Sold To The Mafia Lord

Sold To The Mafia Lord

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Lucia I'd lost my parents at a young age, been tossed from one abusive chaotic home to the other until I'd finally decided I couldn't take it anymore and had run away. Only running away had made it worse. **** I'd been stripped to almost nothing because of my stubbornness. My upper body was left uncovered and my breasts were on display, though that was the least of my problems. A tear escaped my eyes then and I watched it fall down to my chest and slide down my exposed breast. I turned to wipe my face with my arm but it barely worked. I was hot and sweaty. My eyes went back to the crowd and my gaze fell on someone sitting at the back. For a second, I forgot how my lungs worked. Bruno Inheriting a ruthless top mafia gang at a very young age did a lot of damage to someone. It certainly did a whole lot of damage to me. Fucked me up so bad I could no longer tell what was right from what was wrong. I didn't give a flying fuck what anyone thought about it. It was who I was now and there was no going back. At least that was what I'd thought. Seeing her up there, hands tied above her head as she waited for whatever asshole was going to buy her at the auction caused some kind of reaction in me. It was enough to tell me that I should probably let someone else buy her so she could be their problem. Unfortunately I'd never been one to stop myself from making a wrong decision. So I bought her anyway. And who would have guessed? She turned out to be the best decision I'd ever made.

