Sophie:The broken Mistress

Sophie:The broken Mistress

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Sophie is speech impaired; she communicates by writing on pieces of paper, and as such, she carries a notebook along with her wherever she goes. She was able to clearly express her anxiety and pain through these papers, sometimes through text messages too. It is fascinating that whenever she goes out, she doesn’t appear to be a pitiable figure. Sophie is bold and clever, and she is an enthusiastic being. She is a baker, and she owns her shop. Sophie’s voice is a great weapon, and there is a lot to her central figure. People assume that she has been mute from birth, but her condition was the aftermath of the sexual abuse she received from Mr. Adrian, her uncle, at the age of 12, and her aunt, Mrs. Eliana, feels shadowed by societal analysis, so she keeps quiet about it. Sophie decided to fight and survive, and she always chose to pick shattered pieces of herself broken.

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48 Chapters
Before Yesterday
The air was refreshingly cool, and Sophie decided this was the best time to rest under the fig tree, which stood proudly at the center of the park. Families and couples arrived some minutes after the sunset, and they sprayed mats on the grass or lounged on the benches that the park provided. Sophie watched the kids squeal and giggle as they ran around each other. The parents were engrossed in their discussions, and once or twice she heard them laugh at something someone was saying. The park was a quiet place during the day, and it was here that Sophie spent most of her time, and the rest of it she spent behind the oven doing what she loved most. She turned her face up to the sky, allowing the cool breeze to romance her face and play with her long hair. She felt at ease with life; it was like the world paused and all her worries were gone.Her notebook, her only companion, rested on her lap, together with her notepad. She had gotten the notebook about twelve years ago, immediately
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Before Yesterday II
Sophie raised a perfectly carved brow. She took the letter from his outstretched hand, wondering what it was about that Rhys could not just handle it alone. Usually, Rhys did stuff like this. He prepared all the documents she needed and made sure their accounts and tax books were up-to-date; basically, everything was his unit. She looked at the letter, noting the agency’s logo and their name spelled out in fine, meticulous prints behind the envelope. Her eyes went back to Rhys, who, as if understanding her unspoken question, quickly shrugged his shoulders. Sophie tore the letter open and ran her eyes through its content, then looked up to Rhys and then to the shop across theirs, whose shutters were sealed shut. “What does it say?” Rhys asked impatiently. She handed the letter to him and placed her notepad on the table. “Apparently, the laundromat and the restaurant have been bought, as has the land around them, and the new owner will start renovations as early as next week.” She
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The new owner
Sophie looked at herself in the mirror. She had not changed a lot since she left her aunt and uncle about six years ago. Her hair had grown, though; it was at her waistline now. And her hips and legs had become more accentuated and rounder. It certainly attracted many men to her, this figure and face that she had. But they were quick to leave once they learned of her disability. Rhys was the only man who had stayed with her long enough, and sometimes she wondered why. She definitely was not paying him a lot. It was average, to say the least, but he always insisted on staying. She gazed once again at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. Her aunt had always liked to remind her of how much she resembled her mother but would never allow her to see a photo of the woman. She picked up her notebook from the dresser before her and leafed through it. In its pages, she picked a photo and held it up to her face. She had stolen the photo from her aunt’s room one fateful night when her a
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The Sudden Call
For the five years that Rhys had worked with Sophie just across from the jewelry and pawn store, they had always been careful to avoid Neal and his business, so he had not been in here many times.“So, what brings you in here? Mm?” Neal asked. “Uhhhh… Man, so you know? Did you hear about the sale?”He glanced up briefly, then went back to his work. “Do you mean the shops beside yours?” “Yeah, yeah. That. We got the notice yesterday.”He stared at Rhys now. With his eyes wide open,. “What?” Rhys asked. “Its just I’ve known for a while now. I was just surprised you guys were hearing it for the first time yesterday.” He returned his focus to the work in his hands. “Just in case you didn’t notice, man, your bakery has some kind of weird energy. It was crushing the other two businesses, and you guys were just there, thriving in between.”Rhys furrowed his brows. “What do you mean? If anything, they crushed us. I mean, we’re literally sandwiched between the two. Most times, people com
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The place that is not really home
They had spent the next three days planning the trip to Sophie’s hometown. Sophie had not been able to meet the new owner, and they had agreed to meet as soon as she was back from her trip. The shop would be closed temporarily, pending when she was back from the trip, but as Sophie stood once again before her mirror, she was not so sure. She had never been sure when it came to home. Was it even really home? It never felt like home to her. All the years that she grew up around her aunt, uncle, and pairs, she always felt like she did not belong. They acted strangely, and they looked at her strangely. The photo of her mother was at her fingertips, and now she wondered who the other person in the photo was. The one whose photo had been torn away, where could it be and who could have torn it off? Her mind strayed to the message she had received from her aunt five days ago and how much she had changed since then. How had the confidence and the walls she had built around herself crumble
