Chapter 7

She was completely aware of her surroundings and it wasn't helping a bit. At her back were the wolves and at her front was their Alpha in all his emotionless glory.

She tore her gaze from his and moved aside to walk away, all his doings started to cloud her mind in repeating scenarios and all she wanted to do at that moment was to punch him hard in the face, but before she could take a step away, to her dismay her wrist was clasped in a large tattooed hand. All her anger vanished and instead replaced by disgust.

"Don't touch me!" She hissed through gritted teeth.

Instead of listening to her, he narrowed his gaze at her and yanked her forward towards the table and said. "This here is the new maid."

No one dared to speak and all she felt at that moment was humiliation.

How dare he!

"First of all this is a human not a thing and second of all this is how you heir maids by kidnapping them from their homes and blackmailing them to your demands on their loved ones life!" The words left her mouth before she could even stop them.

She is always the one who put forward her thoughts without even thinking twice.

Everyone was looking at her wide eyed, long forgotten their food. Her gaze met with the green ones and that guy was the only one who was smirking and enjoying the scene in front of him. She frowned at him.

His hold on her wrist tightened earning a painful hiss from her. "Let go!" She hissed.

He doing the total opposite yanked her towards himself making her stumble upon him but before she could fall on him she regained her balance.

"You must tame this little mouth of yours. Now you don't want me to sew your lips together or do you?" He said in serious tone with a slight tug at the corner of his lips, he was looking like as if he's imagining it. His sadistic smile was so faint that if she wouldn't be this close she would've never seen it. And it send chills down her spine.

If he could shot her father, threatened to kill her brother, and even kidnapped her then no doubt he'll definitely can do whatever he's saying.

She tried to struggle out of his grasp and it was looking like futile attempts he was a giant beast as compared to her 5.6 height he was like 6.2, she barely reached his shoulders. 

Her struggles were amusing to him, he can easily see how uncomfortable she was in the presence of his men and him. And as he predicted she showed her fierceness towards him the moment he touched her. He let go of her wrist and in an instant she walked away to the kitchen without sparing back a single glance.

Alizey passed by Mia who came out with a dish to serve, Alex ordered her to bring the food in his room with that he left to the third floor. Only Mia, Cane, Jack and lucas was allowed in the third floor. He didn't understand why he wanted to stay here instead of going to his house.

Alizey felt so much anger towards that beast. How dare he humiliated her like that in front of his men. She wanted to bang his head on the wall. And most importantly she wanted to give Mia a piece of her mind.

Until now Alizey is well aware that Mia knows about Muslims and their culture. Alizey is a great observer and she understood it the moment when Mia didn't ask a single question about her wearing.

If she knew there were men sitting out their instead of the family she must have told her but she didn't. On other perspective it does look that they are a family for each other maybe that's why she said it.

But Alizey isn't a least bit comfortable about her situation here. So it means all this men live in this place.

YA ALLAH help me!

After that incident she didn't went into the dining area at all until everybody left. She had her breakfast with Mia silently in the kitchen. Mia understood that something wasn't right. So she put the initiative to ask first. "What happened?"

Alizey didn't spare her a glance but spoke looking at the food. "Why didn't you tell me it was his mobsters dining their rather then a family."

Mia gasped out loudly and covered her mouth in complete shock. "Don't say that!"

"Why? They are criminals, they kidnapped me. Why can't I say the truth?"

"It's not kidnapping. It's just you're working here to pay your fathers debt." A voice spoke behind

Alizey. It startled both the girls as they looked at the door.

There at the door was standing a guy with warm brown eyes. His hairs were the light shade of brown, with sharp features. He was tall but not as much as the beast. Mia spoke immediately in

Alizey's defense. "She didn't mean it Jack."

Jack smiled mischievously at Mia and nodded his head. "I know exactly what she meant." Alizey narrowed her eyes at him. Giving him a death glare. But choose to keep her mouth close.

"So if you know criminals so well. May I ask you then how are you sitting here intact without being harmed at all?" He ask most like scaring her or making her to imagine what he's saying.

He continued speaking while moving towards her. "You know what I think? The criminals would've sold you in an auction by now or maybe used you for their own needs." He said all this while rubbing his chin in a thinking manner.

All the blood drained out of her system when she realised the depth of his words. Instead of making her think they are good people, it only scared her to no end. Her face became pale at his words. She stood up immediately backing away. While stammering. "N-no you wouldn't."

Mia immediately came in front of Alizey and spoke in a warning tone. "Jack you're scaring her! Stop this shit of yours." And just like that he started laughing. His expressions changed from deadly serious to funny.

What the hell!

Alizey was stunned to see Mia warning him like they are buddies.

"He was just playing with you. He won't harm you trust me." Mia said turning towards Alizey.

Alizey stood there confused looking at him laughing like an Ape.

Such a fudging pasta!

"That wasn't funny at all!" Alizey spoke bitterly feeling irritated.

"Yeah not at all." He said composing himself, but couldn't control his laughter. "You should've looked at your face." At his remark Mia also cracked a smile.

First Alizey was irritated but now she was frustrated. "I'm going in my room." With that she started walking towards the door, she can hear both of them laughing now.

Annoyingly she stopped in her tracks and gave them both a deadly glare. Jack smiled at her innocently. "I'm Jack by the way." He said while bowing to her like a guard would bow in front of a princess. "And you are my lady?"

She narrowed her gaze at him. "Go to hell!" They both started laughing again.


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