She's The Alpha

She's The Alpha

By:  Bridget  Completed
Language: English
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This is a story a girl who was adopted by a couple. Unknown to them, she was a Werewolf. She started experiencing some strange things when the new girls arrived at her school. Unknown to her, they were witches and they only want her to activate the moon ring which they've stolen from the wolves. Will she activate it after finding out that the moon ring belong to them.

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"The novel is about werewolf fantasy adventure and teenage werewolf romance by Bridget. Readers find the story interesting and captivating. After Kace was run over by a mysterious creature, he found himself immersed in the world of witches and werewolves in the school he attends. Even in disbelief, he still finds comfort under Ember's care and companion. Ember knows she is a werewolf but keeps it from her foster parents. Her colleagues witches Chloe and Zoey keep her from fulfilling her mission. Whilst, her secret is not safe from her parents anymore..."

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Mahlon C
This book is interesting so far but it's difficult for me to read and understand because of the poor grammar (I speak English so I am trying very hard to understand the language here despite the grammatical errors).
2022-02-18 18:22:34
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nice story, keep going! :) by the way, is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-10 10:48:18
39 Chapters
Who are they
 Ember: povI ignored the ringing alarm as I covered myself with a blanket sleeping peacefully. A knock suddenly came into my door as I also ignored it and continued my sleep.""Ember,... Ember comes down stairs for breakfast? My annoying brother rasped in as I gave him a deaf ear.My mom always likes to send him to distract me, especially mornings like this.? He kept banging my door and I indignantly stood up and went to open the door.""what's it? Dude, why do you keep banging my door? "Mom said?.... "I've heard you go away, I've already known what he wanted to say. Gosh! He's so annoying.I push him and slam my door? Mom said you should come down stairs for your breakfast embarrass Can't you just be a big sister? Why are you such a bad nerd? He mumbled as I opened the door and stretched my face at him.""what do you just say? "Hmm nothing?" Good? I thought I heard a word from your sticky mouth.I slammed the door and went as I
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 Ember:pov I woke up very early in the morning as I had my shower and wore the latest trending dress? I was still pissed off and indignanted by what those three strange girls did to me yesterday.I put on a small light make up as I put on some lipstick,... And park my hair ponytail?I walked down the stairs as I found my mom and brother already in the dinner. "Good morning mom, I greeted and took fried chicken as I munch it in my mouthHow was school yesterday? My mom asked as I suddenly fumed in anger, now she's asking me? She is always so busy with her work and wouldn't have time for us.""mom could you believe it? Ember fought with the new girls and they beat her up "My annoying brother utter as I smacked his head? " What,what happened.Why are you fighting again? My mom asks, putting on a worried face. It's nothing mom,not actually a big deal.I ate hurriedly and went to my parking car. I don't like the drivers taking me to
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Witch castle
Paisley:povWe were all dressed up in our normal witch uniform as we exist the witch castle and landed on human world? "Gosh I can't really believe I'll be attending human school for the time being. Our castle are far behind humans world? It just located in the forest? So no humans can come to our world. No, not again? Why is human always like this,they like bullying. "Please let's me go? I tried removing my thoughts from the young girl voice who seems to get beaten by her follow mate. "Let's ignore them? We can't interfere in a human affair "Remember!! we're here on a mission and not to play. Rosalie shrugged at me as I was quickly awaken? It seems like I was lost listening to humans thought."Right, she's right? We need to focus so we could get the girl? So I could have my parents back.I quickly went to Bentley class as Rosalie and Skylar went to our class. I needed to seduce him first, in order for our plans to be successful.""I entered the cl
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 Ember:pov""mom, I'll be going to school now, and I'm not really certain that I'll come home early? I utter backing at me mom as my dad suddenly reeled at me. "And what's gonna delay you from that school? Make sure you come as early before six... Or else? He barked as I quickly exist the sitting room.I went outside and was about to plop in my car with my brother... "Kevin?.. walk in. "Mom said you should take me to school, and why will i,I ask as he glance at me dangerously toBecause my car got spoiled, he was grumpy as I waited patiently for him to enter the car. After he had finally gone in, we drove off.Someone says I should give this to you? He stretched his hand at me and I was stunned to see the necklace which I barely put on to school, it was yesterday I decided to wear it on.Who gave it to you? I can't really describe the person, but I know he was a guy? He said you've mistakenly dropped it? "Oh thank God the person was really good eno
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She's the alpha