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Home Again
Rhys was saying goodbye to the Uber driver when he noticed the woman rushing towards them. She drew Sophie in for a hug, and she laughed loudly. “It’s so good to see you, Sophie.” She squealed. Her eyes skimmed over Sophie’s figure, and she brought her hand to her lips as though she would cry. Sophie just stood there, with no expression on her face. “You’ve changed a lot.” The woman commented. “You look just like her if she were here now.” She sniffled, and her eyes immediately caught Rhys. Her mouth opened wide, and her eyes darted from Rhys to Sophie and back. “Oh my!” She exclaimed, pinching Sophie. “You never told me you were getting married!”“Oh… uhhhh. No ma’am. Sophie and I are not married. I am, uh, a friend of Sophie’s, Rhys.” He sputtered, stretching forth his hand. The woman shook it eagerly. “A friend indeed. Nice meeting you, Rhys. Come on, Sophie, Adrian has been waiting for your arrival.”Rhys felt Sophie stiffen beside him, but the woman had not noticed this. S
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Shards of the past
She walked to the door and stood by it for some time, watching Sophie. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You should see your uncle before you go to bed.” Her back turned against the girl immediately, and she did not see the tear that rolled down her cheeks or the rage that attacked her. But she knew, just as she has always known, of the tears that fell when her back was turned. *** The room that Sophie’s aunt gave him reminded him greatly of his mother. And as he lay in the old bed, she was all he could think of. The weight of his mother's absence hung heavy in the air, suffocating him with each passing moment. He could still hear her laughter and feel the warmth of her embrace, but they were fading echoes, distant ghosts from the past. The ache in his chest grew unbearable, a constant reminder of the void he yearned to feel. The sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway, pulling him back to reality. He turned, his heart skipping a beat, as Sophie appeared in the doorwa
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Remembering the past
Her uncle lay on a small bed in the bare room. It looked as though the light too had chosen to distance itself from him, casting its shadows all around the room, but only in the part where her uncle lay. His once-strong frame was now frail and weakened by illness. Sophie’s breath caught in her throat as she caught sight of him. There was nothing left of the man she once knew. She could barely recognise the skeleton of the man that lay before her as that of her uncle. She still remembered him. His huge weight, which shook the building when he walked, had been blessed with height and muscles, a chest, and thick legs, but now all she saw were scattered bones laid out carefully on the bed and fading skin. Wisps of his hair flew about on his head, and his eyes could barely open as they entered. His mouth moved, and he groaned unintelligible words. Anger, resentment, and sorrow battled for dominance within her, each emotion clawing at her insides with a ferocity she couldn’t contain.
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Before the beginning
The air was thick with tension from her heated argument with her aunt, and the emotions they had each released hung in the air like a jealous lover, clinging to them as they entered the house. Sophie’s grip on Rhys’ arm tightened, and he understood that she was feeling everything over again. Rhys led her to a seat on the dining table, where Sophie’s aunt had already laid out their meal. “Enjoy.” He muttered, picking up a fork. “You should eat.” He said this to Sophie, noticing she had not touched her food. Her eyes were glued to the world before her, but he knew that she was far away. Whatever happened to her in the past was eating at her ever since their arrival at this house, and he did not know how to stop it. The chair scraped the ground as Sophie stood from her seat. “I’m sorry.” She signed. “Room.” “Sophie.” Her aunt called softly from the kitchen, where she had been. “Do not forget your manners.” She hissed. Sophie huffed and sagged her shoulders, then trudged to join
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Under Your Embrace
Her feet paced the room of their own accord, and her hands clasped each other tight. Sighing deeply, she threw herself on the small bed. The women were gone, and now the house was still there. She heard nothing but the sound of her heartbeat as it thudded in her chest. Her eyes strayed to her open window, and again she felt the pull to the forest. Without hesitation, she crossed the space from her bed to the window and peered into the darkness that had blanketed the world. The cool night air rushed in to greet her like an old friend. It blew through her hair, and she smiled as its soft, whooshing sound passed by her ear. With a determined glint in her eye, Sophie climbed onto the windowsill, her muscles tense with anticipation. Her legs and arms worked as though they had a mind of their own. With a swift leap, she launched herself into the darkness, the ground rushing up to meet her with a soft thud. Ignoring the slight pain, she darted into the welcoming embrace of the forest, th
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