Stone Born

Stone Born

By:  Shadoe Nexus  Ongoing
Language: English
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After discovering a realm outside of her own, Nemesis is thrust into a war-torn world. With the path winding in front of her, and the past sneaking up behind her, what can she do?

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i enjoyed it so far. i'm wondering, do you have any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-09 17:19:25
18 Chapters
Moving Day
    I woke up to my mom yelling at me. “Hey, today’s the day!. Get up, so we can load your bed onto the truck.” I sighed at her, and rolled out of bed. Today was moving day. I didn’t want to go, we had been in this house my entire life. My two older brothers had already moved out, and my parents decided that we were going to move to another neighborhood, in another town. Before I walked out, I took one last good look at my bedroom. The walls were an emerald green, and the carpet was a shade darker than that. I looked over the tiny holes in the drywall, where I had my posters hung on the wall, with thumbtacks. My mother had forced me to take them all down last week, and made me pack them up. “Hurry up, it’s time to go, I need your help to unpack at the new house.” My mother hollered to me. I quickly went outside, and hopped in her SUV. “Took you long enough.” She said t
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Best Friend
     “Hey, I’m about to hit the highway. I will call you when I pull in.” I told her. “Yes, your highness.” She responded. I laughed, and hung up the phone. It took me about 30minutes to reach Vic’s house. When I pulled in, her dad’s truck wasn’t there. I pushed a button, and called her. “Vic, I am in your driveway! Come out here!” I said, the second she picked up the phone. “Okay, I’ll be right out.” She said, almost like she was in some sort of trance. “Okay, just hurry, I want to be back before my mom cooks dinner!” I said to her, and hung up. I waited for about five minutes before she actually came out of her house. It looked like she was moving in with me! “Did you bring enough stuff?!” I asked her. She just kept looking forward at her house. I looked up at her house to see what was going on, and I swear that I
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The Mall
     “Nemi! Get up, let’s go! You said we were going to the mall today!” Vic hollered at me, waking me up. I grunted at her. Being as loud as she possibly could, Vic flung open my bedroom door, and jumped directly on top of me. “Why?!” I groaned. “You said we were going to the mall today!” She repeated. I sighed. “Okay, but you have to get off of me so I can get ready.” I told her, resigned. She got off of me, and turned to go back to her room. I rolled out of bed, stretched, and picked out some clothes. After getting dressed, I headed to the kitchen to grab an energy drink. “Did you save one for me?” Vic asked, jokingly. She didn’t like energy drinks, and liked to tease me about it. “Nope, there’s some fancy coffee in the cabinet though.” I told her. She grabbed a kcup out of the cabinet, and stuck it into the machine. “H
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The Party
     We said our goodbyes and headed to the car. “I can’t believe you, Nemi. You totally embarrassed me in front of them!” Vic said, when we were finally at the car. “What do you mean, Vic? I didn’t say anything embarrassing.” I said. “You were acting like a total goody two shoes. No, I don’t think my parents will let me have new people over…. Like we’re 13 again or something. Quit acting like you’re all pure and innocent. You know if your parents were gone, you would be slutting it up around those guys like you were at the mall today.” Vic said to me, getting more and more angry the more she spoke. I couldn’t believe the way she was acting. &ld
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Chivalry Isn't Dead
     As we walked down the street, I couldn’t help but look up at the moon. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked out loud, more to myself than to him. “MMMHHHMMM.” He mumbled in response. I turned us down my street, and he stopped walking. I looked up at him confused. “My house is right down there.” I told him pointing to my house. As I looked at my driveway, I noticed that my parents’ car was gone. “What is a pretty girl doing outside this late at night?” I heard a voice come from the shadows. I felt Declan stiffen up at the sound, but he didn’t move. I turned towards the voice. “Who’s there?” I called out. “Don’t talk to it, Nemi.” Declan whispered in my ear. I jumped, not prepared for him to lean into me. A tall man started walking out of the shadows. “Oh no no no, Declan. Don&