 Writer's:pov "How could you just save humans?? Do you remember what they did to us "wolves; fifteen (15) years ago. How could you risk our lives? Do you want humans to find us again? The omega of the wolf rasped in barking at Cole who just seemed to disobey the rules? He just saved a life that was supposed to end. Now tell me, why do you save them and right now.... They're inside the forest, they'll still find out where we are? He rasped at him as he blink his blurry eyes." I don't know but I felt a connection. It's like one of us is with them, "what do you mean you felt a connection? I think I have found my sister"; the alpha, she's with those students? " That isn't possible. omega of the wolf asks, sounding surprised. But I thought she was with the witches, "no? One of the wolves asked? " No, I think she was saved by some human and right now.... some of the witches are in the forest with us, we need to spy on them and find out where they live and so it
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A cline in replacement of her
Ember:povWe suddenly landed in a house which looked like a castle? "Holy crap? " Where I'm from. My eyes were bilwereded at what was in front of me? ""is this some magical island or a witch world? Oh my, I've never been in a place so magically and shining? It's only in the movie I gotta see such things. "Gosh!! Which world I'm in? Many people could be seen doing magic, some of them carried broomsticks and waned on it? "Could that make them fly? I thought within myself as I saw the most shocking things. Does it actually flu them up? Holy grap,how did they do it? A hand suddenly tapped me,.. bringing me back to reality as I exhaled.""what I'm i doing here!!" And how did you do it? "Actually, how did you bring me here? I asked paisley who was beside me. We actually vanished" how? I asked Paisley who was snubbing me. You really want to know why you're here? '"then come with me.She started and I followed her from back like some maid? Some girls were busy staring a
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Writer's:povThe angry animal rapidly jumped on Kace's body and bit his neck...In the process; brandon was thinking of what to do when suddenly he came up with a better idea. He couldn't just leave him dying there? He needed to do something. He is a new human friend who accepted him, so he can't even think of leaving.He needed to carry him to the witch castle, though he ran away from there, he couldn't just leave his new alley to die? The witch will be able to save him. He thought and disappeared with him?The wolf who was enjoying himself glared at the ground as he couldn't find a trace of him and so was the strange boy who seemed bitter to him.He didn't long for him? "Seriously!! That explains why I didn't feel like eating him? He's a witch and right now I'm gonna go and find their castle. Wherever they live? We need the girl?. He thought to himself and snarled around the forest as he growled, detecting the human scents?He suddenly stopped sna
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Writer's:pov Kace could be seen sleeping peacefully in his bed when suddenly her mother walked in? It has been long she has a mother relationship with her son, she needed to reconcile with him. She walked towards the bed where he was sleeping and patted his hair softly? It has been long since she had a conversation with her son. Kace eyes suddenly opened as he jerked up from the bed? It was unusual of her mom to be doing that? After divorcing his dad.""mom what are you doing here? He shrugged as he gave her a gaze explanation.My son... I'm just", " your son? You do Care about me that you abandoned me in Singapore with my dad? I was leaving like an orphan there, and now I've got to make new friends,dad suddenly located to another area. I gotta leave my friends and come live with you here? You abandoned me and dad,I wish you haven't divorce? I wish you didn't started your fornication at all, everything wouldn't be the way they're right now. you course everyth
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Hunting the wolf's
Ember clone:povI vanished from the school as I landed on an ember compound? "How long will I have to be her? I just want to get out of her body.!! Her figure is just too small For mineI went into the parlour and I found a woman and a man sitting down? They were currently discussing something? I was about to climb up the stairs when I heard the ember name being called.""ember"; come here? When do you start being disrespectful that you couldn't greet us? Do you know how worried I was yesterday? Where were you? Her mother shuddered as I quickly smiled? Shining my gap teeth at them? " This isn't funny? What I'm gonna say. ""ember, Your mom is talking to you"? Answer her? His dad abruptly shrieked as I froze his mouth? He can't just shout at me anyhow he likes.I'm not their daughter?Ember mom who was seeing everything sat speechlessly, giving me a gaze of explanation? "Well,I can't answer her questions either? I quickly looked at her eyes an
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First aid treatment
Writer's: pov After the first aid treatment which they have given Kace, he felt better as he walked around the castle? He couldn't believe somewhere in this world actually exist. Who would believe witches and wolf exist? He glowered at the magnifying things behind him as he abruptly detected someone's voice. The person was roaring for help? He immediately turned to his left and right to see if someone was coming?" But thankfully?... "No footsteps could be detected?He gradually followed where the noise was coming from and Surprisedly? The noise became more loud when he halt in a building which look like a cage? Inside the house was someone in the room probably locked up?He leaned close to the door and took a view of the person. stunningly!! The person turned out to be ember?."ember what are you doing here? He mumbled in a low rasped as he tried opening the door but it was locked. Ember on the other hand was obviously chaotic at the ac
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