Sheryl; Alpha Ashton's Beloved Mate

Sheryl; Alpha Ashton's Beloved Mate

By:  Raveen Daniel  Completed
Language: English
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"What have I done? I'm so sorry Sheryl!" He trashed around the room, remorse full on his face. "It's okay, I forgive you." I chuckled, quite evilly, it caught his attention. "Forgive? How can you after all I've done?" "I said forgive, not forget, don't get it mixed up." His eyes widened at my declaration. I was not the same weak wolf I was when he met me and I will make sure he knows it. **** Everyone took Sheryl to be weak because of her lack of a wolf, it made it easy for everyone to prey on her, even her mate. But, what do they say about comebacks? It's always sweet with a hint of revenge. And that's exactly what Sheryl did.

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I love this book and give it a 5 star rating
2024-07-02 09:05:51
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I loved this story but there is no ending it seems to stop just when it gets interesting I would love to read the whole story thanks Lorraine
2024-06-26 14:13:13
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I am Chrisma Daneyle
This looks like a good book is it a series
2024-06-22 08:59:27
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I made it to maybe chapter 12. Started out good but around chapter 10, it becomes a different story almost. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a memory or what.
2024-06-24 02:24:40
86 Chapters
life in hell
"You stupid mutt! I told you to clean my room, what have you been doing? Huh? Answer me!" James slapped Sheryl with every sentence that came out of his mouth.She kept her head down to avoid eye contact because it would only anger him more. The more she tried to justify herself, the more beating she received, in the end, she chose to keep quiet and take the beating."Answer me!" His voice boomed in the little closet room they were in.Permitting to speak, Sheryl took the chance to explain herself."I-I-I w-was washing the dishes alpha." With her head still bowed, she stuttered and rushed out her words as best as she could."Is that more important than listening to me?" He questioned quietly, but the venom his voice carried scared Sheryl."No Alpha." She answered quickly."Okay." He finalized, making Sheryl think the torture was over. But it was far from over.She tried to leave, but James was not having it. He held her back by her arms, making her flinch. She knew exactly what was to
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company of bitches
It was Kelly. And the look on her face was not nice. It was menacing. It was scary. Water was poured upon her, wetting her alongside her bed.How Kelly made it to her room was totally beyond Sheryl, but she knew she had to stand up for herself, or the pack spoiled girl would take her for a fool."What are you doing?" Sheryl shouted, looking at Kelly with hatred in her eyes.Kelly and her minions were shocked."What did you just say to her?" Ginny spoke first, holding up Sheryl's chin by her palm. The said girl swatted the hand away and looked straight into Kelly's eyes."What are you doing in my room? This is my personal space, you have no right." Sheryl Tru stood up, but Jenny pushed her back into bed, annoying her even more.Without thinking, she pushed Kelly out of the way and got out of bed forcefully. The spoiled girl scoffed."What were you doing with James last night?" Kelly asked, making Sheryl stop in her tracks."No no no." She started to chant inside herself. The last thing
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sold to the brutes
"What is going on here!?" Landon, the head warrior's voice boomed across the little forest, as he rushed over and held down Sheryl.He also happened to be the only person who tolerated Sheryl enough to be friends with her."Nothing warrior, move along now, we're simply carrying out the Alpha's order." The leader spoke.Landon was shocked to say the least, because if at all the alpha needed the brutes, he was usually the one the laoha would send to call them. And they knew too, but they were simply trying to indulge in their pleasure."The alpha?" Landon scoffed, "I don't remember the alpha sending me to call you brutes out.""So what are you going to do about it?" The leader asked, trying to flex his muscles."Why don't we take this straight to the alpha?" Landon threatened while Sheryl shook her head profusely, knowing that would cause more trouble for her.The alpha was known for his ruthlessness, the brute couldn't bear being at the bottom of his wrath, so they disappeared as quick
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No one heard Ashton utter those words, so everyone carried on with their merriment.As he mingled with the guests, everyone was surprised because he rarely liked to be in the midst of people, but he wanted to fish out from where the pleasant smell came from.It was very faint, making it hard for him to hunt down.Ashton always wanted a mate, hence making it easy for him to know for sure that it was his mate."Where could she be?" Ashton spoke first, as he looked around."Let's enjoy the evening first." Ashton was a bit reluctant to find his mate, he wanted her to find them, after all, he was the alpha.Ashton nodded to himself, but he couldn't help but feel the primal pull to find his mate. He scanned the crowd, his eyes lingering on the women, but none of them seemed to be the one he was looking for. Until he caught a whiff of a scent he couldn't resist."Over there," he said discreetly, pointing to a woman standing by the bar. She wore a red dress that hugged her curves in all the r
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missing the future
