167- Risks and requirements

Bellamy and I head to the bar, just the two of us. Megan did complain about being left behind until I reminded her that we’re meeting Dr Dae’s unknown contact and we don’t want her to refuse to speak to us because we brought extra people along, although if the contact IS Cam like I’m hoping, then I doubt that will be a problem. Megan wasn’t thrilled but agreed that it wasn’t worth the risk. We arrive at Witches Booze about five minutes before eight and settle in on a couple of barstools, Bellamy moves his over a little so he can sit shoulder to shoulder to me, not comfortable with me being anything more than an arms length away.

“Ryann right?” Cam approaches me and drops two drinks off in front of Bellamy and I, ones that we didn’t actually order. Mine is a blueish colour with swirling glittery patterns in it. I hold it up to the light and watch it swirl.

“Yeah, and this is Bellamy. Are you who I’m here to see?” I ask. Cam nods firmly, her blonde waves bouncing around her h
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