Sold To The Stongest Alpha

Sold To The Stongest Alpha

By:  Rachy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maxine was unable to transform. She was treated as an outcast by her father. During the Moon Festival, he felt embarrassed when all the Alpha's rejected her. This forces him to sell her off to a wicked Alpha. Alpha Liam enjoyed making her life miserable, but he was threatened to change his ways or face having his pack denounced as a rouge faction. How will their story birthed with hatred and resentment unfold?

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5 Chapters
Maxine. It was the night of the annual moon festival. This was a very auspicious moment for us werewolves. The place was buzzing with excitement from every corner. I noticed a few influential people. Powerful and influential Alphas came to this festival. I couldn't contain my excitement. "Tonight," I muttered to myself. "I will awaken my wolf and get chosen as a Luna." I felt confident in myself. After all, I was very pretty, and I had a perfect body. So who wouldn't want me as their Luna? I felt a pulse of energy cursing through the air, it ignited a fervor within me as I stood at the edge of the clearing. I couldn't contain my anticipation. "Now, the young wolf should attempt their howl. Should they be successful, their wolves will come to them." The person who gave these instructions was a man revered highly in the werewolf community. He is Elder Joseph, one of the oldest and wise werewolves out there. "This is it," I uttered quietly in excitement. "The night I embraced my
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Maxine. My life was never easy. My mother died giving birth to me. My father wanted a son. However, that didn't stop him from giving me a proper upbringing. He hoped I would grow up to inherit his strengths. That wasn't the case. And now, after failing to transform and having no Alpha, he has accepted me, he has finally given up on me. Despite how much I begged, he turned a blind eye to me. "Well, well, well." My new owner, Alpha Liam, entered the room. He had his Omegas toss me into a dungeon. No, a dungeon was tidier than this place. I was basically treated like trash. "Are you enjoying your new home?" My lips were glued tight as I was overtaken with fear. "When I ask you a question, I expect an answer!" His thunderous voice startled me. "Y-yes, sir." "Good," He snapped his fingers. "That's enough training for now, you can move to a better room." Apparently, he's giving me the carrot and stick treatment. Alpha Liam - People revered him as a powerful dictator who was in lo
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"I have many rules for my pack. Everyone must follow them, including you. If you follow these rules, your stay here will be bearable. Who knows, I might even move you to a better room." he spoke, his voice deep but smooth. It was cold, but I could listen to it all day.I didn't say anything. I couldn't trust my voice. Instead, I listened, obeying him like a submissive wolf. "First, speak only when spoken to. Second, don't leave your chambers without my permission. Third, only come to my office when called, and never enter my chambers. Fourth, don't leave the castle without my permission. Lastly, you're not allowed to die unless I say so... That's a warning."His intense hatred made me stare in disbelief. Without hesitation, he turned away, heading to the door. "W-Why?" I asked, feeling hurt and broken. "Why, Liam? My father gave me away to you as a mate, as your Luna."He stopped, turned back, and in an instant, he was upon me, but not in the way I wanted. His strong grip tightened a
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As I examined her body, I couldn't deny the truth—she possessed a beauty that would make the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, green with envy.Her breasts were perfect, well beyond the D-cup, and showed no signs of sagging. Her curves were like those of an hourglass, perfectly proportioned and tantalizingly alluring. Each curve and contour of her body seemed sculpted by a divine hand, radiating an otherworldly allure that was impossible to ignore. Despite my efforts to remain aloof and detached, I couldn't help but feel drawn to her beauty. It was a magnetic pull that defied reason and logic, tempting me to indulge in desires that I had long suppressed.As I gazed upon her, a myriad of conflicting emotions washed over me—desire, longing, and a hint of vulnerability. It was a dangerous combination, one that threatened to unravel the carefully constructed walls around my heart.Yet, even as I acknowledged her physical allure, I knew that beneath the surface lay a woman of substan
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Liam. After I devoured my new plaything, I proceeded with my duties as the alpha. I trained my pack in the gruesome way possible. I wouldn't have become this powerful if my pack were weak. My strength as an Alpha is tied to their strength. "Come at me together!" I demanded as I was surrounded by dozens of my betas. "The first person to land a hit on me will have a wish of theirs granted!" I knew just how to motivate them. My tactics in war are an all-out attack, no mercy. I smirked when 5 of them charged at me at once. I would have been disappointed if they took turns. "Weak." I dodged their claws and swatted them away like flies. More surrounded me, but the result was the same. After going at it for nearly an hour, the omegas were all lying on the floor. Seeing that they were all exhausted, I decided to end the training session then. Exiting the training grounds, I stationed Kris in the hallway outside my office, flanked by Varis, my trusted head officer, and a stylish comp
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