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Dinner Date
     Before I could reach the stairs, Declan grabbed my arm. I felt that familiar tingling feeling, and felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter. “Nemi, can I talk to you alone for a minute?” Declan asked me, hopefully. I nodded, and stopped in the middle of the walkway.“Nemi, I’m sorry for last night. I never wanted to cause you any trouble, or lie to you.” Declan started. “Okay, go on.” I told him, wanting to hear what he had to say. Of course the first boy that I liked in forever would turn out to be inhuman. I rolled my eyes at my own thoughts. “We were telling you the truth earlier, but not the whole truth. I want to be honest with you, Nemi. I really like you, and I haven’t liked anyone else for a very long time.” He admitted. “We aren’t just fae. We are fae royalty. There is an ongoing war for the throne, and I’
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The Sleepover
     “Hey Dad, Cian? We are ready to go to Nemi’s house now!” Talia called as we were coming down to the main entrance to the hosue. “This way, Nemesis.” Alexander told me, pointing to a door to just to the right. I turned the handle and poked my head in. It was a huge garage, with 2 cars and one big black SUV. There was a wall of tools and some other random things on the opposite side of the garage. Cian rushed to the side of the black SUV and opened the back door. “Come on Nemi.” He said, grabbing my hand, and helping me into the giant vehicle. After he did the same for Talia, he climbed into the passenger seat. I thumbed the vial around my neck. “Be careful with that button. Use it only if you have to.” Alexander told me, looking at me in the rear view mirror. He didn’t give the explanation that Cian did. He just left it at that.
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The Caged Bird
     Namhaid looked up at me, and I could see the red swirling in his eyes. Before I could react, he was practically on top of me. NEMI!” I heard Talia scream, before everything went black. When I woke up, I couldn’t see anything. Everything was pitch black. It was so dark, that I wasn’t sure that I had my eyes open at all. ‘Where am I?’ I thought to myself. Thinking back on what happened, I frowned. The last thing I remember, is seeing Namhaid lunging at me. “HELP!” I tried to yell. I frowned once again, when my voice was non-existent. I felt sharp cold jolts of energy shoot up my spine, and my sides. I shivered at his touch. “Nemesis, you have been a very bad girl. You’ve been hiding things from me.;.” He whispered in my ear. I tried to jerk away from his arms, but he just held me tighter. “Don’t you pull away from me, Nemes
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    I ran into the nearby woods, hoping that I could hide from Namhaid. It's like I could feel his presence approaching. "You cannot hide from me, Nemesis." Namhaid called out to me. I rolled my eyes. I silently prayed that climbing this tree as high as I did was worth the trouble. He walked past the tree that I was hiding in. Thankful that I had plenty of coverage up here, I relaxed as I thought of my home. My bithday was in a few weeks, and I should be there planning it with Vic. I frowned as I thought of my best friend, then I remembered what Declan said about her not knowing that I 'went missing'. The feeling and sound of my phone going off pulled me out of my thoughts. "Shit!" I hissed. "Nemesis! Where are you?!" Namhaid yelled through the brush. I could hear his footsteps nearby. "I know you're out here!" He called out. I closed my eyes, and thought of my warm bed. I was exhausted. I felt my soft blanket around me, and the cloudy textures of my pillows under my
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    I jumped at the touch, and turned around. It was Declan's dad. "Alexander?" I said out loud, with a suspicious tone. "Nemesis, let's allow them this long-awaited reunion. Come on, I'll let you drive me home." He told me, with a smile on his face. Why had he suddenly gone cold? I tried to remember meeting him in the past, and if we had ever come in physical contact before. "I really don't feel comfortable about leaving her alone with a woman that she doesn't know." I explained, knowing that Vic had a terrible jugement of character. “Of course I know her, Nemesis! She’s my mother!” Vic yelled from her bedroom window. “You don’t know her, Vic! I really think you need to wait until your dad get’s home, and let them sort all of this out! And since when do you call me Nemesis? What is wrong with you?” I yelled at her in response.
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