Something So Sweet

Something So Sweet

By:  Meika Usher  Ongoing
Language: English
2 ratings
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Tierney Chandler left her small town—and perfect fiancé—years ago to chase down her dreams. Years later, the town’s still small, her dreams are mostly still dreams, and her ex is still perfect. Maybe it’s time to ditch her failing dreams pick up where she left off…Jack Elliott is a baker making his dreams come true one pie at a time. Years ago, those dreams included Tierney. At least until his annoyingly perfect cousin stole her away. Now, he’s got a second chance, and he’s determined not to waste it. Can Jack convince Tierney that he’s the dream she’s been waiting for?

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I really enjoyed this story. the characters are realistic, the dialog is hilarious, and i think the author has spent time in my hometown. great read!!!
2022-01-07 17:42:21
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I‘m only 13 chapters in, but I gotta say this some really good writing, witty characters and good storyline. Looking forward to the next chapters.
2021-09-23 15:20:53
41 Chapters
1: Punch Bowl Massacre
            You ever see those movies where the heroine enters a room and it goes dead silent? Everyone is staring like she’s the dog that got caught stealing the Christmas ham?            Yeah, that.      
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2: History Repeats
I could feel it happening. Sweaty palms, palpitating heart, dry mouth. I was reverting. Soon, I’d fully transform into the awkward, anxious girl I’d been in high school. In five, four, three, two…Wes smiled, his golden hazel eyes warming. A squeak slipped passed my lips.
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3: Burgers & Temptation
 Mistakes were made.I tugged my cardigan over my chest and grimaced. When Mom had offered up her closet this morning, I didn’t take into account our…uh, size differences.
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4: Embrace the Cheese
             Lakeside Gardens was already full of people buzzing around with drinks in their hands and manic smiles on their faces. Events like this always brought out the party animals in even June Lake’s most stand-up citizens. It wasn’t every day they had an excuse to get drunk and dance. Not twenty minutes in, and there were pinkened cheeks and bright eyes galore. &n
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5: In the Swing of Things
             “Wait, wait, wait!” I said an hour later, waving a half-empty bottle of beer in the air. “You got kicked out of school for what?”We ended up at the playground, which was only about three blocks away from Lakeside Gardens. On our way out the door, Jack had smuggled a few beers from the bar, and now we sat on the swings, in
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6: Pre-Party Party
             The next morning, I woke up with a blinding headache and a mouth full of sand. Oh, and with my mother flapping over me like a hummingbird from hell.            “Get up, lazy bones. We’re going to be late!” she said.
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7: Ballerina Blackmail
              Jack dropped me off at my car with a tight smile and a have a safe trip home. My cheeks burned as I drove to my parents’, but I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. Anger? Embarrassment? Residual hangover side effect?
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8: Boy Germs
             “Repeat after me,” Cat said Saturday morning as we stood outside our apartment building. “No alcohol and no kissing cute boys to make other cute boys jealous.”            I nodded my head. “Definitely no alcohol. And no kissing. No hugging. No touching of any kind. In fact, I think I should
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9: Build Me Up, Buttercup
             “Come on, Charla! We’re going to be late,” my dad called up the stairs a few hours later.My parents had returned from their impromptu trip to Hope Falls for whitefish at their favorite restaurant. They got home a few minutes after Stephen and Julie picked up Rory, utterly shocked to hear that they’d offered to babysit.
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10: Zip it Up
             “You jackass,” I said the moment we broke through the doors of the community center. Rory’s victory yell had brought the entire recital to a halt. Between the looks Julie and Stephen gave me, and Jack’s head on my shoulder as he collapsed into laughter, I had not been able to contain myself. Time to make our exit.      &n
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