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So good Mafia hottie
2023-11-14 09:55:52
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I'm already in love with Bruno..I need moreeeeeee
2023-10-27 21:47:46
40 Chapters
*Lucia*Shame.Despair.Pain.They were all emotions that had become so familiar to me it was almost like I couldn't do without them. I wish I could say that I felt nothing, standing in a room full of ruthless and arrogant mafia lords, waiting to be bought by one of them at this disheartening auction but the truth was that I felt something. I actually felt a lot of things. And the leading emotion happened to be an intense sense of betrayal.It was funny how I didn't ever learn from my mistakes. Once again, I thought my life was finally getting better. That despite my unfortunate destiny as an orphan which just happened to be one of the most pitiful rankings in the entire world, I was finally getting to a better place. It had all been a dream though.An extremely far fetched dream.I grunted in pain as the asshole behind me tugged on my rope. I muttered a curse under my breath, instantly regretting it the second a dirty slap landed loudly on my cheek. I bit down on my lower lip, trying
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Chapter 1
*Lucia*I stared helplessly into the night, waiting for Jason to show up. I was hiding behind a tree in a place where I could easily see anyone who came out of the house. Jason and I had planned to escape together after realizing just this afternoon that his uncle wanted us both dead. I inhaled a silent breath, my head beginning to hurt with worry as different negative thoughts began to flood my mind.What if his uncle Aldo was on to us?I didn't have the luxury of owning a phone so I couldn't check what time it was but I was extremely certain that I had been standing there for more than an hour now. I wondered briefly if I should walk back inside. I could just say that I had stepped out to trash the dirt if I was caught going back up to my room.Just as I had decided that it was exactly what I was going to do, I spotted Jason waking out of the gate. I quickly stepped into the light and waved my hand so he knew where I was. He turned back to make sure no one was following him and then
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Chapter 2
*Bruno*The nightclub was a little busy when I walked in. I'd decided not to inform my staff I was coming, wanting to surprise them should they be caught doing something they shouldn't have. Unfortunately for me, there was no shady business going on. Shame, really. I would have really liked to tear someone apart, limb by limb, if only just to forget about the dumb bitch who'd felt she could double cross me. It didn't matter that they were all apparently doing their duties perfectly and wouldn't fall prey to my temper tonight.The cunt was definitely going to pay.I nodded my head in acknowledgement at the bouncers on duty. They knew better than to nod back at me, simply keeping their heads down and avoiding my eyes. They were two of the strongest, most ruthless bouncers a person could find. I walked to the entrance of the club, making sure that everything was exactly where they were supposed to be.From the corner of my eyes, I noticed some of my staff fidgeting, probably praying to t
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Chapter 3
*Lucia*The men walked around us. My eyes moved from one to another before finally settling on Steve. He held my gaze for a while. He also looked confused as if his men had turned against him. "You are in no position to ask questions," Rex said. His hand clutched the barrel he held tightly. "One more word and I'll blow off your skull," his voice was deep and it kept resounding in my head.Steve gritted his teeth. It was clear that he hated the fact that there was nothing he could do. He must be feeling betrayed. Rex asked him to raise his hand over his head and he did so without complaint. I still couldn't wrap my head around what just happened. Before I could try to figure out one or two things, I felt my hands pulled roughly from behind.I turned sharply, and my hands unconsciously went into my sweater where I had hidden the gun Jason had given me. Maybe he knew that I would be faced with such a situation. Before I could pull it out and defend myself, "Bring her too," I heard Rex be
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Chapter 4
*Bruno*I walked back to take my seat behind my desk. Although I had killed her I still feel my anger within me. I had trusted her, something I never did. I wore the earphones on my desk and listened to some conversations that were held in the club. Seeing that I had nothing to worry about, I took it off and stood up. Tossing the lighter in my hand. Maybe I should have had her tortured before making her eat the food.I sighed.I didn't plan to sleep in my private chambers tonight. I would go back home. I had a lot of things to sort out. My eyes moved from one nude painting to the other. I saw a piece I liked and would like to add to my office. I made a mental note to remind Rave to get them for me. I walked out of the office placing my lighter in my pocket.I decided to take another walk around the club before I went back home. I was already stressed and would like to relax early but not without fucking an ass. I was already feeling a little hard as I watched a man fucking a sweet ass.
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Chapter 5
*Lucia*When I opened my eyes, I was lying in a car that sped past the road. I blinked simultaneously. From the corner of my eye, I could see a man sitting close to me, he kept a straight face as he discussed quietly with the driver.I couldn't hear what they were saying. I tried to adjust my body quietly but I couldn't, I felt a pang of headache. My stomach rumbled quietly, and I placed my hands on it. I was extremely hungry. I noticed the piece of cloth that was used to cover my chest. I felt grateful that my exposed chest was covered.I still felt dizzy. Just like I felt before falling unconscious. I tried to keep my eyes open as we drove but I couldn't. Everything blurred. Slowly I closed my eyes and everything faded.The next time I woke up, I was in a room. I was all drenched in water that had been splashed on my face. I sat up immediately, rubbing my eyes as I tried to adjust to the dark room which was lightened by a dingy blue bulb in the room.I cursed whoever splashed wate
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Chapter 6
*Bruno*I took a long look at her before stepping out of the room. I could see she was conscious of me. She had taken a step back. my eyes lingered in her breast which had been exposed some time back. I wonder how they would feel under my touch. I didn't want to stay for another moment so I walked out of the room with Rave. We closed the door behind us. I took slow and steady steps down the stairs, my hands trialing the rack. My eyes moved around my sitting room. I had decided to bring her home. Don't ask me why I bought her because I still have no answer to that question.Either way, she has piqued something in me but I still couldn't place my hands on it.I took a seat on the chair which was at the side. Rave sat opposite me. He was quick to light up a cigarette. He puffed out smoke through his mouth and nose. I stared at him for a few seconds before moving my eyes to the wall clock at the side which ticked slowly. I felt thirsty. I wanted something to drink. I stood up and walked to
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Chapter 7
*Lucia*As he took a step back and walked towards the door, an idea suddenly came to my mind. Why not try to buy yourself back? Since he had said that he owned me, there should be a way to buy myself. So I caught hold of his hands. Who would have thought that it would end with him pinning me to the wall and staring pervertedly at me? I had caught his eyes on my chest a few times but right now it felt so uncomfortable. I placed my hands around my chest. If he thought he was going to have his way with me, he must be dreaming."What are you looking at?" I asked. I was scared of him but I tried not to show it on my face. I tried to look bold. But I was sure he could see through the facade I was wearing because he had a small smile on his lips. I wanted to slap that stupid smile off his face. For a while, he didn't respond. He just kept his eye there. Should I just push him to the side? I thought. But what if he puts a bullet across my head?His eyes slowly left my chest and he trailed it
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Chapter 8
*Bruno*I wanted to take a walk on the rooftop but I didn't know why I needed to be in her presence. I barely slept last night. She had been on my mind all through the night. I sighed. This wasn't normal. When she walked down the stairs my eyes had gone to her but had returned to my newspaper immediately. I didn't want to give her the impression that she meant something.We walked on the rooftop. I walked in front of her. When I was about to tell her the reason we were on the rooftop, my phone rang. It was Rave, I wanted to ignore it and enjoy my time with Lucia but I decided against it. I walked to the side and placed the phone on my ear. I was out of earshot and she couldn't hear what I was saying."What?" My eyebrow raised when Rave dropped the information he wanted to tell me. "So what are you doing about it?... Oh, this evening?... Of course, I'll be there,…" I said and hung off. There was a serious matter to take care of so I'll be going to the club this evening. Should I take
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Chapter 9
*Bruno*I stepped out of the room. A part of me hoped she was fine and had not successfully ended her life. I walked down the stairs, my shoes clicked sharply on the floor. When I got down, I looked around. One of my men was at the side. "Where is Lucia?" I asked my eyes to settle on him for a while before moving away to look around. "Did she leave the house?" I asked him. I had my doubts. I trusted my men to obey my instructions except they wanted their heads rolling on the ground."No, I've been on guard since you left and she has not taken a single step out of the room," he said.I looked past him. There was no way she would be able to leave as she didn't know the password even if there was no guard. All I was afraid of was her doing anything stupid. I had instructed them to remove anything that could be used as a weapon. I took hurried steps back to the room. I pushed open the door and stepped in. The room was empty but there was nobody there. The window was locked which means tha
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