The deed was done.But the moment Ashton realized what he was doing, they became mortified with themselves and fled without as much as a look back.Sheryl was crying, with pains all over her body, but she managed to pick herself up to wipe herself clean."Why?!" She lamented in a loud voice, tears rolling down her face mixed with snort."What!?" Asher's eyes widened when the alpha told him of the atrocities he had committed against his mate."I didn't mean to, my wolf took over." He cried, Ashton held his hair, almost as if he wanted to pull it out of its roots."You left her!" The beta couldn't understand why that would happen."We didn't mean to okay?!" Ashton got frustrated and wanted to leave the office immediately."You have to go and apologize to her right away, for all you know, it might be her first time and you guys took advantage of her body like that?" Asher told Ashton who remained seated."It is her first time, Asher." The alpha replied in a little voice, regret signed al
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future ensured
Sheryl doesn't think she has had this much peace of mind in such a long time. Seeing the kids play around happily is enough for her to beam with a smile. The Starlight Pack has been nothing but a blessing in disguise to Sheryl. She no longer has to dread waking up or being seen. She has lived a life in fear and now, she has a taste of what peace of mind feels like. Still sitting down, she kept thinking of how to build a life here and forget the life of misery that she had lived. "Bye, mama," Phoebe tells me running out of the house happily."I'll get you candy from the candy man mama," Phoenix tells her smiling and following her sister to play. "Wait Phoenix, where's your sister?" She asks Phoenix surprised Lenny isn't going out with them. "She said she doesn't want to go out.""Why?""I don't know." Phoenix tells her mother and runs off before she can say anything else. This is unlike Lenny. They always go everywhere together but her wanting to stay behind is a cause for worry.
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unwanted company
I stared at the fake man before me, I had seen it all and could already tell what his intentions were."I like you, Sheryl. I do not know why you treatment like garbage. Your face is written in disgust whenever you see me. Why can't you like me?" "I cannot like you because you are a creep and your intentions are not pure ""How can you easily judge someone? You haven't even given me the chance to show you I sincerely care." He spoke pretending to be sincere like Sheryl is some child who can easily be deceived. She burst out laughing at how he looked. She is not even sure why she was laughing at him pretending to care, like sincerely care is what is funny. "You must think I'm stupid huh! I mean, you think I'm a timid teenager who is yet to have her first kiss and is so anxious to be told all these mouth-watering things. I am a mum, a mum of three hours. Look at me, do I look like someone naive? You come through my back door pretending to like me and shit and you expect me to blindly
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alpha’s request
"Leave my house this instant," Sheryl tells Brian loud enough for him to hear but not loud enough for her children to hear. Lenny is already disturbed by Brian's sneaky movements which makes Sheryl worried. That is the more reason she does not want Lenny to know or even her sisters. "Did you have to hit me so hard? Of all places my nuts?" Brian asks Sheryl still In pain."Get out of my house Brian," I tell him trying as much as possible to not scream. "You do not have to be this hostile Sheryl. Can you at least give me a chance to prove to you that my intentions are genuine?" Brian tells Sheryl who is still frowning maintaining a stance. Sheryl is so keen on taking precautions and not letting herself be ruined by a man she barely knows. From what she knows, he might just be trying to take advantage of her vulnerability of being a single mum to three girls the same age. "If truly you like me as you claim, you will not go through my back door or sneak into my house at this time of t
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children’s request
The guards look at Sheryl wondering what exactly is funny. "I'm sorry but it's just so funny. I don't mean to laugh but I can't just help it." Sheryl tells the guards who are giving her a questioning look. As she sees their faces become straight, she stops laughing. "Did my girls do this to you?" Sheryl asks Brian whose face looks like he is going to cry. Sheryl begins to wonder about the time they did it because they are in the house acting like nothing happened."Do I look like I'm lying?" Brian asks Sheryl who still looks amused by Brian's appearance. "Sorry," Sheryl tells him "We did not come here for all these. You need to follow us to see the alpha" the guard who looks like the leader tells Sheryl. She apologizes to them for her behavior. And asks to be excused to put on proper clothes and also let her girls know that she is leaving for a bit. After a few minutes, she comes out and walks with them to the Alpha's residence. After walking for a few minutes they all get to th
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making it out
The alpha turns to look at Brian waiting for him to apologize to Sheryl who is standing with her gaze on Brian. Brian on the other hand Shrugs before apologizing to Sheryl who tells him it’s okay. The alpha tells Sheryl to apologize to Brian for slapping him and she does so immediately. She just desperately wants to live in peace with the Starlight pack and Brian is one of the pack members. To achieve that, she must not have issues with anybody there. Apologizing to Brian will not cost her anything which is why she did so with a smiling face. Sheryl is a stunning beauty who finds herself in a precarious situation with Brian. Tired of standing answering and talking to the alpha in the palace, Sheryl asks the alpha if that will be all and he tells her yes which makes her turn to go get her girls so they can all go home but the alpha stops her from leaving.“Wait behind first,” the alpha tells Sheryl who stops and turns to look at the alpha.“Yes, my Lord” she answers him. “I will ass
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