168- Books and backrooms

Uh, hi? Late for what?” I ask, a little confused. Did we make plans that I’m not aware of? I look at Bellamy to see if he knows what’s going on but he’s just as confused as me. Cam shrugs at my confusion.

“Friend of yours?” She asks. I nod.

“In that case. Hey, I’m Camille. You can call me Cam.” She greets her. Amber nods.

“I know. I’m Amber. I used to be Ryann’s boss. Now I’m just here for the show.” She introduces herself with a wink. Cam seems delighted.

“Lovely, I can get behind that. Let me get you a drink.” She dashes off.

“Amber? Not that I’m not glad to see you, and I know HOW you know to be here, I was just wondering why?” I question.

“Well, I missed out on drinks and meeting people last time. I didn’t want to miss out again.” She explains. So she’s here to meet Cam? It doesn’t take long for Cam to return with another drink for Amber. Her drink is as unnaturally bright red as her hair and it looks… fizzy?

“Perfect, my favourite.” Amber beams.
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