166- Success and shock

After sending off the email to Shelly giving her my number to share around, I decided I needed a break because between the email, the phone call and my nightmare visions, I’m exhausted and completely overwhelmed. Bellamy sends me up to bed. He does offer to come lie down with me but I can tell he has stuff he needs to get done, I’ve seen his inbox and he has like ten unread messages on his phone. I convince him to stay and do something productive. I doubt he will stay away for long, he hasn’t really let me out of his sight in days. I probably have an hour tops before he comes looking for me. I lie in the bed, but it feels oversized. Probably because I’m by myself, usually Bellamy is crowding me, or I’m clinging to him. I suppose I’ve gotten used to it. I close my eyes and try to sleep. I toss and turn for about half an hour before I give up and decide to try meditating again instead. I’m very high strung right now though so I don’t expect I’ll have much success. I start with my brea

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JoAnn Halbasch
I think this book is wonderful. I haven't been able to quit reading this (well except for when I am at work) You have a wonderful talent and I am so enjoying this. Now I have to stop because I have to wait for the next chapter. Keep them coming (faster...) please.

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