath. “But I know that once I start, I won’t be able to stop.” Stunned, she stared at me, and I gave in to a smaller temptation, bJacksoning a kiss over the pretty blush on the apple of her cheek. “Be good. Don’t let any little shits put their hands on you, and I’ll see you on your birthday.” Her breathing became choppy, and her tits bounced enticingly, making my cock ache to be inside her. The time away would be even more hell than the past
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Spearing Olive with an intense stare, I stated bluntly, “I have a perfectly good reason for not being at her birthday like I promised. But she deserves to hear it first.” Fishing in my pocket, I pulled out a small robin’s egg blue box. “I love her. And I won’t let anything stand between us. So feel free to run to Jeall, the police, or anyone you want, but don’t expect them to find her without a ring on her finger and my last name. Is that clear?” Olive studied me for a moment before nodding. “I want updates from her so I know she’s okay. But dude, if she’s not your wife the next time I see her, you will wish it was Jeall coming after you. Unlike him, I have no balls and therefore no empathy for what it would be like to have them cut off and shoved up my ass.” I couldn’t help the grin that curved my lips, and I shook my head. “You know what, Olive? I believe you.” There was just something about her that told me she wasn’t bluffing. “And thank you for taking care of my girl until it wa
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Sexy peaks
JACKSON Ihanded Kate a bottle of water, then sat in the seat beside her just as a man in a pilot’s uniform walked in through the airplane door. “Sorry I’m late, Jackson. Got stuck in traffic.” Wade was Lake’s preferred copilot and another good friend. “No problem,” I said with a wave. “I certainly didn’t give you much notice, moving the trip up over twenty-four hours.” I gestured to Kate and put my arms around her, pulling her in close and smiling when she melted into my side. “Wade, this is my Kate. Wade’s our copilot.” Lake walked to the door of the cockpit and smiled when he spotted my girl. “Wow, Jackson. You sure know how to pick ’em.” My eyes narrowed in warning, making his grin grow. “Kate, that asshole is Lake. Ignore him.” Lake laughed and greeted Wade, who was putting his stuff into a cubby in the galley. “Hey, Wade. Okay, Jackson, we’ll take off in about five minutes.” “Thanks,” I said with a lift of my chin. Wade pulled the plane door closed and secured it, then they
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Every second
I gave her what she was asking for, plucking her nipples a few times before breaking the kiss and taking one of the buds in my mouth. While I laved at her tits, I teased her entrance with the tip of my dick. Softly, just kissing the flesh together to stimulate her nerve endings. Eventually, I pushed a little inside, and when her walls clamped down and tried to suck me in further, I knew she was ready.Rising back up, I unhooked her ankles from behind me and placed them on my shoulders. “Just relax, baby,” I crooned. Gently, I pushed in a few more centimeters, then stopped to let her muscles stretch and accommodate my size.She was so tiny. I might have worried about my fat cock being too much for her if I hadn’t known, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kate was made for me.The next time I added a little more, she tensed, and I petted her sex, making sure to bJackson over her clit while I cooed, “Relax, blue eyes. Focus on how good it feels to have me inside you. Filling you. See how
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My mind
hands on the sides of her head, and her expression was horrified as she turned in a circle, not seeming to see anything in front of her. “Holy crap. We didn’t use a condom. I can’t be the other woman! A pregnant mistress? Holy crap! My parents are going to kill me. Life is not a fairy tale, Kate Weller.”After absorbing her ranting for a minute and then seeing the object in her hand, I caught on to the misunderstanding.“Kate.” She didn’t even register that I’d spoken as she continued to walk around and mutter to herself. I stalked over to her and yanked her into my arms. “Kate!”“Don’t touch me!”I didn’t let her go, despite her struggling.“Let me explain,” I demanded in a tone that said I meant business. She stopped wiggling, but her expression remained angry and resentful.“There is no one else but you.” She opened her mouth, but I shot her a look that had her snapping it shut. “There hasn’t been for a very long time.”I grabbed the wrist of her hand that was tightly clenched shut
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