11- Arguments and agreements

Bellamy immediately turns to me.

“Are you okay?” he asks in a hurry.

“Of course I am. He's an Incubus sure, but he isn't going to hurt me.” I assure him. Bellamy looks doubtful.

“You sure he didn't try anything? You know how Inccubi. can be.'' His voice is thick with implications. I glare at him.

“Now that's just rude. He's a person like anyone else. He has a soul mate just like anyone else. I'm not sure who, I don't know if they've met yet. It just takes a while for Inccubi. and Succubi to settle down is all. He's basically harmless.” Bellamy looks confused.

“I've seen people run into Inccubi. and leave with them after only a minutes conversation once they turn on their charm. It doesn't seem to affect you at all.” I shrug.

“Harry wasn't really trying. Inccubi like games. As long as you let them know that you aren't playing, they lose interest.” Bellamy nods.

“Fine, it's good that you aren't really affected by them. Just remember that I promised to see you home.” he reminds me. I gla
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