12- Messages and mornings

I go and change into my fluffy unicorn pyjamas. I plug my phone onto charge and climb into the very corner of my bed where I am most comfortable. I watch as my red thread fades from my view. Bellamy must have driven far enough away that I can't see it anymore. Considering that we are fated to be together, he is very annoying. He is definitely not the kind of person I expected fate to give to me. I still can't imagine being with him for the rest of my life. He is bossy and demanding, the complete opposite of me. I am pulled from my thoughts when I feel my phone vibrating next to me. I have a text from Megan.

Megan- Hey, so I'm thinking brunch tomorrow followed by shopping. I want a dress for my engagement party!!! Pick you up at 10am???

I responded with my acceptance and my address. I have never really been shopping with a friend before and I find I am insanely excited. I probably can't buy much given my limited income. But it should still be fun helping Megan pick something. I put my
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